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Malawi: Muslim association calls for gay people to be condemned to death

  • Valksy

    Another example of the festering bigotry incited/excused by Abrahamic BS. And another rathole nation that sticks its hand out for charity money and aid, and which I would gladly tell to go forth and fornicate.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    This is just absolutely vile! I mean how can anyone justify the death penalty for innocent people? In what way shape or form does being LGBT affect these people?
    It’s rather hypocritical for these countries who have suffered their own persecution and injustices over the years to then demand the death penalty for others! Are they really that stupid that they cannot see the similarities between this and what has happened in various countries through history?

    Part of me wants to say stop all aid, all donations, all charity work. Stop officials traveling to the UK, remove the Ugandan Embassy. But then what does that achieve? What about the LGBT people that need help? How do you stop a country from doing such appalling things?
    I worry that this will not change in Uganda, Russia and other countries that like to suppress a minority. I just don’t understand why people think they can demonise perfectly normal people.
    I grew up CofE but the more stories I read about religion persecuting others, I just hate it more and more

    • Rehan

      Are they really that stupid that they cannot see the similarities between this and what has happened in various countries through history?

      Not necessarily stupid (though it’s likely there’s a hefty dose of that too), but more just ignorant. The average person is unlikely to have access to a broad-ranging and objective education in world history.

  • Rehan

    Malawi is regarded as a secular state but the country is blessed with God fearing citizens

    Yeah, and 75% or more of them don’t believe in the same god you do, you twit. Is that a “blessing” too?

  • NickDavisGB

    If you want to confront, talk to or comment directly –

  • Chris B

    They are also factually incorrect; homosexual behaviour has been witnessed in goats. Dickheads.

  • In the words of the great Stephen Fry…

    “Religion, sh*t it.”

    • George Broadhead

      And, by the way, Stephen Fry is a Humanist.

      • Indeed. It seems that all the truly good people I have ever met are either Atheists, Humanists or Pagans. I’ve worked with many of each of these groups over the last twenty years, and they beat the average religious nutter hands-down when it comes to intellect and common decency.

        • George Broadhead

          Since this is your view, perhaps you will consider supporting the Pink Triangle Trust (

  • MJ

    Just watch : Malawi Muslims will be the next big wave of immigrants invited into the UK. (With complete UK gay approval).

    • Rehan

      You clearly have no knowledge whatever of immigration in the UK (let alone the attitudes of gay British people) if you think Africans are “invited”.

      • MJ

        They’re invited because gays think “diversity” is a great thing, and want the UK to be more like the UN.

        • Rehan

          So “gays” have the power to invite immigrants to this country, eh? My my, how powerful we are…

          I think it’s fairly clear your knowledge of the UK’s workings is more than a little limited. But keep trying, you may get there in the end.

          • MJ

            Well…..gays DO vote, don’t you ?

          • Rehan

            I do, yes, but I seriously doubt a taste for cock predisposes me to do so (or not). I don’t recall being asked to cast my vote specifically in relation to prospective African immigrants to this country but perhaps you, with your encyclopaedic knowledge of our culture, can remind me when we were requested to?

  • Truth

    It’s comforting to know we can always rely on ‘religion’ to spread hatred and to poison minds. I was brought up in a religious household but realised very quickly (thank god – pun intended) that I was being brainwashed into a divisive and destructive cult mentality. It is not co-incidental that much greater peace and love has emerged wherever deference for religion has dwindled.

    • Rehan

      much greater peace and love has emerged wherever deference for religion has dwindled

      I agree with most of what you’ve said, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the atheist regimes of communist Russia (except at the very beginning), communist China and Khmer Rouge Cambodia were far from accepting, let alone encouraging, of any form of homosexuality.

      • MJ

        You’re right there. Cuba, too. The Communist atheist regimes were generally terrible to gays. Even the Soviets sent them off to Siberia for crimes-against-the-state (I think it was). Not to let religious tyrants off the hook, but we must always remember there were homophobic atheist tyrants too.

    • MJ

      What about Mao Tse tung ??

  • George Broadhead

    This goes to show that one of the biggest threats to LGBT people and their rights is Islam

    • The biggest threat to all people is Ignorance, and ignorance exists primarily in religious cults – of all denominations. This is because cults rely on ignorance to convince the idiots that there’s a mythical sky wizard looking down on them.

