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Ugandan politician: We are ‘tolerant’ of gays because we don’t ‘slaughter them’

  • Rehan

    What really is incredible and abominable is that this obnoxious, fat, smug-looking git is a minister at all, let alone one – oh, the bitter irony! – “for Ethics and Integrity”.

    I’d love to have an account of the ethics and integrity he deployed to get his place in the limelight.

    • When these kinds of ignorant fools are the ones being elected as the “best option” to represent their public, it says a whole lot about the massive ignorance of the entire population.
      Can you imagine us electing a similar person in this country? It would require literally millions of people with double-digit IQ’s. I often complain that millions of Brits are idiots, but thankfully we’re not as pathetic as Uganda, not even close.

      • Rehan

        No, we’re just more advanced. If you go back a little over a hundred years to when tenants of landowners were expected to vote for their landlord or their landlord’s chosen candidate, then you’re coming closer to the routine exploitation of patronage by the ruling classes of developing nations. Lest you think the strategic distribution of large amounts of money plays no part in Western politics today, have a look at the USA.

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      He is a priest of the Catholic Church, Rev, Fr. Simon Lokodo. The Church allowed him to be minister after the state asked permission from the Church. Before that, he was already choosen by his flock in Northern Uganda to be their Member of parliament…so who are you to question the will of the people and the Church? We stand with Our Ethics Minister….he is simply showing the true doctrine of the Church.

      • Rehan

        I think the word ‘flock’ is especially appropriate in the circumstances.

        • Aloysius Kayiwa

          Well, his people( i mean the ones he was administering to as Priest) choose him to be their leader) Are you against the will of the people?? Who are you any way???

          • Rehan

            Sadly, the ‘will of the people’ isn’t always a good thing: the will of the people in the southern states of the USA in the early 19c, for example, was very much against the abolition of slavery. Clearly this instance of confusion between foreign religion and government is another example of where is it can be bad – or, more specifically here, baa-ad.

  • Mark Y

    If anywhere in the World was treating black men and women like they are treating gay men and women there would be action taken. Imagine if the UK started locking people up because they were black, and then having the audacity to say we were tolerant because we were not slaughtering them. I think the international community would do more than make some speeches.

    Its time for some action against these barbaric countries and their repulsive leaders. Not just empty words.

    • Enock

      Are you comparing being gay to being black???

      • Jeffrey

        He is comparing the basic principles of discrimination…you stupid twat!!

  • Colin

    I ask that all Ugandan government officials especially Ministers be refused entry to Europe, be removed from the UN. All projects that have World Bank funding be stopped.
    Human rights is the mark of a civilised country. No-one should support oppressing regimes, nor trade with them, nor give them any voice in media etc.

    churches behind this should be ashamed and I call for the world leaders to decry and remove any connection publically.

    • Jean – Paul

      Of course religion is behind this.

    • kyokwijuka desmond misri

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha this stupidity leave Ugandans….

  • John-UK

    WHERE oh WHERE is our Archbishop of Canterbury-Justin Welby – and the Archbishop Of York John Semtanu in utterly CONDEMING this barbarity. Its being done in the name of the Church of England-so since they are the heads of that church-surely their words would be taken notice of out there?

    • Truth

      Oh yes. Religion is responsible alright …. for having polluted Africa in the first place.

      • Jean – Paul

        Pre-Islamic Africa held a special place for homosexuals in its societies. Islam infected Africa long before Christianity did.

        • kane

          so did pre-christian africa, the time scale is irrelevant here. but i understand that ‘every little helps’ when making point based on bigotry

          • Jean – Paul

            whatever you do, kane, be sure to respect every culture as equally deserving of respect in order to assert your post-modern liberalism, your stagnating politically correct attitudes.

          • kane

            it was just a matter of time when ‘politically correct attitudes’ would get mentioned. typical reaction of those guilty of bigotry

      • Rehan

        Well, let’s not forget that African societies had their own religions. Perhaps you mean the Abrahamic religions are to blame – which certainly appears to be the case.

      • Aloysius Kayiwa

        What you are forgetting is that the traditional African religions are the frontliners against gayism in just shows you that Homosexuality is not an African thing. they can even stone you to death if you do that

    • GulliverUK

      They already condemned Nigerian bishops – who told them to fk off and mind their own business ! Bishops from those countries should be dis-invited to the next European conference, whenever that is. Obviously the Anglican communion should split now, it’s clear that African Anglican values are not European Anglican values – too far from it to compromise. The CofE should get back to ministering to the UK, and the Anglican communion should be only like-minded churches. If the Anglican communion is to survive, and the Church of England, then they need to split off now. RELATE is not an option!

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      We dont care, they have an option of re-converting to the Catholic Church or forming breaking away from the COE. Simple!

