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Patrick Stewart laughs off mistakenly being outed by The Guardian

  • Oh I wish he was gay, he’s an amazing man, funny, intelligent, clever, talented… maybe that’s why people just assume he’s gay? After all, he IS a classically trained actor, and so nice too.
    We should all be proud that he is considered an honorary gayer. ;)

    • Plagues’r’us

      Why would you wish he was gay? What difference would it make to you or anyone? Are you jealous because the best actors and the greatest intellects are normal and not gayers?
      When will your brigade realize that ones sexual preferences are a private matter and not up for public discussion, unless of course. you are defined by such preferences and you feel the need to pronounce your sexual attractions.

      • It’s called being funny. Not everything is about a “gay agenda” you bigoted moron.

      • Rehan

        … feel the need to pronounce your sexual attractions

        You mean like those who barge onto gay news sites to stress their non-gayness? Yes, I agree, tedious in the extreme.

        • Plagues’r’us

          I assume you never visit hetero news sites to find out what is happening with normals then?
          I have never felt the need to publicly declare my sexual preferences nor have I ever felt ‘Pride’ in being a hetero -normal. Abnormal sexual deviance which causes a disproportionate number of gay males to be infected by plague is not a cause for pride or rejoicing.
          Homosexuality, like consensual male adult incest has no direct victim but both are wrong and should not be tolerated.

          • Rehan

            There, there. You can’t quite grasp the concept of a minority, can you? No, I have not felt the slightest need to go to a Jewish news site to proclaim my Gentile-ness, nor to barge onto a Greek news site to assert my non-Greekness. You might want to ask yourself what your specific motivation is here – though you might not be strong enough to cope with the answer.

          • Rehan

            “Plagues’r’us” – ‘consensual adult male incest’ – blimey, it’s our old deranged friend Keith back again!


          • speedgeek

            Oh no, I fed the troll!

      • speedgeek

        “Best actors and greatest intellects” ? Like Sir Ian McKellan, Derek Jacobi, Alan Turing, David Starkey, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, I could list scores of “gayers” who have made huge contributions to science and culture.
        You started well, with your first two sentences you made perfect sense and your logic was faultless. then it descended into homophobic babbling…….

  • dtnorth

    A class act…..

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    PinkNews: “Sir Ian McKellen, a close friend of Sir Patrick, revealed last year that he would officiate the ceremony.” Correction: “would officiate AT the ceremony”, or “would conduct the ceremony”.

  • Georg Friedrich

    “Sir Patrick Stewart mistakenly outed” and Sir Ian McKellen at the equal marriage ceremony as news in the same article. Some actualities have not changed in the past decades, some yes. Derek Jarman, an openly gay, who never has became Sir and who’s 20th death’s anniversary is today, would probably be surprised about both of them.

  • Colin

    Great response, great actor, great man. And handled perfectly as we would wish all society to react.

    Sexy voice!

  • Wingby

    Well I never knew he was straight. Straights week to be outing themselves everywhere these days

    • plagues’r’us,

      Why did you assume he was gay. He has never infested a public toilet for the purpose of importuning nor a public sauna for the same.
      He does not do crystal meth in saunas with shared needles and does not have HIV.
      Nothing he does associates him with gayness.

      • Wingby

        Why do you assume I made that assumption. Read again, you homophobic prat.

        And have a go at grasping the humour this time. Then crawl back to the fetid hole you crawled out from.

        • The Clinic

          The truth about your filthy ‘community’ clearly hurts.
          Back to the sewer for you now HETEROPHOBIC garbage.

  • Maryland Kid

    I thought that The Guardian was supposed to be a reputable newspaper?

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