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Thousands of students form ‘Wall of Love’ to block anti-gay church from entering campus

  • Rehan

    Fantastic – that’s the way to get one over the WBC (even if it still gives those loons more attention than they deserve)!

  • Max

    There’s hope for humanity after all

  • Michael Savins

    When one in four Americans does not realize the Earth circles the sun America really needs to spend a lot more on education, only through education will people be less stupid.

    • MJ

      When you think about it, though, there could actually be plenty of great achievers (even in the medical fields) who wouldn’t need to know that.

      • Aimee Exorcist

        I’m thinking of Sherlock Holmes now.. He classed that as a fact he didn’t need to know :P

        • MJ

          LOL (yes).

      • Michael Savins

        They don’t need to know it, BUT it”s an extremely basic fact like the world is round not flat. If you think that i not important then that just confirms my remark about the importance of education.

      • Erlend Lunde Holbek

        My mother, an educated middle class european, couldn’t possibly tell me what the sun even is. Her first guess was a planet. The truth is, most people just don’t care.

  • I’m a little torn on this. The WBCult thrives on publicity and attention, they’re real-world trolls. So, this is kind of just giving them what they want. On the other hand, it’s always great to see people standing up to prevent freaks like them from preaching their bullsh*t without challenge.

    I’m often amazed that this little cult still exists. I guess we have a few years yet before the older ones die, but we can hope the rest will fade back into obscurity when that happens.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    And all those students came out in such cold weather too! Well done! If lots more people automatically took action and resisted like this, the loons would eventually get the message. And more and more people wouldn’t think twice about objecting to them.

  • Pet

    These ugly people are doing us the biggest favour possible. They get to rally so many people for our cause with their stupidity. Many clips of students, neighbours and famillies blocking them around the USA can be seen on the net.

    • Paul

      No idea what you just said then……

      • Rory O’Flaherty

        Pet means that their ignorance only serves to show that people will fight to rid the world of it.

        • Pet

          Yes! Thank you.

          • Paul

            ah ok thanks for that I genuinely wasn’t sure. It makes sense now :)

  • Colin

    Awesome people. Doing the right thing. Go well students

  • Steve_R

    Whilst the WBC purposely seek attention with it’s planned protest, the media response they seek gets varied attention. Fortunately when they do get any attention it is always negative.

    Whilst I don’t like hearing of their protest or attention seeking, I have to admire the strength and determination of those opposed to their existence, presence,s planned protest or appearance. by inflaming the passionate people feel for WBC. A whole new generation of non reactionary people have perhaps unwittingly been spurred into activist causes because this group pricked their consciences. Becoming a reminder the regeneration of the values of dignity and respect for others being paramount in societal values.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    I thought a campus was private property. A ban would have dealt with it (WBC always stay just inside the law!)

  • josepholeary

    we need a wall of Knowledge and Intelligence as well as a wall of Love —

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