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Belgium: Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo branded as ‘shameless’ after changing his shirt on a hot day

  • Brett Gibson

    Wtf, he changed his shirt. It’s amazing the homophobia that resurfaces when gays do something that is perceived to be wrong.

    • I’m not even sure it’s homophobia. There are, after all, people who live in mortal fear that someone, somewhere, doesn’t share their hangups about their bodies.

  • Tod Alan Spoerl

    I’m sorry, where’s the story here? Anyway he’s not the first statesman to take his shirt off in public. Putin has been seen shirtless on many occasion.

    • Ad Lib

      Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada has taken his off (and with style) during a bachelour auction for charity.

  • Rehan

    Erm, hello? Didn’t a picture of President Obama in his swimming trunks make it to front pages all over the world a few years ago?

  • Julian Thurbin

    Eric Pickles will be next

    • John-UK

      Can’t wait!!!

    • ItchycooMark

      Ive just been sick in my mouth

      • Barry Scarfe

        Eh, don’t you be so abusive to the representative of my constituency!

        • speedgeek

          Doing a great job as a sandbag in the Thames Valley :)

  • Valksy

    Please spare us from the pearl-clutching hysterics…

  • GulliverUK

    Some Belgiums are clearly mad. Having hysterical outbursts because a gay man changes his shirt is … to us… hillarious, and incredibly dumb. And I suspect most Belgiums think these people are nutters.

    If the PM was not gay these people wouldn’t care. We’ve seen shirtless PMs and Presidents in various countries, on their holidays, this is the first time I can remember something saying it was “shameless”. Given their great LGBT rights it’s pretty clear the vast majority of Belgiums don’t think like this.

    • RobinP

      I don’t know any “Belgiums”, maybe you mean Belgians ;-)
      (Then again, il n’y a pas de Belges :p)

      • I am Belgian, I even have a group called ‘Les Belges de Londres’. I think this is hilarious too.

  • That There Other David

    *imagines Cameron undressed in front of a camera*



    • Rehan

      Sorry, couldn’t resist …!

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Exactly, Rehan! What people like Alain Destexhe are really battling with is the fact that they recognise that that’s one helluva hunky and shapely back that Mr. Rupo possesses, whereas “Obama, Hollande, Rajoy, Merkel or Cameron” could not present the camera with such a pleasing image!

        • TampaZeke

          Obama is pretty fit actually.

      • Mihangel apYrs

        you should have tried!!!!!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Meanwhile, the thug Putin has a penchant for taking his shirt off and it’s not condemned.

  • John Flowers

    Obama *was* photographed shirtless… on multiple occasions – get over it!

  • Rovex

    When did Belgium suddenly become puritanical? A man changing his shirt? The scandal!!

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Alain Destexhe, the man who is squealing about how “shameless” and “outrageous” this is, has himself been content to pose semi-naked! The hypocrite! He’s the last one on the right – yes, at the very end, probably because he was embarrassed about the unimpressive state of his torso!

  • cel

    NOOOOOOOO…really, he took his shirt off….? My goodness, it’s the end of the world, what’s next? people being topless on the beach? Brazilian girls wearing dental floss? My good no, where will this world end up? We are doomed, someone took a shirt off while a camera man was fiming it….it will cause more floods

  • Mike Dalgarno

    I have some breaking news for everyone…even politicians have to get undressed now and then.

    I mean look at the stud-muffin of a prime minister that we have.

    • speedgeek

      I object to that photo on grounds of taste! No-one should have to look at that! Or Blair’s moobs!

      • Mike Dalgarno

        Apologies allow me to counteract this monstrosity of a mistake, by provided an image of anti-gay (aka so far in the closet he is in Narnia) republican Aaron Schock

        • speedgeek

          Thanks Mike, I feel a lot better now! You say he’s NOT gay? (facepalm)

  • Truth

    I think you’ll find those men who have expressed disgust are really expressing disgust at THEMSELVES for becoming secretly aroused. That, after all, is the crux of homophobia …. closeted self-loathers turning their inner-angst outwards. People who are comfortable in their OWN sexuality simply do not get hot under the collar about someone else’s.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Spot-on. When you think about it carefully, WHAT BLOODY POINT is there to someone being homophobic or biphobic? It IS TOTALLY IRRATIONAL to have a fear and/or loathing towards someone else purely on account of their being a homosexual or bisexual! It doesn’t affect them in the slightest. Most prejudices do have at least some form of rationality to them but homophobia and biphobia HAVE NONE AT ALL.

