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F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone: I ‘completely agree’ with Putin’s position on gay rights

  • Ray123

    Would it upset Bernie to be told that his only attraction to women is his money? If that upsets you Bernie, sorry that’s the way it is and the way everyone and his dog sees it. Imagine the stick he would get if he was a retired bus driver chasing leggy young women?

    • Maryland Kid

      The problem with people like him is that they can’t see that there is more to what makes a person than money. If money is the basis on which he judges other people, that’s probably what he bases his own self-worth on too. Which explains how he could be comfortable with being such a slimy douchebag.

  • Tim Hanafin

    Good company with Tsar Putin. This is the poison dwarf who a high court judge said today had made a corrupt deal and paid bribes and that he was not a reliable or truthful witness. Should we care what he thinks? I think not.

  • PJ Crittenden

    Gay rights? You mean EQUALITY. I don’t like the term “gay rights”. It makes stupid people (and there are way too many of those) think we’re getting something special rather than the same thing everyone else has.

    • Jean – Paul

      good point

    • James Swinburne

      Well said. I don’t even like the concept of ‘rights’ – you shouldn’t treat people equally because of their ‘rights’: you should do it because it’s the good, unbigoted thing to do.

      • Mihangel apYrs

        “rights” labels something as unarguable

        • James Swinburne

          Who decides, though?

          “I have a right to do x” just doesn’t work for me, as people can have subjective views about so-called rights.

          Whether something is right/wrong or fair/unfair is something that is debated on a case-by-case basis and weighed up using reasoned debate. Rights needn’t come into it.

          I know it’s not a major point or anything, just my little take on it :)

      • Maryland Kid

        I like the idea of rights. Except, in my eyes, civic discussion ought to be based on the concept of human rights.

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  • Brett Gibson

    What more can we expect from a dinosaur. Luckily he won’t be on this planet for much longer to express his ‘views’

  • Cal

    World census? My, that’s a good idea, Bernie. Let’s ask the world what they think of women’s rights, animal welfare, scientific discovery, torture etc. Let’s allow ourselves to be guided by the lowest common denominator.

  • Jones

    Oh and what’s that you agree on Bernie. Is it public attacking of gay people or perhaps the ‘paedophile gangs’ which hunt down gay people and torture them for so called pleasure?

  • doug

    Looks like he has already left his calling card for Putin in Sochi.

    • Rumbelow

      Nice double portrait of Putin and Patriarch Kirill doug, I’m not sure which is which however.

  • Gabriela Sorescu

    Here’s something all of these nit-wits keep forgetting: GAY TEENAGERS! *gasp!* GAY MINORS! *faint* By reiterating the ‘oh, we just don’t want information about homosexuality to reach under-eighteens’ canard, not only are they furthering the idea that EVERYTHING which has to do with same-sex attraction is salacious or tied to sex, but they’re basically dooming gay teenagers to the same kind of adolescence I had: a bitter, miserable, utterly lonely one, filled with fear and uncertainty. I had absolutely no one to turn to, loathed myself and felt like the worst kind of wretch on the planet. Naturally, I also tried to kill myself a few times.

    By saying ‘no same-sex info to teenagers’, they’re all but encouraging other people to live without support systems of ANY kind and to attempt suicide as well. Who knows, maybe these bastards think that if we all go and off ourselves before adulthood, they’ll finally be rid of us?

    • Rumbelow

      Pushing gay teens to suicide seems to be part of the plan, certainly it seems to be what the anti-gay Russian vigilante groups hope to do.

  • lee

    yuck yuck yuck -then go and live in Russia Bernie -as Tim as stated why should be care what you think -the judge in the case seem to have weigh you up

  • dave

    May he run to the toilet everything three minutes, or every three months.

  • What a shock, an idiotic old man suspected of massive corruption and incredibly dodgy opinions about Fascism and Nazis agrees with a fascist like Putin. I could have told you all this without him having to be asked a single question.

    The guy is a known fu*ktard, of course he agrees with other fascist fu*ktards.

  • Kieran

    Who cares what he thinks, this is the same man who befriended the son of Oswald Mosley the founder of the British Union of fascists, he refers to women as domestic appliances and has been branded by the Jewish community of the Uk to be either an idiot or morally repulsive.

    Sexist, homophobic and an anti-Semite. Makes sense that he would support a man who is replacing democracy with absolutism.

  • Gerry
  • Mike Dalgarno

    This is the guy who dressed up in Nazi gear…Need I say more?

  • Truth

    I wonder if he’ll feel the same when Putin starts targetting corrupt midgets ….?

  • one.second

    Just another sad pathetic old tool. He got 83 years old without even understanding what freedom of speech is and why that is important. Sad. Really sad. I feel sorry for him.

  • truthpro

    And this ugly old man is who?

    • Rumbelow

      A tragic and pathetic old git who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  • Rehan

    The problem is not only with horrible little people like Ecclestone but also with those who seek his opinion on matters clearly beyond his ken.

  • kane

    ‘…Ecclestone last met with President Putin in February 2013, when he flew to Sochi to assess construction progress ahead of Russia’s debut grand prix…’

    of course he is going to support dictator putin, money talks

  • Rumbelow

    Ecclestone is the very definition of a sad and pathetic squirt.

  • rapture

    His daughters make me sick as well , you know the type desperate wannabe celebrities trading on their fathers name but just ugly bimbos, think paris Hilton, osbornes, peaches Geldof, must great being born with the silver spoon , you can be as delusional as you wish.

  • The Halcyon

    I think it utterly wasteful that we waste money on watching cars go round and round and round on a track – all that petrol, all the environmental damage, the number of dead drivers every year. Perhaps we should have a wider enquiry into it all. You know, based on no proper analysis or evidence gathering but that perhaps 90% of people think this way. Maybe.

  • Denis

    What a complete tool and a useless one at that!

  • Maryland Kid

    Stupid? Ugly hair? Corporate lackey? Makes the news for loveably dimwitted shenanigans?

    Good news, Tories! I’ve found you your next mayoral candidate!

  • Christopher in Canada

    Again, this assumes that kids are incapable of making up their own minds and that being hetero sure must be fragile if so many would consciously choose to be gay if simply exposed to the idea. Better to keep ’em dumb and in unhappy marriages pumping out children, I guess…

  • Brian Apple

    Is there going to be a boycott of F1’s sponsors?’ Or will the extent of gay outrage be confined to a few angry comments on gay websites?

  • Brian Apple

    I wonder if Bernie Ecclestone has had homosexual experiences.

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    Who gives a flying phuc what this little poisoned dwarf has to say about anything. Fit him better he put an end to F1 racing; a totally unnecessary assault on the environment, never mind the waste of scarce resources! Go crawl back into the sewer that spat you out, assh*le….!!. As for his love affair with the closeted homophobic dwarf, Putin; they make a great couple. What is it with little men spitting the dummy out??

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