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Uganda: Defamation ruling against four pastors who said another ‘sodomised’ his flock upheld

  • Eugene

    I am curious how the Ugandan courts would rule if these same pastors were sued for defamation of character for saying that gay people are paedophiles, that they recruit children and that they try to destroy families. Would the courts be impartial or would they rule based on bigotry?

  • Mark Y

    Uganda and the other homophobic nations in the commonwealth should be suspended.

    If there were laws against white people (or any race), or christians (or any religion) then these countries would be expelled. Why is it different for homophobia? Shame on the UK government for colluding with these cruel tyrannical bigots.

    • Eugene

      No, if these laws were against white people they would not be expelled from the Commonwealth. Read about all the racist laws in South Africa against all minorities as well as those in Zimbabwe. There is a hierarchy in the Commonwealth when it comes to the value of human beings. Non-blacks in African Commonwealth countries ranks lower than blacks in those same countries, women are less important than men in those same countries and somewhere near the bottom are GLBT people. The Commonwealth is, as far as I am concerned, a worthless organisation, especially as most of its members are a bunch of self-serving criminals. Why would any civilised country want to have such members in their club?

      • Mark Y

        Zimbabwe isn’t part of the commonwealth. South Africa doesn’t have laws against white people.

        • Eugene

          Yeah right. Tell that to the white people living in South Africa. Tell the same to Indians who live in South Africa and those of mixed race descent. Just yesterday there was news of how an Indian had their admission to medical school revoked because they were Indian.

          • Mark Y

            I always laugh when the ‘white people’ of south africa moan about racism. My brothers ex was a white south african, she was one of the most racist bltches I have ever met. ‘Those blacks are destroying south africa’ she’d say, ‘the blacks are so lazy’, ‘the blacks act like animals’, then almost in the same breath she’d say ‘the blacks are so racist’. Unbelievable that she couldn’t even see her own racism whilst accusing others of racism, or why after all those years of apartheid, she couldn’t undertsand why the black majority might not be so welcoming to those who enslaved them and treated them like dirt for so long. What was even worse was that she would bring non-whites – asian, ‘indians’, mixed race people up in the argument, as if they were on her side, and use them as a tool to make out she wasn’t racist.

  • Halou

    Not only is Martin Ssempa one of the most vocal supporters of Uganda’s new anti-gay law, he was also one of the most vocal supporters of it back in 2009 when it included death penalty provisions. I am glad that he has faced some degree of justice for making such reckless accusations.
    If this man had his way with the law, he would be able to see his religious and political opponents executed on nothing more than hearsay. Such conduct is not the mark of a civilized society.

  • kane

    the verdict only affects those particular squabbling pastors and doesnt change anything for lgbt in uganda. it seems that inciting homophobia in uganda is only a crime when it is directed at heterosexuals

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