  • GulliverUK

    I’m beginning to think tons of African MPs are literally mad! I have and do work alongside colleagues from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and they don’t show any signs of prejudice towards others. They are not westernised-Africans because most have only been here 2-5 years. I’m with Colin on what to do, out of the UN, travel bans, and seriously we need to stop all trade with, and aid to these countries (they say they don’t want or need the aid – let’s see if that’s true).

    The problem is religion, Christianity primarily, and has always been. They have a version of Christianity there which doesn’t look anything like the European belief and values. They’ve been infected with US Evangelicals, the worst of the worst. Plus, each of these tin-pot dictators has very serious political problems, as does Putin, and LGBT are being thrown to the wolves for political gain.

    However, the rhetoric of some African MPs is of a new magnitude and a boldness which needs to be utterly crushed, definitely, and quickly, or we might see desperately tragic results.

    • “I’m beginning to think tons of African MPs are literally mad!”

      They are. This is religious delusion, a mentally ill cult of people who genuinely believe in an imaginary mythical sky wizard.

      It’s ironic that homosexuality was deemed a mental illness, and still is in these delusional countries, when the real mental illness is their religious insanity.

    • Nathan

      You’re saying that, the vast majority of Africans welcome sexual diversity & any discrimination is the result of American Evangelicals? I didn’t know that… ;)

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      What are you guys are forgetting is that Homosexuality is not allowed in African culture. Why should distort our Culture with western lifestyle?? Imagine if came to Europe and tamper with your culture, how would you react?? Leave us alone, besides we didnt invite the World Bank to come here…our motto is clear: FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. Any thing that is against this is not welcome. We are also home of the Uganda Martyrs, we are a very religious Nation not like atheist Europe or America. God forgive you!!

      • Rehan

        How can you not see that your chosen religion is a lifestyle that was introduced by Western culture?

        • Aloysius Kayiwa

          Yeah, and its a religion for the whole Universe not for only Europe and America. So what we are exactly doing is shining the light of our Religion as the Gospel demands of us. Christianity has African traces too and African Culture is very inculcated to Christianity. Whether you support our stand or not, leave us alone. Besides the Bill is not affecting you. You gay activists have no really good answer…if gayism is an issue of rights, isnt it an issue of sinfulness as well?? Unfortunately the gays want to deceive us that Homosexuality is not sinful but a right…..Lol!!

          • Rehan

            You poor dear – the religion for the whole UNIVERSE now, is it? I suggest you try saying that out aloud in some parts of your neighbouring countries where they believe otherwise and see how long you’ll last.

            You might also want to look up the meaning of ‘inculcated’ – though Freudian slips are usually entertaining at least.

          • Aloysius Kayiwa

            Hmmm!! I don’t buy your views. You don’t know me! Christianity is a religion for the whole not buying your Islamic and/or atheist lies as well. Leave us alone Sir..we are not interested in your views. Any way President Museveni has already signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, It is our choice, any with our choice?????now continue in your delusion and rot in it.

          • Rehan

            You are very ignorant.

          • salama

            A man who sleeps with another man is being ignorant?? Highest level of being a perv. You will not force down our throat what we do not believe in. If it was right and your parents did it would you be existing. Any person who has a conscience and believes in God clearly sees homosexuality as wrong thing. Thats why God Created Man and woman and not man and man or woman and woman. This is so clear,you do not need to go to school to see this. Animals cant do it, and then Humans do….no wonder you guys have started marrying even animals,using them for sexual pleasures….what ever you believe in is most definitely not right.

          • Rehan

            Hilarious – do you seriously think ignorance and sexuality are related? I think you might be seeking a rather far-fetched explanation for your own shortcomings, my pet.

            Try reading a little more, and maybe – just maybe – put a little less faith in the god the European missionaries forced down your forebears’ throats.

  • Steve_R

    Can you imagine the outcry if countries around the world responded to his remarks with “We are ‘tolerant’ of Ugandan’s because we don’t ‘slaughter them’ The argument basically is the same shoe different foot, and it would be lost on him!

    Maybe they should give him a new title “Minister of Hypocrisy” for if he were to look over his shoulder, he would find himself standing in the shadow of the “Kill the Gays Bill” who is “We” and “tolerant” does not describe the Ugandan government or people.

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      He is a priest of the Catholic Church, Rev, Fr. Simon Lokodo. The Church allowed him to be minister after the state asked permission from the Church. Before that, he was already choosen by his flock in Northern Uganda to be their Member of parliament…so who are you to question the will of the people?

  • Jan

    Somebody shoot that monkey!

    • Rumbelow

      I can see how your anger pushed you to make an overtly racist comment to ridicule this monster but consider that the gay people who are his potential victims are also mostly black Ugandans like him.
      So it is not his race that makes him despicable but rather it is his ignorant, misinformed, wrong but smug brutishness all housed within the softness of his squishy obese physique and his resemblance to a Kewpie doll which forms an overall combination that is quite disgusting.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Agree with Colin ! This is a test – how much do politicians in Europe REALLY care for gays and lesbians ! ? Stop these idiots from entering our countries. Don’t act like cowards with thousands of excuses !

