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Supreme Court judge tells Northern Ireland: ‘Same-sex marriage shows that love is equal’

  • Colin

    Sounds quite a speech. I wish i had heard that. NI needs to be allowed a new party with young people who want a future taking the reigns. The catholic protestant scourge has been going on too long. We are all people first. We do 99.9% the same things daily but choose the 0.1% to divide us.
    NI get rid of religion and focus on inclusive communities.

  • That There Other David

    I bet that went down well. He’ll probably be met by placard wavers next time he steps off a plane in Belfast.

  • Jones

    Same-sex marriage shows that people are equal.

  • JohnE

    There was no homosexual marriage in ancient Egypt or republican Rome, except as the prerogative of the most decadent Emperors. The public visibility and affirmation of homosexuality is always a sign of social decadence; it’s always present in “late” phases of civilisation, often before societies collapse.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      In the U.S. state of Massachusetts, the first state to introduce equal marriage in 2004, hetero marriages have increased. Hetero marriage has been on the decline in the western hemisphere for man than 30 years long before The Netherlands became the first country in 2001 to legalise SSM. It’s society hasn’t collapsed, nor have any others, so your argument is flawed.

      • Truth

        But you will never find anti-equality protesters revealing these facts, will you? Such hypocrisy and double standards.

    • That There Other David

      You could just as easily argue that Rome collapsed thanks to Christianity and its monotheistic doctrine undermining the polytheistic tolerance that had held the empire together as a collection of nations for centuries.

      BTW, if same-sex marriage wasn’t quite commonplace in Rome why was it necessary to ban it in 342AD (and of course murder those that had entered them, Christians were very good at murder once they got the upper hand).

    • Truth

      You are wrong. In Pompeii, the ancient Roman seaside resort as in most other parts of Roman Empire, people were free to do with their bodies whatever they desired. “And then”, (as our marvellous guide told us) “Christianity came along and spoiled everything”. Why on earth can’t ‘believers’ just mind their own business? If they don’t want to do things, don’t do them. But why try to prevent other people from enjoying their life the way they want to lead it? Believe what you want. Just stop trying to impose it on others….

    • Ron

      That isn’t strictly true JohnE – google history of homosexual marriage and you will find that it existed in many cultures around the world – including Christian Culture. There are Christian marriage rites invoking Saints Sergius and Bachuss which used the same words as a heterosexual marriage but changed the gender associated words appropriately. This Christian same sex marriage rite existed for many centuries. Gay marriage also existed in the middle east, Japanese, American Indian cultures etc As other people here have hinted at, Christianity destroyed more culture/cultures than homosexuality.

    • Rehan

      t’s always present in “late” phases of civilisation

      That’s the conventional, one could say somewhat outdated, established view. My recollection is that, contrary to your assertion, Boswell’s research uncovered more evidence of recognised and officially-acknowledged same-sex relationships in republican than in imperial Rome.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Well said! Just like CPs, NI Assembly will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Inevitable.

  • Truth

    But, dear judge …. you are dealing with religious bigotry. In the minds of the religious bigot (as in Nigeria, Uganda, Russia, etc) ‘equality’ has no meaning when considering the rights of gay people. Irrational hatred will always triumph over common sense when you are dealing with ‘belief’ and ‘god’s word’. It is intoerable, I know but this is the insidious, destructive and divisive power of religious conditioning.

  • Cal

    I think it is worth mentioning that it is only the Unionist parties in NI who are blocking progress. Sinn Fein is campaigning for equality.

  • Rehan

    Excellent man, excellent speech! A welcome antidote to the drivel spouted by that High Court judge Coleridge.

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