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Uganda: ‘We don’t care’ if we lose international aid over anti-gay and miniskirt laws

  • Rehan

    As a generally peaceful person I’m alarmed by quite how much I want to smack Lodoko’s smug, fat face.

    Minister for “Ethics and Integrity”, my arse. If he had any concept of integrity he might see for himself the absurdity of decrying the “foreignness” of homosexuality and short-skirts while wearing a western suit and, no doubt, worshipping a god introduced by Europeans.

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      He is a Priest of the Catholic Church(Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo and he is showing you westerners who claim to be greater what it means to follow Catholic tradition.

  • Helena Makarova

    If you lose the aid, you will change the laws. All you got is AID. Thats all you EVER had.

    • Rehan

      Uganda has the fourth-largest oil reserves in sub-Saharan Africa. That is not, unfortunately, going to make them any more amenable towards liberal foreign influences.

      • Truth

        This situation is why it is becoming increasingly urgent for us to develop alternatives to fossil fuels. If we can become self-sufficient … or at least be able to survive without purchasing oil and gas from places like this, we will no
        longer have to tolerate thier imbecilic behaviour and can leave them to rot in their own disgusting religious bigotry and childish ignorance.

        • Jones

          Living up to your username there. I fear that the next war is going to be over oil as it’s slowly running out and they’ll come a time when it won’t be available. We must prepare for that occurrence immediately as it can never be too late. Self sufficiency shall save us from crisis and we must stop being dependent on others. Our friends today can soon turn into our enemies tomorrow.

  • Mark Y

    The cruel and bigoted people of these homophobic african nations will one day be looked upon as badly as everyone looks upon the slave traders that treated them so badly not so long ago.

    • rapture

      And the slave trade is growing at present. I hope you are right, that these primitive people evolve , but right now i’m doubtful, how long do we have to wait for them to catch up and they are regressing not progressing. Ditch all foreign aid as we know it only goes to this creep and his ilk anyhow.

  • Larry

    so let them starving in poverty . We loose anything in anyway.

  • Ray123

    They probably still believe Idi Amin was a great world statesman.

  • kane

    Lokodo said: ”… Ugandans would rather “die poor than live in an immoral nation…”

    i tell you what’s immoral lokodo, its idiots like you in the government of 3rd world country who stuff their swiss bank accounts with aid money and buy properties in bulk in places like paris and london, while rest of the country is struggling to feed their children

    • Aloysius Kayiwa

      No you are lying. Lokodo is a Priest of the Catholic Church(Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo) and it begs the question whether Catholic priests own property and /or hold multi billion bank accounts?? You are lying..he is even Celibate.

  • wildseas

    A tragic comment from a tragic country. They must therefore lie in the
    grave they have dug for themselves. All countries, companies and anyone
    with any interests in Uganda must withdraw and let these backward people
    to themselves…to the LBGT Community in Uganda, know this, you have
    been singled as scapegoats to coverup a dark and sinister Satanic
    undertow..make your escape as quickly as you can and live to fight
    another day. To the American evangalists who are responsible for this
    horrendous state of affairs in Uganda , salute and worship your Satanic
    Master of lies. I hope you are pleased with your handiwork.

  • Colin

    The UN needs to enforce an isolationist policy for Uganda. It is time the world faced up to the excesses of religious nutters

    • Jones

      I’ve been saying the same thing for ages Colin. If one country completely withdrew themselves it would not be enough, it requires a collaborative effort to get the Ugandans to notice.

  • Wiccy Shackleton

    so what theyre saying, is that Ugandans would rather go poor than treat others fairly eh?

  • rapture

    well let his people starve then, although he looks more than well fed to me, so we all know where the foreign aid goes to anyhow.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Ugandans would rather kill people than….. disgusting!

  • Steve_R

    “Minister for Ethics and Integrity”…. Clearly demonstrating in Uganda you don’t need either on your CV to be! (and that is after they weeded out the unsuitable candidates)

  • Mihangel apYrs

    says fat, well-fed man (with Swiss bank account, probably)

  • Alecs

    “For donors to withdraw aid is blackmail and unacceptable”. Aid is sent to countries like Uganda to help move their country in the right direction by providing them with something they may not have ‘access’ to themselves. So when Uganda is moving their country in the complete wrong direction through their own Governmental choices, then why should the rest of the World pay for, and support that?

