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UK: Gang of three jailed over anti-gay assault on man lured to house off chat room

  • David de Croy

    deport them!

    • Lauchlan Bernard-Christopher M

      Agreed , throw them out

      • Barry Scarfe

        Foreign scumbags who commit any sort of crime in our country should be immediately deported. We have enough criminals of our own without importing them too.

        • James

          I’m guessing that means you think British criminals in foreign countries should be deported here… nationalism is silly.

          • Oliver

            No, I think they should be put in stocks for embarrassing us abroad, like those drunken louts who make a scene on aeroplanes.

          • Mike Dalgarno

            If we went down the route of deportation for crimes, then yes I do think it should be a two-way thing.

            I’m sure some countries already do that anyway? America being one of them.

        • Antonio

          If you want the British who behave like scum drunk criminals abroad you would not have enough space here in UK. British start from the plane getting drunk and they never stop getting drunk for the whole holiday destroying hotels and everything around them. So before insulting foreigners you should look at the British abroad. I am Italian and I am not a scumbag and I contribute to the British economy creating jobs in UK. Just saying….

  • Tamlyn Ailsa MacPherson

    Can’t help but think less than six months a piece for premeditated assault, is a little lenient, especially since they will likely only serve half that time in prison. We need minimum sentences of at least five years for serious assaults like this, with extensive periods of parole. The problem with the justice system in this country is that it is too heavy over the little stuff, but too light on the big stuff.

  • lee

    hope there deported after their prison term ends – what the fcuk do you have to do to receive a sentence in the Uk 6 months what a joke

  • fortuner_eu

    Hard to understand how justice can be so weak. This man will probably suffer for many years to come while these scum bags will just be free to carry out their homophobia again in a matter of months! Justice needs to be dished out that at least equals the wrong that was done! Certainly not less!

  • Jones

    The sentence is not very good but at least there’s justice for these crimes. Russia on the other hand…

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Since this is a violent crime, they should not only serve their light sentences in full but deported immediately they’re released.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    There seriously needs to be a review in relation to the sentences being issued, because what has been given to these guys is not only a mockery to the judicial system, but no way makes the victim feel supported/safe

  • MJ

    Prison, then deportation.

  • Halou

    The maximum sentence a magistrates court is permitted to hand down is 6 months.
    A crown court would have been able to give them a longer sentence.

  • fed up with our government

    The justice system in this country sucks, road rage and verbally threatening someone will get you a 12 month sentence and serve 6 months, and they only got weeks for a violent attack, is a joke! deporting them is too good for them also, if they want to bring there eastern block crap here, just try it with some of us who aren’t afraid to retaliate. We are seeing more and more violent attacks on the lgbt community because we are allowing those homophobic tossers into this country, kick all the immigrants out and give the jobs to those on the dole

  • david brown

    Prison so they will get gangraped by other men and then deported. This sentence is too light for these scum.

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