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Gambian President Yahya Jammeh: Gays are ‘vermin’ and should be treated worse than mosquitoes

  • Mark Y

    “black people are vermin and should be treated worse than mosquitoes”

    If a president of any country said the above, that country would no longer be part of the UN, they would be frozen out from international trade, there would be sanctions, no aid, it would be seen as completely unacceptable – but this won’t even make headline news other than on pink news.

    He’s just another evil character in that film that someone will make one day of the bigoted and cruel descendants of the victims of slavery, and the way in which they treated another minority with even more contempt.

    • Jean – Paul

      At the moment, the UN Human Rights Council is controlled by Islamic States. Ironically, the Koran states that black people are no better than pigs and apes.

      • Billy

        Stop lying in which Quran have you ever seen such a statement

        • Jean – Paul

          Although slavery existed in Africa long before they arrived there, the Arabs /// went from region to region, the Koran in one hand, and the knife for castrating in the other, leading a hypocritical ‘life of prayer’, never uttering a word without invoking Allah or a saying or deed of the Prophet.///

          —- Tidiane N’Diaye, Le génocide voilé :Enquête historique (Paris : Gallimard, Continents noirs, 2008)

          Islam has historically asserted that // the ape is more teachable and more intelligent than the Zanji //, a term used for Black Africans.

          Ibn Khaldun wrote that // the Negro nations have little that is essentially human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals.//

          Check out Bernard Lewis, Race and Slavery in the Middle East : An Historical Enquiry (New York : Oxford University Press, 1990), pp. 50-53.

          • kane

            ‘… Koran states that black people are no better than pigs and apes…’

            you made the claim and didn’t answer Billy’s question, instead you went on about so called historical assertions

          • Jean – Paul

            historical facts… you’re quite welcome

          • kane

            ‘…the Koran states that black people are no better than pigs and apes…’

            surely you can point us to the location of that verse in koran

          • Jean – Paul

            look it up, don’t be so lazy

          • kane

            i am tempted to quote mark twain here

          • Jean – Paul

            Koran states…

            “In the great and final day of redemption, ONLY White faces will be saved, and all Blackened faces will be condemned”

            3rd Sur verses 105-106

          • Jason

            Thanks for that information Jean Paul…. I will surely put it to use one of these days!

          • Staircase2

            You don’t know where it is do you…
            …EDL perhaps…?

          • Jean – Paul

            EDL? what’s that?

          • de Villiers


          • Jean – Paul


      • kane

        ‘…UN Human Rights Council is controlled by Islamic States…’

        then it boggles the mind how UN chief managed to condemn the sexual discrimination and attacks on homosexuals in russia

        • kane

          and is it the same “the UN Human Rights Council… controlled by Islamic States” that ……

          ‘… 27 December 2013 – The United Nations human rights office today called on the President of Uganda to refrain from signing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law, and urged the country to ensure the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from violence and discrimination…’

  • Steve_R

    Given that Mosquitoes are blood suckers… and that is what Gambian politicians are when they accept aid, I want to see two things! You actually refuse aid, and countries around the world cut if off!

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller


  • Jock S.Trap

    Replace ‘Gays’ With ‘Blacks’ and see how wrong this would be… and it would be… but whats the difference/

    • Jean – Paul

      mmmm… the difference is that gays are condemned to death in the Koran, eh Jock.

      • kane

        and in the bible they are glorified, right?

        • Jean – Paul

          ofc not. Much of the Koran has been copied from the Torah.

          I mention the Koran because Gambia is an Islamic state.

          • kane

            somehow i get this feeling that your frantic activity on pn is usually reserved for muslim based stories, you even go on about how bad muslims are even when the story is not about muslims e.g the story on uganda

          • Jean – Paul

            Islam has had and continues to have a tremendous and detrimental influence in Africa, buddy. To think otherwise indicates an ignorance of history.

            Can you show me where the Torah or the Christian scriptures say that gays are vermin.

            btw, if you have an opinion on this issue, do tell.

