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London: Islamic preacher who advocates stoning for gay people speaks at university

  • Rehan

    SOAS was OK with this, simply because the discussion stayed on the topic of Islamic finance? I’m surprised and disappointed.

  • rapture

    Is there any “university” in London, that has not invited Islamic hate preachers who advocate murder of lgbt? what next? a live video link to the murderers of Lee Rigby to lecture on promotion of extremism to students at soas? maybe soas want to deter lgbt/female students from attending.

    • Rehan

      Not sure why you’d put “university” in quotes, SOAS is a renowned institution and part of the University of London. Which makes this wretched ‘preacher’ speaking there all the worse.

      • rapture

        I guess I would expect a university to be a place of learning and academia and a place of safety where all attending can pursue this, without such an establishment hosting a dangerous fascist who condones harm to a proportion of students and an establishment that advocates prejudice, segregation and discrimination through the invitation to such guests. Maybe the soas/university of London needs to be questioned about it’s ability to perform as such a public service institution. And it’s evident that such places have become recruiting grounds for radical islamists. would think greater care would now be taken to at least attempt to combat this. This is happening all too often in uk universities damaging their reputation further.

        • Rehan

          a place of safety where all attending can pursue this

          I agree, which is why it’s so especially shocking that an institution of SOAS’s distinction would allow something like this.

          • Lamia

            If you are really ‘shocked’ by this, you must have been asleep for some years. SOAS has been a magnet for extremists for quite some time: antisemites, misogynists, homophobes, supporters of terrorism – a whole wonderful range of nasties.

          • Rehan

            Possibly – I’m afraid I don’t attend it, as presumably you do to speak of it with such authority.

          • Lamia

            You don’t need to attend an insitution to be aware of what goes on there. Start by googling SOAS + extremism. Alternatively, keep your head in the sand.

          • Rehan

            Thanks for the disinterested advice, which I took. There seems to be little to support your assertions. The most recent example that comes up was the disruption by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, from the audience, of a public lecture given through the SOAS Palestine Society by a member of Egypt’s secular protest movement, which hardly supports the theory that SOAS itself is infiltrated by Islamists. Maybe my laptop’s Google is in the sand. Or maybe your knowledge of SOAS is not quite as authoritative as you think.

  • Mark Y

    There is something wrong with Universities in London, this happens far too often. Imagine a gay guy who advocates stoning and violence against muslims getting invited to speak at a University.

    • Mike Dalgarno

      Sadly it isn’t only London Universities – there was also a similar instance at University of Manchester when a society allowed their speaker to give anti-gay comments.

      • lee

        why are the police not charging these people with incitement to hate -if non UK these people should be barred -they are scum and stirrer of the worse kind

        • Lamia

          The police are much more sympathetic with Islamist bigots than they would like people to believe. Google ‘Tim Parsons’ – academic and formerly a very senior officer in the City of London Police – he’s supposedly an expert on ‘Equalities’ and is very keen on ‘multiculturalism’ – he’s also a raving homophobic bigot and an enemy of secularism.

          Things haven’t moved on much since James Anderton – it’s just that nowadays homophobic police officers are quick to use the shield of ‘multiculturalism’ to excuse the bigotry of those religious far rightists who are their ‘partners’ in ‘community’ ‘diversity’.

  • That There Other David

    Shocking. Not only because of the way he speaks against LGBT people, but how the Hell can a supposed centre for learning allow a speaker who actually advocates that parents mutilate their daughters? This man shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near SOAS, lest he pollutes the minds of the student body with his filth.

    • Lamia

      SOAS is already polluted. It has for a number of years been a haven for extremist sympathisers, including religious homophobes, misogynists and antisemites. It’s not short of terrorist supporters, and indeed can boast as one of its alumni the murderous Islamist Samantha Lewthwaite. and there’s nothing really surprising about that.

