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Jim Davidson: I’m not homophobic, I have gay friends and I support equal marriage

  • That There Other David

    I give it six months before he embarrasses himself with another incident and ends up back in obscurity. Even on that programme he couldn’t help himself. Do you notice he only ever argued with the women?

  • Hybrid Planet

    Sad to see Jim Davidson being given a fairly easy ride by PinkNews. He ‘slept with a (so called) ladyboy’ so that means he is not anti gay? That’s nonsense for starters. I am mixed race and can assure you that my white mother (whom I loved to bits) definitely had a racist streak in her. Just ‘cos she was married to and deeply loved my African father it didn’t mean she wasn’t or couldn’t be racist. Why don’t people admit their prejudices? I’m as tired of people who say they aren’t homophobic as I am of people who say they are not racist. The human species will never evolve to a higher plane unless we all admit we have ignorant attitudes to the ‘other’ and that these attitudes diminish our enjoyment of life and acceptance of others’ and our own selves.

  • Truth

    VERY revealing that Davidson admits to having experimented with someone who is or was – a man. I think this confirms my belief that most rabid homophobes – which he most certInly used to be – have same-sx attraction ‘issues’. Once people learn to rid themselves of self-hatred, they can begin to move on. I really hope Davidson has reached that point ….

    • Rehan

      Surely the point of “ladyboys” is that they’re wholly convincing imitations of women?

      • Truth

        It depends whether or not the ‘ladyboy’ is pre or post-op. I know you don’t agree with me (generally) on this subject but I have ALWAYS found those who protest ‘too loudly’ have same-sex attraction issues. It is the ONLY way to explain why some people are totally obsessed with the subject and others couldn’t give a monkey’s.

        • Rehan

          An inconvenient detail …

          Seriously though, aren’t they supposed to be outwardly convincing? Unlike, say, drag, which is obviously a man. (Genuine question, I don’t know – I’m guessing that Davidson’s experience was with someone he only later realised was not a woman.)

  • Rehan

    …I’d still be that racist, sexist, homophobic comedian

    Well, if that’s what you project and capitalise on when performing (and not in character), what do you expect?

  • cwmbear

    Even in his heyday I never found him funny.

  • andrew

    Oh come on, some of his best friends are gay…..he cannot be homophobic.

  • Tim Hanafin

    I can’t stand the man. I switch channels if he comes on TV. He is as unfunny as Bernard Manning was.

    • Barry Scarfe

      He will be going to Tory rallies next. Let’s face it, Britain’s ‘stupid party’ needs all the help it can get to win the next election

  • Sparkyu1

    Seriously bigots are STILL using the “I have gay friends” excuse?! That’s automatic proof of homophobia!

  • thedsm

    “If I cured AIDS, rid the world of malaria and fed the whole of Africa, I’d still be that racist, sexist, homophobic comedian.”

    I really must take issue with this – he was NEVER a comedian.

  • Jones

    “I’m not racist, I have black friends and I support interracial marriage.”

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