    Oh, and they plan on banning Beyonce from performing there. One question. Has Beyonce ever performed there before? No. Do you think she has, or had any intention of performing there in the near, or far future? No. I dont think she is losing out there too much.

  • soapbubblequeen

    STARVE THEN!! I hope you do, you fat ugly evil man. Vile.

  • Truth

    So, if these vile bigots won’t miss the aid, civilised governments are duty-bound to stop sending it. They should also impose immediate travel bans on ALL the vile politicians who backed these despicable anti-gay moves. These backward countries must be ostracised before they, like Hitler, believe the world sympathises with their horrendous views ….

  • Time to cut off all aid.

  • Rumbelow

    He creeps me out the way he looks like a pudgy and sly-faced black plastic kewpie doll, there’s an unhealthily degenerate, baby-like, chubby cuteness combined with the cold pathological closed-off mindset of a heartless potential mass murderer, it’s like he’s really saying, “If only the law would allow Uganda to slaughter all the gays.”

  • JD

    Hey Lokodo – you’ll die poor and ignorant anyway…. and like mosquitos your death will affect no one!

  • sweet

    sweet. this law is crap what have they been waiting for to put it ever since uganda started now ther areraising it now besides people have a right to put on the way they feel its GOD’S world and as fo lokodo or whatever his fat ass name is please you guys just do noting for the country your just getting fat

  • Jan

    What a slap in the face! Isn’t it refreshing to see that our aid, in other words our hard earned tax contribution, is appreciated this much by those in need.

  • lukefromcanada

    yeeeaaahh. We’ll talk in 6 months after the cut the aid

  • Truth

    I note this delightful specimen of humanity is wearing a chrstian cross on his lapel. Nice to know that religion is responsible for spreading love and harmony once again ……

  • Danny Miller

    So wait a minute let me get this right…

    “For donors to withdraw aid is blackmail and unacceptable”.
    Yet for you to imply that any country who agrees with your absurd laws will continue to have a partnership….is that not blackmail and unacceptable too?
    Yeesh some parts of this planet seem to have have suddenly gone 10 steps back in evolution.
    When will these types of countries learn homosexuality is not a “western belief” it is something that is world wide and in many different species.

  • Jones

    Enough with the condemnations it’s obvious that these people aren’t listening. There needs to be an UN conference about global LBGT rights because at the moment innocent people are dying because of who they are and it must stop.

  • jonathanOz

    I’m hsppy to hear that Lodoko doesn’t care about loss of international aid. I am more than happy to see aid withdrawn. Scapegoating any group to divert attention from real, pressing issues of meeting the needs of Uganda’s people should be discouraged, and I’d like to see the UK, the US and others hold Lodoko accountable for his, and his government’s cynical actions.

  • Aloysius Kayiwa


    Homosexuality – Nothing seems to stir up the culture wars faster than this topic. On one side you have a group of people who see this lifestyle as being no different than any other lifestyle. After all, it’s a matter of live and let live, a civil rights issue
    akin to that of Martin Luther King. Who are we to tell anyone else how to
    live? On the other side, you have a group of people who think that
    homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God, and it should never be
    allowed at any time. Is it natural to put a sexual organ and its emissions into the digestive system/mouth of same sex partners, or should sexual organs only be put into complementary sexual organs of the opposite sex? And if homosexual practices are normal, then why all of the Venereal diseases and early death rates among homosexuals? Who’s right? Right is right, even if no one is right. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is wrong.

    The bible says in Genesis 19:24 that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. This is where the term sodomite was coined. Why? The people who say that
    homosexuality is not sinful don’t really have a good answer for this, but some
    say it was because of a lack of hospitality by Lot. In some cases they deny
    that this even happened. Tradition says that it was because of
    immorality- pure and simple. The bible condemns homosexuality in Leviticus
    20:13, Romans 1:26-27, & 1 Timothy 8-10. Notice, however, that it
    does not condemn homosexuals. The bible says in Matthew 21:31 that harlots will
    be entering the kingdom of heaven before the self righteous hypocrites of the
    day, and the same could be said of homosexuals. The problem here though, is
    that they have to first repent of their homosexual sinfulness, which they don’t
    even recognize as being sinful.