      • rapture

        Is there any point reporting these dumps to a university regulatory body , as i’m guessing people opposed to terrorism and extremism have already done so. I thought the home office were going to be more vigilant with “universities” being used as recruitment for extremists.

  • Jay

    People like this should be expelled from the country, not allowed to speak at universities.

    • Clive s

      And move them to another country,to make their lgbt community suffer?They need educating !!!

      • Jay

        People like this jerk are beyond educating. Do you think no one has tried to speak sense and decency to him?

      • EndlessRepetition

        Clive, this level of hatred is instinctive, not learned. Education only combats the wrong ideas that men teach. Nature, itself, predisposes us to wrong ideas against which education is powerless.

      • Lamia

        They don’t need educating, they need jailing. You don’t deal with fascism by giving it tea and sympathy. When will you social-worker idiots stop treating adult Nazi thugs as if they are wayward schoolchildren?

  • Throppy

    I have just emailed them to question a) why have they allowed this man in and b) should they be stoned for doing so…. and asked them to think about it

  • Mattress
  • Why not let him show up and pack the theatre. Give him a piece of our mind. Challenge his beliefs about gay people publicly.

    • MJ

      Why don’t you pack the theater and beat the dumb f–k and his cronies half to death? He’s already espoused it against YOU guys. Let him see his fantasy god is not going to pop out of nowhere to protect him.

      • Jones

        Because violence is giving in to what these Islamist extremists want.

        • MJ

          I have to disagree with you on that one. From the ones I’ve known, violence and strength is all that’s understood (it always comes out eventually). It’s a might=right thing. Civilized debate, and being polite is seen with contempt, as a weakness.

          • Jones

            Even though we may disagree entirely with what these people say it is not right for us to launch violent attacks against them as it is likely to make LGBT targets in the future, and give them further cause to advocate stoning the gays. Violence and hate speech does not conform to a Western society, as far as I’m concerned if they can’t comply with that: we should show them the door.

          • Jean – Paul

            You’re right. We need to know the values of our liberal democracies and be prepared to stand up for them.

            It’s beyond me why Universities do not invite enlightened Muslim scholars to speak about worthwhile Islamic values that could possibly be carried into the 21st century.—–


          • Jones

            Muslims should be invited to universities to speak but people who distort Islam and use it to achieve violent aims must be banned from speaking at these institutions.

      • The size of the gay and lesbian minority (5% of 7 billion = 350 million) has always meant we could be phenomenally successful as terrorists, just by staying in the closet and organising secretly to attack random targets at will, such as homophobic religious houses.

        Yet we have always chosen not to do that, and why so? Because it strips us of legitimacy, and removes us from the conversation. Terror doesn’t change the hearts and minds and will always fail in the long run. Threaten me with the terrorist gun, and I may say yes to anything to save my life, but once out of sight, have I really changed? Yes i have, but only to hate the person with the gun even more than before. Violence enforces but doesn’t persuade.

        Looking at the ascent of LGBT rights over the past century makes it clear that while agonisingly slow, our patience, dialogue and sincerity are working. I plan to continue to be the best openly gay citizen I can be, and hope that over time we will continue to lead by example so other LGBT can soon live their lives openly and freely in countries where Islam and fundamentalist religion are the quotidian terror extinguishing our citizienship.

  • MJ

    More of that Dappy Diversity the UK so adores, I guess.

  • JW

    There is something wrong with the ‘policy’ of a University to allow such a speaker to attend regardless of intended subject matter. The policy is failing the University,education,LGBT students and society as a whole. Perhaps the problem lays with those behind the policy? This will backfire on the reputation of such Universities for giving a visual platform to hate preachers. Shocking and wrong!

  • Colin

    I certainly don’t want to control society but my first thought was This should not be allowed. There is a difference in free speech and incitement to violence or hate. Next I thought I hope the police infiltrate these groups. Sad eh

    I was told by a 23 year old educated muslim that they will have lots of children and take the world. He was a colleague who I had to restrict his disappearing to mosque when clients needed help during normal business hours.