      • Truth

        A ‘phobia’ is an ‘irrational’ fear of something. Arachnophobia is a classic example. We are bigger than spiders – so why be afraid of them? Homophobia is exactly the same. Irrational .. UNLESS the homophobe has a CLEAR reason to be afraid – ie: they fear that their inner, suppressed, same-sex attraction may erupt, uncontrollably, to the surface! That’s why some people are homophobic – others don’t give a monkey’s. I have ample personal evidence to support the old adage, ‘Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case’.

  • Jones

    Oh how dare he!

  • Jordaniel Ridgway

    Perhaps they should be better off by displaying their pride and admiration for a man to be showing and leading his country, a man who wants to appear dressed freshly and comfortably after a rather hot sweaty day! He’s a human after all!

  • James Campbell

    Let’s face it, Belgium rarely hits the headlines other then to be mentioned in-passing when the news refers to the ‘European Parliament’. A man changing his shirt is obviously big news over there – oh, wait, he’s Gay? …. That explains it then …..

  • Wiccy Shackleton

    Wow, all he did was change his shirt, wtf is wrong with belgian media for saying this is scandalous? Its not like he whopped his man-meat out or was filmed having sex with his partner…

  • Colin

    Get over yourself. He goes to the toilet as well. Shocking eh. I thought the UK was the stiff shirt of Europe!

  • TampaZeke

    These are the same people who get a stiffy every time Putin has his picture taken shirtless.

  • RobinP

    As a Belgian, there are a few points to make.
    The TV programme is Flemish, where there was zero controversy. In fact, most were surprised there was controversy at all about this in French-speaking Belgium. Secondly, it was mostly Alain Destexhe (an MR politician), who just likes to make problems about their rival socialist party (since important elections are to be held in May). And I’m quite sure he would’ve done it also if Di Rupo weren’t gay.

  • Ivan

    As all politicians are basically the same when they get in power, maybe we should just judge them with their shirts off.

    It would probably make no difference on how they govern. But at least, they’d be pretty to look at.

  • Maryland Kid

    I’ll give them that this isn’t exactly “Head-of-State” material. Then again, he wasn’t acting in an official capacity as Prime Minister, he was giving an informal interview. This type of backlash would be completely reasonable if he changed his shirt, say, midway through a state dinner or on the floor of parliament. Since that’s not the case, I can only assume that his political enemies are really grasping at straws here. Isn’t there currently a major political conflict right now between the Flemish and the French Belgian? Any chance that this is coming from that?

  • josepholeary

    I wish all Prime Ministers were as handsome.

  • gingerlycolors

    I thought being shameless was having loads of children by several partners, owning a pit bull and living off benefits and complaining about being hard done by by the system, not exercising your personal hygiene by putting on a fresh shirt on a hot day! How pathetic can the media get sometimes!
    Elio Di Rupo is one of Europe’s best dressed politicians and is a credit to his country. He is often seen wearing a bow tie. As the 11th Doctor said: ‘Bow ties are cool’.

  • Oh Belgium, just when I thought you were one of the most rational countries you get all flustered over something like this!

    Are these people so incredibly repressed that they can’t see a bare chest without getting all hot and bothered?

    And as for some of the comments, I wouldn’t give a rats ass if another president or PM (or any politician) was snapped with their shirt off, it’s all about the context. He wasn’t sliding across an unmade bed licking a strawberry FFS!

  • Davidm

    Would love to be in sunny Belgium in February

  • EllieLindan

    Would we want to see David Cameron shirtless? Me thinks not.

  • A Belgian

    The only people who called this shameless were some people on one talk show on French-speaking TV, which included a rival politician. For the rest this has been a non-issue? On a Flemish talk show (Reynders Laat) it was laughed at, because there clearly isn’t anything wrong with it. As for other media: I’m guessing there was a blurb here and there.

    To those who think this is homophobic: the Belgian media never made a big deal about him being gay and they’re not doing this right now either. The criticism from these few people purely comes from the fact that they’re a bit uptight about what a PM can or can not do.

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