          • kane

            can we dispense with cheap semantics. fact is that all three abrahamic scriptures are equally brutal when it comes to man love but clearly that doesnt stop you from selective finger pointing, i mean buddy why limit your finger pointing to just islam when christianity equally has had and continues to have a tremendous and detrimental influence in Africa

  • Cal

    I know people have a problem with the word savage but I really can’t think of a more appropriate one to describe these monsters and their followers. These evil pronouncements are immensely popular with the populations.
    Having been a generous donor to Oxfam for many years, I now make sure not a penny of mine (where I can choose) goes to help any of these people. An uncomfortable choice but it’s how I feel.

    • GulliverUK

      I don’t think anyone will really blame you. At times like these it’s hard to accept there are actually human beings who are so vicious, murderous. We’re talking Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi. How does somebody become that bad? You get a leader like Hitler and either because they are charismatic at the start, or they threaten your life, you follow their instructions – how many of the people in his army and police really believe in him? Don’t know. But I tend to think (or hope) that such barbarians are fairly unique, probably cannot be reformed, and when they are gone their followers will awaken from their nightmare. We all want to help these people – it’s in human nature to do so – but the best help they can get now is through an assisted coup.

      • Maris

        Unfortunately, these politicians are well backed up by their societies…in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania…more than 90% (in Kenya it’s 99%!!) see homosexuality as unacceptable. (see Pew Global Attitudes Project)

        • GulliverUK

          Qualiasoup, “Morality: 1”

        • rapture

          let them starve, do we really care if rabid homophobes die. And yes I know that includes LGBT, but it looks like they are doomed in such dumps anyhow, unless they escape to a less primitive place not inhabited by savages.

      • I wish I had that kind of positive attitude, but I firmly believe that these societies are beyond saving. They have refused to join the modern world, they are determined to live a hundred years (at least) behind the rest of the developed world, and it seems that no matter how hard countries and societies try to help them, they NEVER evolve.

        We have been sending these people aid for decades, DECADES, and yet they still have despotic, corrupt, criminal leaders like this in power. Where are the decent people in their countries? Where is their own Mandela? Where are the modern-thinking, educated, intelligent people?

        It seems they don’t exist. So what are we to do?

        The only thing I can think of is letting them go, leave them alone, tell them in no uncertain terms that they need to meet a basic level of Human Rights before they get ANY investment, ANY aid, ANY military support or emergency relief.

        I still don’t personally think this will change anything, but it’s the only thing I can think of doing that might achieve something down the road.

        • GulliverUK

          But then I don’t think you’d have hope for Iraq, Syria, Eqypt and elsewhere either? Change must come from within – in a totalitarian authoritarian state, it’s difficult, especially with special interest groups like religions interfering. In Nigeria’s north they have Sharia courts – yet that is specifically forbidden in their constitution ! If you read their press there is daily terrorism, conflict, poverty, lawlessness, child abuse by clergy, massive corruption in government, and at least it seems to be reported in a free (ish) press. In Gambia there has been a despot in power for almost 30 years – defy him and you might well not be seen again. It’s a desperate situation – I’m not sure we can fully comprehend what it’s like to be there. My nature forbids me from giving up on people – that’s, perhaps, a character flaw in me. And I don’t believe opinion polls in despotic countries saying they all agree people who are gay should be locked up or killed. You always find a few who think that, and they are loud, but I don’t believe free people would think that. Most of those people aren’t free, they’re oppressed by their state and leaders. They will change – I know they will – I believe they will – and I’m an atheist.

  • Marc Webster

    So the UN condemns this….so what are they going to do about it?….sweet FA….words are free and easy and do nothing….as the saying goes ‘actions speaks louder than words’….so do something about these backward African countries cleansing their country of LGBT people which is a massive humans rights issue

    • janne

      gay people should have own country……

      • Marc Webster

        No they shouldnt but ignorant bigoted people should only for it to be nuked to rid the world of them

      • rapture

        Wow. imagine. the most creative, harmonious , beautiful, functioning country on the planet, but what about our straight allies ,who would be desperate to join us can we give them a visa test/asylum?