    • Guest

      He is a priest of the Catholic Church, Rev, Fr. Simon Lokodo. The Church allowed him to be minister after the state asked permission from the Church. Before that, he was already choosen by his flock in Northern Uganda to be their Member of parliament…so who are you to question the will of the people and the Church?

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    And I very much agree with GulliverUK !

  • Cal

    Im not sure there is anything the civilised world can do. Part of the reason for this monstrous trend is that certain regimes are enjoying thumbing their noses at liberal countries. The more we try to intervene, the more they will dig their heels in. While we here enjoy newly gained equal rights, many in Africa and Asia will live and die in misery and terror for the foreseeable future. Horrible situation.

    • The only solution is to cut all ties. But of course, that won’t happen because our governments have their fingers in all sorts of pies and they can’t risk missing out on lucrative military contracts, trade agreements and banking practices – they all make millions from these countries, then make us pay the aid to buy off their corrupt African buddies.

  • Clive S

    Any action needs to be pronto,as once the law is signed and everyone is required to report a gay person ,to the authourities,it just remains a short time for them to be rounded up,beaten up and possibly killed!

  • lee

    where Stonewall on this issue and all the MPs

    • Just like the politicians in our countries, Stonewall is only interested if it gets them some headlines and attention. Self-serving scum.

  • Halou

    How “tolerant” were slave traders?
    Well, they didn’t slaughter them if that’s what you mean.

    • Jean – Paul

      Africans were the first to sell fellow Africans into slavery.

    • Rehan

      Well of course they didn’t, why would you destroy your own merchandise?

      But don’t make the mistake of thinking slave-traders, and indeed slave-owners, weren’t African.

  • Clive s


    • Clive S

      That should read president!!!

  • soapbubble

    Disgusting fat pig!! How dare they make these statements. They are ignorant power-crazed savages. We should cut off all our foreign aid, and refuse to trade with them until they start to behave in a more civilized fashion.

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      Idiot, does this have to do with your foreign aid??He is a priest of the Catholic Church, Rev, Fr. Simon Lokodo. Before that, he was already choosen by his flock in Northern Uganda to be their Member of parliament…so who are you to question the will of the people and the Church?

      • Rehan

        The will of the church should be irrelevant in the governing of a nation, especially when it represents a religion that was established in that region within the last 200 years.

  • Mark

    “Tourism, which mostly takes the form of sun seekers, birdwatchers and African-Americans, makes up about about 18% of the Gambia’s GDP”…(…..As direct action against the delusional Gambian Government seems futile, perhaps thretaneing to boycott these companies might be a helpful start:

    • kyokwijuka desmond misri

      am now confused !!!!! guys lets be politely in analyzing these issues… does God really believe in home sexuality? oh why do u think he created man and woman…can u produce if your hom? by the way this is not about the donor u giving to African countries but its our culture am not a politician but at this point i see a lot of stupidity in homosexuality. so my brethren we need to stand on our legs and fight this vice

      • Rehan

        If you believe that God – which God, incidentally? – created man and woman, then you certainly are confused, you poor fellow.

  • WesternIowan

    Ugandan officials want to control the conversation, so change the conversation to whether politicians should be punished for the crime of genocide. They will then have to justify why corrupt politicians should not be punished for violating the human rights of hundreds of millions of people. It is not like any politician on the planet is above being punished for genocide. These politicians have endangered the lives of everyone in Uganda since the weapons treaties on the planet are based on regions not violating human rights.

  • kane

    ‘…Ugandan politician: We are ‘tolerant’ of gays because we don’t ‘slaughter them’…’

    is that the new benchmark for tolerance to which we should all inspire?

  • Gary Dee

    Of course they’re going to slaughter them. It’s a natural progression for a country, largely made up of uneducated, superstitious people. Naturally, when it begins, the minister will have some trumped up excuse, more than likely citing some Bible verse for justification. Then will come the mandatory turning in of all gays or facing prosecution themselves. Now that’s where the fun really begins. What better way for an angry man to take out a grudge on his neighbor than to accuse him of being gay and turning him in. Soon, the entire “legal” process will be circumvented and there’ll be vigilante groups dispensing justice as they see fit. Of course, the large foreign corporations will say as little as possible since profit is their Alpha and Omega. As history has proven, time and again, witch hunts have a habit of eventually turning on those who begin them.

    • salama

      An educated person who cant tell the difference between right and wrong is worse than us the “un educated ones” . If you think by being gay your so highly educated and fashionable please be like that but donot push it to other people otherwise anyone with a clear mind would think you are insane and therefore need to see a doctor.

  • Eugene

    In South Africa we are tolerant of black people from other African countries because we do not slaughter them routinely. We only set one or two alight once in a while. See, we can be just a tolerant as Uganda.

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