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US: Indiana Senate advances bill to ban same-sex marriage

  • Tim Hanafin

    Just bigoted morons but like King Canute their efforts are futile. Equal marriage rights will be established in the USA regardless of these religionists.

  • Wow, they sure do like to complicate things in America, don’t they? They’ve built an entire industry out of democracy, making things so complex that you need to read an article like this three times just to know who is doing what, and to whom.

    You should maybe just start rewriting the headlines to these articles to make them straightforward – “Religious loons in US trailer park act like bigots” There you go, straightforward and to the point. We all know straight away that it’s all about Christian Republican nutters trying to take their state back to the stone-age.

  • Bluespiral58

    Within 30 months max it will all be moot anyway when the Supreme Court finally decides that equality is the law of the land.

  • This will probably kill the amendment. Supporters were working toward placing it on the 2014 ballot because they do better with this sort of crap in mid-term elections; 2016 will be a presidential election, when the 70% of Hoosiers who oppose the amendment are more likely to come out and vote.

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