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US: Tennessee drops ‘turn away the gays’ ahead of Senate vote

  • Truth

    Just as well he dropped it or he may have found that, if passed, it would have opened a HUGE can of worms … like christians being turned away by muslim shop owners and black people being turned away by whites. Is there something in the water of southern US states which makes them bigots … or is it simply that religious brainwashing is so ingrained that it makes them homophobic imbeciles?

    • Adamas

      Not all of us are. But I do admit I wonder at the prevalence of it. Especially among those in political power.

    • Randi Davis

      THANK YOU! I’ve been screaming this for a week. How would they like it if the shoe was on the other foot? As a Tennessee transplant, I still don’t get it. But I also live in Nashville which is predominantly Blue, as is Memphis which is where the first sponsor of this bill hails from and he took a lot of crap for it so he passed it off to someone else. Once you get outside of our urban areas, it’s a different world.

  • Jase

    …in other news Kenya passed an act making rape illegal during the night time, however day time rapes are still legal. #HomeOfCountryMusic #TeaParty #JesusHates

  • Dave

    Let’s hope this passes. Small businesses need protection against those who think they are above everyone else because of their choices.

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