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Vampire Diaries to introduce first ever gay character

  • Jones

    At some point I hope that there won’t be publicity when a gay character is introduced into a TV series. It will just be another character.

    • MarcNower

      Gay people are a small minority, gay characters on tv will always be very few so it will be always news.

      • Jones

        On some TV shows black people are the minority but I don’t see headlines like ‘Vampire Diaries introduces another black character.’

        • MarcNower

          They are a big minority overall, most US tv shows have black characters in leading roles, there are very few gay ones.

          Gay people (homosexual men) are 0.5% of the population and right now gay characters on US tv shows are like the 0.001%.

          • TakisPapas

            Gay men 0.5% of the population????? At least 5% as most studies show…not to mention the huge numbert of bisexuals…

  • Andrew Button

    Theres always publicity with semi-major characters – I try to avoid it with series I really like

  • Finally, back to the origins! Besides, there ought to be gay characters everywhere on films and series!

    • Plagues’r’us

      Ought there to also be a tranny, a bi, a Black, an Asian, A pygmy, a ginger or is it just gay bias with you?

      • Maryland Kid

        Don’t use slurs. It isn’t polite.

      • of course there ought to be all colors of the human rainbow in all representations of human nature!

  • Darijen Zornaen

    …..the correct words should be first ‘OPENLY’ gay character….there are plenty of actors that are in the closet regarding their sexuality and in fact many are secretly gay, if the whole of the human world knew exactly who was really gay it would physically breakdown….

    • Clay Poupart

      The word is “character,” not “actor.” Those are two different things. Ian McKellan the actor is gay. Richard III the character isn’t gay.

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