    The secular humanists among us don’t understand why anyone would invoke the teachings of the Bible regarding homosexuality in the 21rst century. Notice how the date is always mentioned in this debate, as if to say that we are all enlightened now, and the superstitions and old wives’ tales of the bible are all past.

    “I’m smart because I think for myself, and you’re stupid because you believe the Pope and the bible.” After all, people who believe what the bible teaches are out of step with the current realities of the modern world and the “enlightenment”. Be like us, say the secularists, and leave all of that bible nonsense to the middle ages.
    Then, you will be free to pursue your own self interests without any artificial
    constraints on your way of thinking. And that is a sure recipe for hell. The devil is only too happy for people to make up their own moral codes based on what they “feel” is right. 6 billion people on earth with 6 billion different moral codes – a demon’s delight.

    A long time ago, the homosexuals had a very good argument – “What we do in the privacy of our own home is no one else’s business, so leave us alone”. Sounds good, right? Now, however, this “privacy of our own home” argument has morphed into an argument of “society has to accept our lifestyle as normal and equal to marriage, and we will sue you, publish your names and addresses, and demonstrate angrily if you publicly come out against us.” Quite a difference in the last 30 years or so. These brown shirt tactics used to intimidate Christians may make the homosexuals feel great about themselves, but it only serves to show that they are in the business of thought control, used by the Nazis and the Soviets. “Believe like us, OR ELSE YOU GET IT!” Scary indeed. The homosexual activists have set up this straw man that says “If you disagree with our agenda on homosexual marriage, then that means you hate us”. Wow. Disagreement on an important societal issue like marriage equals hate? All sexual sin is serious, whether it’s homosexuality, Masturbation or any others. The difference is that the
    homosexuals are trying to change the definition of homosexuality from being
    sinful to being normal, right, and good, and you will be ostracized and/or sued
    if you disagree with them, and then they say that “you hate them.” Hating
    sin is NOT hating the sinner – never was and never will be. And this business
    of disagreement with someone = “hate” is very strange indeed. Imagine if
    everyone who you disagreed with on politics, raising taxes, money, etc.,
    claimed that “you hate them” because you disagree with them. Very strange
    indeed! That is a sure fire way for society to break down into hooliganism.

    What about the lifespan of homosexuals?
    Studies have shown that the average year of death for homosexuals is somewhere
    between 45 and 52 years! Compare this to 70+ years old for heterosexual
    deaths. And these deaths are not only from AIDS. Sadly, the murder rate
    (100 times more likely than heterosexuals) and the suicide rate (25 times more
    likely) are much higher among homosexuals. Why? Because homosexuals are
    not happy people. The term they use to describe themselves, “gay”, is a
    misnomer. Anybody that disagrees with them is immediately pounced upon with
    extreme anger. This is so evident if you ever go to any of their websites and
    read their comments after an article is published on their lifestyle.
    Anger leads to a lot of bad things, including suicide and murder.

    And don’t forget that once homosexual so-called “marriage” is enshrined as a new civil right that equals race, color, creed, or national origin, there will be a massive indoctrination campaign by the government, Civil rights groups, the public schools, the newspapers,billboards, the media, etc. Our kids will be ostracized by their peers inschool if they stand up for God and do not yield to all of the demonic
    propaganda that somehow sodomy = the marital embrace. In other words,
    the very thing the homosexuals now complain about, being pariahs in a
    heterosexual world, they will in turn do to you and your kids, as
    payback. And when our kids grow up, they will in turn be living in a
    modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Is this the future we want for our
    kids? I certainly hope not.

    And if this deviant behavior is “normalized” by society, look for kids to experiment with trying it out, just like they did with illegal drugs way back. Parents
    should start instructing their children NOW that this homosexual behavior is
    not what God intended for mankind. Marriage has always been between men and
    women, and a healthy marriage produces healthy children who will take their place in a healthy society when they grow up. All kids deserve a loving mother and father.
    The bible condemns homosexuality, and the author of the Bible is God Himself.
    Man has NO right to change that. Uganda should not accept Homosexuality!

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