      While Islam is definitely not a nice religion, it’s not the Muslims (on the whole) attacking gay people in Nigeria and Uganda, it’s the Christians. In Russia it’s the Christians. In America and the UK it’s the Christians. In Australia it’s the Christians. Throughout much of Europe it is the Christians attacking equality and attempting to influence governments in their favour.

      Islam has no power in America, the UK, Australia and most European countries, it certainly doesn’t have power in the Baltic states. This is CHRISTIANITY causing these problems in many countries.

      All religious groups need to be rejected by all sane populations and all secular governments. I don’t care what religious beliefs a person has in their own home and in their own minds, but they should be absolutely rejected, no matter what God they believe in, when it comes to government, law, education, health and all aspects of civilized society.

      Branding makes no difference to me. A cult is a cult is a cult.

      • MJ

        Islam has no power YET in the UK. It will. They believe Might=Right, and that there is Might in numbers. The best thing, perhaps, gay men (and allies) in Europe can do is go back to their Pagan warlike homoerotic roots and tell them “I’ll let a few of you live here because your native country is so screwed up. But you lift one finger to interfere with MY free life and I’ll crush your head faster than Hadrian would defend Antinous. And then I’ll stuff your body with pork”. (At least that’s how I believe. Most gays have a death wish so they’ll all Thumbs-Down me on that one).

        • We should have this attitude to all religious groups, not just Islam!

          It’s not Muslims fighting against equality in our countries, it’s CHRISTIANS.

          There is an irrational belief that Islam is “taking over” and that’s just bullsh*t. All religious groups are in DECLINE in the UK. The numbers of Muslims might be rising IN CONTRAST to Christianity, but all religious cults are failing because they are refusing to modernize while the youth are becoming far more educated.

          People are not as willing to become slaves for some mythical fairy story these days, that’s true of all religions.

          Don’t fear Islam, fear religious nonsense as a whole. Reject them all, no matter what brand it is. No one should have the right to dictate to others how they can live their lives when the way they live their lives has absolutely no bearing on their own existence.

          These religious nutters trying to end LGBT rights are no better than someone like me trying to pass laws criminalizing their religion. They would not accept that, and we should not accept it from any religious crazy.

          Again, it makes no difference what the brand of religion is, we should be making it clear that no religious group will have any power at all in this country.

          • MJ

            I agree with a lot of what you say, BUT I think it’s good to have a healthy fear of Islam in order to keep it defanged. And, meanwhile, I see nothing wrong with gay guys choosing Odin, or whatever warlike deity they choose, to believe in. Sometimes “my god can beat your god” actually works.

          • rapture

            Islam is the biggest threat to LGBT, I agree that xtrians are on a hate campaign also against lgbt and are becoming more militant in primitive places like Uganda/Russia/Nigeria. However they have not reached the stage yet of open executions as is practised in muslim countries. Also, as someone who lives in western Europe , I believe the biggest threat to me now is islam, which can be seen by the number of “educated” muslims inviting hate imams to their universities/lack of support for lgbt human rights from muslims and an obvious disdain for lgbt from majority of muslims..

      • George Broadhead

        As a Humanist, I couldn’t agreed more about ignorance and religion, about the often malign influence of Christianity and the need to reject all religions when it comes to government, law, education, health and all aspects of civilized society.

        As I have already posted on this list and others, the Anglican Churches in both Nigeria and Uganda have staunchly supported their anti-gay legislation, but I don’t think only Muslim organisations and not individual Muslims are homophobic.

    • Rehan

      I don’t think Christianity in countries like Nigeria and Uganda and, for all I know, Malawi is all that much better (as Bloke Toys has already pointed out – read it too late, dammit!).

  • Jones

    “Even animals like goats don’t do this.”

    If you bothered to read a book other than the one which preaches intolerence you would know that homosexuality is found in goats among many other animals.

  • JD

    So speaks the superstition of Peace – so long as you submit to their bullying – If that happens an awful lot of so called Muslim ‘men’ will be condemned given the thousands who troll the internet iso cock ….. that’s right ALL Muslim men are queer for cock they just ain’t man enough to love another

  • WesternIowan

    Clearly LGBTA people in Africa should be equipped with whatever is required to defend their human rights against genocidal religious hoodlums. Some drone strikes seem in order.

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