    • Jean – Paul

      Did the UN Human Rights Council condemn this?

      • Marc Webster

        I mustve read it wrong…..Im sure it said they did

      • kane

        from un news centre website;

        Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appealed for the complete and universal decriminalization of homosexuality, still a criminal offence in some 76 countries, stressing that human rights must always trump cultural attitudes and societal strictures.

        • Jean – Paul

          was that said specifically about the homophobia being expressed in Uganda today, as we speak?

          • kane

            no but you get the overall sentiment of what un stands for

          • Jean – Paul

            have you ever pondered the sentiment of what western civilization means to you?


            whats that got to do with the price of potatoes

          • Jean – Paul

            am not sure this is the place to discuss economic liberalism, but maybe you can share your opinion about exploitation theory with regards to Africa.

  • GulliverUK

    I don’t think a tin-pot despot who only came to power in a military coup in 1994 is really worth listening to. No real democratic country would allow a dictator to govern for so long. As of October 2013 they are no longer members of The Commonwealth, having decided to leave and never return. Gambia has a very poor human rights record, and one-third live on less than $1.25 per day. In September 2012 they decided to execute all death-row prisoners and executed 42 men and 2 women – they had not executed anyone in the previous 30 years. Agriculture accounts for 30% of GDP and 70% of the workforce, and that is perhaps one area where they can be hit. Not a nice way of getting a point across, but since they won’t listen to reason, or uphold the human rights protections in their own constitution, then what other options are there? And I really mean that, if someone knows of a peaceful non-confrontational way to get them to change, speak up – I’m sure someone must have a way. Perhaps more carrots?

    The UK and EU are major export markets for Gambia. I generally don’t buy things from any African country now, except South Africa. But now I’ll have to check the nuts and ground-nut oil ! A coordinated boycott of those agricultural exports, across the EU, by LGBT, might help focus minds. Gambia cut ties with Taiwan and has or will get aid cut by the EU, because it refuses to improve its human rights record. I think the UK has already cut aid. We are way past the point of asking them to improve their human rights record, or even threatening them with withdrawal of aid, at this point most countries will have no option but to work together to bring down Jammeh’s government. I think things will only change radically with a Gambian spring, an uprising from within, by the people of Gambia.

    • Halou

      Cut aid and if they try to one-up their bigotry then I would absolutely be in favor of the EU forcefully halting all trade between Gambia and other countries, halting all shipping and air travel until they get the message.

  • MJ

    What’s with those balloon heads the homophobes have over there ?

  • lee

    the only vermin is you Yahya a disgrace to the human race

  • Truth

    For ‘gay’ insert ‘black’ or ‘muslm’ and see what reaction you’d get from politicians in the liberal West. We MUST act to isolate these ignorant imbeciles … no entry visas to ANY country where ”incitement to hatred’ is a crime. Stonewall should be lobbying parliment about these increasingly disturbing developments. History DOES repeat and, if we’re not very careful, we could be heading for considerable LGBT persecution and deaths.

  • Evan

    “Bacteria… are detrimental to human existence”? Obviously someone knoiws little about their own digestive system. I wonder how he’d feel if he knew there were more bacterial cells than human cells in his body… probably still not as disgusted by the idea that there might be as many as 10 gay people in his country

    • Once again, these are ignoramuses. They are the equivalent of our country two hundred years ago. This is what happens when a country is led by religious delusion rather than actual science and decent education. You can blame Christianity/Catholicism for the mess we are now seeing in these nations.

      • Jean – Paul

        Although I am no big fan of Christianity in any of its forms, I would say that the blame lies in the Koran itself.

        The entire history of Islam is written in blood. When the devoted followers of Allah are not preoccupied with slaughtering as many of the kafir as possible, they are butchering one another.

        Violence is part and parcel of Islam, and we as gay people are not its only victims. This brainless Gambian dictator shouts ‘Islam is the answer’ but he knows full well that the daily headlines shout the opposite, especially these days when the turmoil in Islamic lands is so damn blatant.

