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Radio hosts behind ‘shocking’ made-up homophobic children’s birthday response suspended

  • DMcCabe

    “Steve and Leeana are extreme supporters of acceptance, tolerance and anti-bullying, and both have very strong, positive views on same-sex marriage.”

    Well, if this was true, then why did they think creating this hoax would be a good idea. They are nothing but fools and it is right that they are suspended.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    A**holes who do stunts like this, do nothing for the cause in our goal to encourage acceptance of the LGBT community. And they might very well cause many people to doubt further legitimate reports.
    To me these idiots are every bit as bad as the imaginary homophobes they purport.

  • Valksy

    There is no “discourse”. We exist, we aren’t going away, we aren’t getting back in closets and we do not welcome any sort of debate about us any more than we would expect to debate people having blue eyes.

    If they want to know and understand the experiences of LGBT people then here’s a novel idea – ASK us. Crazy, I know.

    And yes, all they have done is ensure that any other circulated information is viewed with doubt and skepticism.

    With friends like those…..

  • JD

    Another inappropriate response to Hatred – Inequality for one minority – If this was Racist or Sexist the a hole would be sacked and face hatred prosecution –

    Equality means everyone – FFS

  • MJ

    They SHOULD be dismissed, canned, fired…whatever. But anybody who fell for that story without a bit of skepticism was way too gullible.

  • Widdershins

    Seriously?!!!! Stop helping us, please!

  • Stockyboi

    “We’re working with the gay and lesbian community to straighten that out.” … amusing choice of words

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