    We never recovered our natural banter thereafter. Sad again. I encouraged him to study, paid fees etc.

    I hate all religions equally. To me it’s arguing about nothing and wasting time.

    Universities need to have codes of conduct, record all meetings to ensure good practice and take active steps to ensure society is protected.

    • Jean – Paul

      /// I hate all religions equally. To me it’s arguing about nothing and wasting time. ////

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Mikey

    let’s see, so right-wing fundamentalist Christians would have been in the right had they shown up with rocks and thrown them at this man, since according to THEIR religion, he is of the wrong religion and as such deserves to be stoned?

  • Jones

    These extremist preachers are not welcome in the UK. They must be starved of all publicity and banned from speaking at public events. People may complain that it is against free speech but I do not want these people recruiting younger generations to just carry on the cycle, who may follow through with these teachings. In essence they are terrorists who use words as their ammunition to equip others to do the acts for them. This must be stopped now.

    • Jean – Paul

      yes. Let’s call it soft jihad, one of many forms of attaining the caliphate.

  • kostas.lacon

    The real problem is not the islamic preacher but his prophet…
    Hadiths and Curan advocate violence against almost all Humanity…
    Wake up people and see the reality !

    • Jean – Paul

      totally agree. It boggles the mind that so many Europeans are in denial or know nothing about Islam.

    • MJ

      Most gays deny the danger of such people for a number of reasons. One of them being this insane belief that “diversity” (ethnically, racially, culturally) is always a good thing. Of course diversity is good sometimes, but sure as hell not ALL the time.

    • rapture

      It is too late and people are still in denial. I believe equal marriage will be a short lived right in the uk. Actually if I live to be an old man of 70/80 I expect homosexuality to be illegal again by then.

    • soapbubble

      You’re right Kostas. That thought has gone through my mind as well. Apart from a few little pockets, this country is truly a sh8t place to live. I wouldn’t want to be here when I’m in my 60s for instance. Perhaps I’ll move to Gran Canaria when I retire – sun sea sangria, and lots of men in the sand dunes. What more could you ask for?

  • JD

    How does this evil keep getting a voice? – Pathetic, impotent, backward ‘men?’ who are soooo scared of living an evolved, open-minded life, that they can only resort to hiding their fear and hate behind an out dated superstition, that favours their spineless bullying over others – But to inflict their bigotry on other communities is beyond arrogant…..

  • EndlessRepetition

    When systems of morality are allowed to clash within a single organization, bizarre decisions such as this are to be expected.

  • yeah

    i agree we should stone this bloody religious people as well

  • Cal

    Is this ignorant, bloodthirsty pig the only available expert on “Islamic finance”? Whatever the fvck that might be.
    Nazis like this have no place in any kind of educational institution – whether or not they lay off baying for blood for the afternoon.

  • Stuart Canty

    No Muslim should be allowed to speak at any university or school. unless of course students are doing a study on backward tribes and cultures that still exist in the world today.

  • Jim T

    England your fine government of days gone by has allowed the muslim groups to come in by the droves. Now you all are seeing the consequences of your generosity as they slowly take over and push their laws and beliefs onto you . Its soon time and yes we will see it happen there when non muslims will have had enough of them and rise up against them. Let a few more million in and it will be an even playing field.

  • jude arsenault

    the pervert prophet of islam was a pedophile.nuff said

  • Tom Allalone

    This is simply going to get worse and worse unless everyone wakes up very soon. There’s a blithe assumption that social progress only ever moves in one direction, it doesn’t. Next year we are likely to have a Labour or Lib/Lab government, quite a few seats will depend on the Muslim block vote, how long will it be before Islamophobia becomes a criminal offence?

    I used to be on the left because I thought the biggest threat to human freedom came from the right, now I think the real political divide is between those who believe in freedom and those who don’t – and the liberal left establishment is on the wrong side of that divide.

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