        Like every delusional religious nutter who ever lived, Jammeh is convinced that a more faithful implementation of so-called divine law will bring about the peace and success promised by Allah.

        In the meantime, Islamic law continues to condemn homosexuality because Islam has not and cannot enter modernity.

        Let Gambia get its financial aid from Saudi, and let us tighten our immigration laws. Islam’s only hope is with its enlightened scholars , the ones who are not butchered by fanatics.

        • kane

          nothing like a balanced view, eh

          • Jean – Paul

            what do you mean, kane?

          • kane

            religion cannot be owned, everyone has different take and approach to it. religion based/motivated wars (within the same strand) are good example of how minor differences in scripture interpretations and theology can escalate to a bloody conflict.

            but religion can (and often is) be used and abused by those in power as a powerful tool in politics. large chunk of african continent is a prime example of that

          • Jean – Paul

            With the possible exception of South Africa, I’m not aware of any secular African country, if that’s what you mean.

            To bow to demands of cultural and religious sensitivities by tacitly accepting that some peoples and communities can be exempt from the norms of universal human rights is neither secular, nor democratic.

          • kane

            first of all, my point wasn’t about secularism at all, it was about heads of african states that use and abuse religion, regardless of denomination, for political gains

            secondly, selective pointing of fingers is very rarely a solution to the problem, understanding it often is. but people who try to understand the problem without resorting to paranoia and generalising are accused of bowing to demands of cultural and religious sensitivities, apparently, by tacitly accepting that some peoples and communities can be exempt from the norms of universal human rights is neither secular, nor democratic

          • Jean – Paul

            mmmm…. I see.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Since most of the African countries are former British colonies, I think it’s high time that our government take some responsibility and really sock it to these regimes. I’m sorry David Cameron, but dialogue doesn’t work. Draw a line in the sand and mean it.

    • Jean – Paul

      I simply cannot agree that the West is responsible for Islamic terrorism in any way.

      Islam needs to wake up to the fact that it is and has always been self-destructive.

      Only those born into its slavery who can recognize the Koran for the piece of sh*t it really is, will stand a chance of correcting its tragic love of death.


      • kane

        errr, by my quick calculations, out of 18 african commonwealth countries 16 are christian , 1 is 50/50 and 1 is muslim. so it seams that gays in africa are beeing overwhelmly terrorised by christians

        • Jean – Paul

          Good point. I won’t argue that, and I am well aware of the influence of American Evangelical Fundamentalism in Africa, as well as how universal human rights in Africa are being neglected by the C of E and the RCC.

          Still, a handful of Islamic jihadists can cause mindless and ruthless violence (Nigeria), and strike fear in the general population.

          Both religions reject the science of human sexuality so that they can seemingly approach one another in dialogue based on their misunderstanding of homosexuality.

          Let’s not forget that Jammeh is above all a Muslim.

          • kane

            somehow i dont remember roman catholicism being branded evil and ‘self-destructive’ or being associated with terrorism, when irish republicans engaged in ‘ruthless violence’ caused by bombing campaigns.

          • Lamia

            Why are you trying to change the subject from homophobia? The Roman Catholic church has rightly been fiercely criticised and denounced for its bigotry on matters of sexuality. You seem to be very touchy about Islamic homophobia being criticised – in practice it is Islamic countries today which are the most intolerant of homosexuality, and which prescribe the most severe penalties. And before you mention Uganda and other bigoted African countries, yes they are worthy of condemnation too, but it is not the case by a long way that almost every Christian nation today persecutes gay people; by contrast, most Muslim nations currently do.

            And I am not interested in a debate on the relative merits of the Koran versus the Bible versus the Torah. I am concerned with the topic under discussion relating to an injustice now in Gambia – unfortunately it appears that you wish the topic was anything but Gambia and its lunatic bigot of a president.

          • kane

            im not defending islam, just responding to overwhelmly one sided bigoted views based aroung selective arguments and irrational paranoia that are so prevalent on pn

          • Lamia

            There is undoubtedly bias in some of the comments, sure, and they are giving Christianity an easy ride in the context of Africa, where as you rightly say, the majority of the countries are Christian and homophobic without the need for Islam.

            But there is nothing irrational or paranoid about LGBT individuals currently having an extreme wariness or even antipathy towards Islam. It comes from the fact that in practice, Islamic societies are overwhelmingly homophobic to the point of persecution and even execution. On a global scale, they are much more consistently oppressive and cruel in this respect than Christian countries, which are on average now much more tolerant.

            So it’s perfectly logical and borne out by empirical observation, to consider Islam currently a more serious threat to LGBT people than Christianity. That need not necessarily always be the case, of course, because as you yourself have pointed out, culture and opinions within religions can change greatly.

          • Jean – Paul

            ‘one sided bigoted’ , ‘selective arguments’ , irrational paranoia’ … redundant much?

          • kane

            psychologically projecting much?

  • GulliverUK

    If the government (2 parties), or Labour, won’t do something dramatic, cut off all aid to these countries (they already said they don’t want it), then perhaps we need to organise a new political party (there are people who know how to start / run a party). If there are 3.8m LGBT voters in the UK and policies appealed across the spectrum, plus allies, including some from Catholics and Anglicans, and elsewhere, could we challenge that status quo? UKIP is finished, and we don’t want any of their members anyway. Or, could we all advise every party we were going to vote for, that we’re voting Green (excellent LGBT policies, and great environmental and fiscal policies too) ? I want action, and I don’t care what it takes. As far as aid is concerned if it is all cut off, I can live with that. LGBT won’t be able to benefit from all the aid, won’t be able to live any sort of reasonable life, so either all benefit from aid, or none do.

    • kane

      in the current uk electoral’s first past the post system it would be impossible for any new party to get any seats in the parliament. proportional representation is the answer, but after last referendum we know there is no appetite in uk for a change

  • Time to cut off aid.
    Under international laws, giving these countries aid is now officially the same as funding terrorism.

    It’s sad to know that millions of poor people will suffer, but perhaps this will force them to eradicate these poisonous cretins from their leadership? It’s time these countries had their revolutions and started to join the 21st century, and I don’t think that is going to happen as long as we allow them to continue the way they are, being propped up by western money.

    I’ve long thought that we need to start severing ties to these countries, cut them off from the outside world, end all business ties and government partnerships and let them go it alone. If they don’t want to live in the civilized world then there’s no hope of persuading them to.

    The only ties we should have are for the purposes of asylum. Let their LGBT people leave for safety in decent countries, and then sit back and watch these sick nations implode.

  • JD

    How are we vermin when he represents a nation of ignorant Neanderthals who ignited the whole AIDS Pandemic with eating infected bush meat, believing that condoms spread the virus and raping virgins to cure themselves of the virus –

    and we’re vermin????

  • Colin

    I am very much struggling with Africa “leaders” in despot countries. What are our and what are their responsibilities and obligations as humans.

    There is part of me that wants to treat them as they treat their own. At one time during my lifetime it was illegal in this country and men went to prison. Will Africa change. How many billions need to be given to raise human rights.

    The UN, the churches, business and any organisation that has a vested interest in Africa must act and if needs be topple the despots.

    Churches must distance themselves from what is going on in Africa. If they cannot then I ask that they be reduced to backward groups, tax status reduced and an education plan in Britain to show ordinary people that they are irrelevant now, stop funding them

    • Jean – Paul

      The stark reality is that religions by nature care more about so-called divine laws than human rights, i.e. only God has rights.

      What we are seeing in Gambia are the effects of a theocracy regardless of what they call their form of governance.

  • Ray123

    Africa, the basket case of the world, always in need of remedial help and judging by the outpourings of these people it’s easy to see why.

  • Jeff Jankowiak

    Yeah…and these so called countries are mired in overpopulation, hunger, illiteracy, and war. All headed up by a military strongman.

  • Sasha

    That he thinks mosquitoes ’cause’ rather than transmit malaria is another indication of this cretin’s ignorance.

  • kane

    it seems the lack of basic education is not a barrier to the highest public office in gambia

  • JackAlison

    I think every1 should take a breath and ask yourself how many of these nations are in the commonwealth? Many of them are and they mostly criminalize and victimize gays. Rather than pointing the finger at Africa is it not time that Queen Elizabeth (who by the way has never mentioned the word gay in her long reign) stood up and said something? It is a royal peculiarity that she able to have this freedom without govt. interference as she is free from the confines of constitutional monarch and can make up her own speeches as head of the commonwealth. However, the silence from Buckingham palace is deafening.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    This Yahya Jammeh has insulted us as I believe no other world leader ever has. I am insulted. If I WERE a mosquito, Yahya Jammeh, I would grab all my mozzy friends and suck on you till you were BLOODLESS and dead!

  • Billy

    Showing themselves as they truly are. BARBARIANS!

  • Lori Scott Kaiser

    Maybe the interim solution is to help LGBT’s escape these countries. Why not offer safe haven to them, and start charities to help fund their escapes, if their desire is to live somewhere that supports their rights? We can then deal with the leaders and believers, or leave them to chew at each others perceived sins.

    • Lamia

      Offer asylum to LGBT Gambians, Ugandans and others, and stop all migration by heterosexuals from countries which persecute LGBT people. Let them rot in their own ‘cultural’ home.

  • Paul

    Just replace the word Gays with “Jews” and you could mistakenly think you are reading an article about Hitler!

  • Mattress

    this puke probably takes the dishes outta the sink before he pee’s in it i bet!

  • Lord Haw Haw

    Will people stop blaming Christianity for the way African’s are. Christianity was the main driving force sent by Europeans to civilise these people. That African politicians’ can today talk disgustingly of human vermin just goes to show that Christianity failed in its mission.
    One reason was that it was stabbed in the back by white liberal atheists and anti
    imperialists who thought the black man should be his own destiny. And it’s going
    to be the same kind of back stabber who is now going to mark down this post with
    all the pious looking yet faux outrage they can muster.

    • kane

      almost hilarious

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Look son, it is quite clear the PN comments
        are saturated with the un-enlightened dross that only the small teenage mind can come out with. Is that you, per chance ?

        You may one day acquire sufficient understanding of the way the world works and the words and actions of the people in it to engage in worthwhile debate. Until then, read what is here but don’t
        contribute. Frankly, your ideas for the imminent utopia which apparently is here for the taking if only we listen to you interests nobody but others as limited as you.

        • kane

          have you taken your medicine today?

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Look son, it is quite clear the PN comments
            are saturated with the un-enlightened dross that only the small teenage mind can come out with. Is that you, per chance?

          • kane

            clearly you havent

        • Jean – Paul

          /// Frankly, your ideas for the imminent utopia which apparently is here for the taking if only we listen to you , interests nobody but others as limited as you. //

          Har har har…

    • Rehan

      Revealing awareness of the use of the possessive apostrophe there, o pseudo-fascist-sympathiser. You’re quite right though, “small teenage minds” should refrain from exhibiting their stupidity.

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Your avatar looks too old to be that of a teen. What’s your excuse?

        • Rehan

          Oh dear. Try again, pet.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            You smart guy need to do something thinking outside of the tree you’re living in

          • Rehan

            Your avatar looks too old to be that of a teen, What’s your excuse?

      • Lord Haw Haw

        LGBT continue to be persecuted in Africa, but the persecutors skin colour stops objective decision making.
        How do you sleep at night with that weighing you down?.

        • Rehan

          Oh dear. Try again, pet.

        • Jean – Paul

          …. stops whose objective decision making?

          Sorry, but I don’t get your meaning.

    • Jean – Paul

      I’m inclined to agree,

      No-one can deny that the Judeo-Christian ethic, regardless of shortcomings along the centuries in Europe, did introduce compassion and forgiveness to Western Civilization.

      In terms of Africa, the least we can say is that Christian missionaries started arriving in Africa in the 19th century, and explorers ventured into the interior.

      We should never forget that they brought back the dreadful stories of the reality of the slave trade, stories powerful enough to change attitudes and trigger a movement that led to the abolition of the slave trade, and later the legality of slavery itself.

      On that point Christianity did not fail.

      White liberal leftists, using the distorted logic of multiculturalism, taught, and are still teaching, that every culture is of equal value and that it is politically incorrect to use critical thinking when evaluating each culture’s contribution to the development of the well-being of humanity in the here and now. How else could a stupid f*cker like Jammeh get away with his obnoxious ideas of killing innocent people to purify and supposedly develop his culture?

      • kane

        ‘…We should never forget that they brought back the dreadful stories of the reality of the slave trade, stories powerful enough to change attitudes and trigger a movement that led to the abolition of the slave trade, and later the legality of slavery itself.

        On that point Christianity did not fail…’

        slavery was accepted and justified on religious grounds in the first place, so for christians to have a change of mind was very galant

        • Jean – Paul

          mmmmmm…. I see.

  • Staircase2

    What a bloody idiot
    The level of ignorance is astounding

  • Staircase2

    Sadly, the level of predictable ignorance in these comments is also astounding.

    Can I remind you that much of this rabid homophobia in these countries is actually stoked up and fuelled by WHITE American Evangelical Churches who, having largely lost the argument at home in America, are now increasingly turning their rabid and bigoted attentions towards poor, African countries instead.

    The knee jerk response on here towards racist and Islamophobic comments says far more about how in tune with these despots you actually are.

    Divide and Conquer has been a favoured tactic by reactionary forces throughout history. I see it being played out in these boards on a regular basis and it makes me sick.

    Can I also remind you that inside each if these homophobic countries are LGBT people like you and me, desperately struggling to live and love under the cover of darkness.

    Rather than denigrating a whole nation (and frequently a whole Continent) perhaps you could bear that in mind before you rant off about ‘savages’ and the negative impact of the Koran.

    • Jean – Paul

      It’s fair to say that many of us have been following the influence of American Evangelical Fundamentalism in Africa, notably in Uganda, since Steven Lively dropped his so-called atom bomb on an unsuspecting, superstitious and receptive audience.

      Then Martin Ssempa started ranting about ‘eat the poo-poo’ until his attitude landed him in the lamentable situation in which he finds himself today, etc.etc.

      As for the negative impact of the Koran, maybe you’re right ; the less said, the better —- and that just about sums up the attitude of all moderate peace-loving delusional god-believers.

  • Joakim Hillgren

    He should be so proud of his ‘Nation’. An established way of making ends meet for Gambian men is to have a loving ‘relationship’ with western (nearly always white) women who travels to Gambia on holiday for some sun and ‘love’, is really appropriate. Men are hustling on the beach, restaurants and elsewhere. A great proportion of the hustling men are already married or in a relationship with a local woman and gets an income from pursuing these women as they will more often than not send money back to Gambia and their ‘boyfriends’. These women end up having a holiday love affair and with promises from the new ‘boyfriend’ that he will always stay faithful and eagerly awaits her return. As if…. Just a comparison, that’s all…

  • essa touray

    I am gambian but no ask him to implement that law, Gambia use to be a champion of democracy in Africa,this guy is a moron he doesn’t even believe in the Quran he is more of an atheist, Gambia have lots to economic problems to solve than gays, let me tell you all that he is using religion to propaganda.
    He is a muderer last eid he executed 9 inmates without being trialled, journalists and human rights activists and oppositions disappearing without any investigation, he is the worst dictator in Africa, all the gambian intellectuals have been forced into exile in the diaspora, but his time will just as his best pal gaddafi

  • Jason

    We are vermin!!! This coming from a man who is pedling fake HIV cures!
    On a bitchy note, I’d rather be vermin and fabulous than look a like a constipated toad….

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