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How can the Church of England be ‘welcoming’ when it bans priests from marrying gay people?

  • Valksy

    Will never not think LGBT “faithful” are out of their mind for grovelling for an ounce of acceptance from an institution that hates them and always has (I could say the same about women).

    • Ivan

      You could take it that way. Or you could look at is as another step towards acceptance. Although we wish they would, religious institutions rarely make 180 degree turns. 20 years ago, few would have thought this church would go this far. In 20 more years? Who knows?

      • Cal

        My hope is that in 20 years the CofE will be a tiny irrelevant cult – rather than the large irrelevant cult it is today.

      • Sparkyu1

        Oh yay! in 50 years they may actually decide we’re real people! Until then we keep on begging and scraping

        Why is this something to hope for rather than something to hold in the utmost contempt?

    • Harry

      Gay anglicans are traitors to the gay cause, pure and simple.

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Do they even really believe that gay clergy currently in a CP are celibate? This is all about appeasing the bigots in the African branch where Anglicanism is on the rise. I’d like to see the N. American branch of Episcopalians take that extra step by breaking away entirely since it gives its clergy freedom to or not to participate in same-sex marriages.

  • Jones

    How can the Church of England be ‘welcoming’

    It can’t. But hey it’s just their loss. Their books will sudden rewrite themselves when Church numbers begin to rapidly decrease.

  • Truth

    They are on the wrong side of history and are engaged in a desperate exercise of damage limitation. How can anyone take them seriously? Their bibles is either a rule book … or it isn’t. But then again, it has always been used, selectively to suit the prevailing moral climate. Personally, I think they’re best ignored. Anyone so desperate to be ‘accepted’ should perhaps join a less judgementl outfit ….

  • Cal

    Can’t get my head around Gay Christians. I know that religious brainwashing is powerful but many people still manage to wriggle free.

  • David Greensmith

    Any time now this is going to start hitting the revenue stream. I have made it clear to family members that I will not attend any family ceremony held in a CoE church, such as weddings, christenings or even funerals. I will not contribute to their funding any more than I have to through my tax relief. If others do the same then it may make people who aren’t directly affected by the church’s homophobia think again.

    • Sparkyu1

      Same, I’ve told all my friends and loved ones I am not taking part in a ceremony held by a church that regards me in such contempt

    • Harry

      a very good point and I encourage all LGBT people to do the same.

  • Sparkyu1

    It can’t. And it isn’t. But it is desperately trying to scrape up some PR because it’s realising its bigotry is a hard sell. It doesn’t want to be any less bigoted but wants us to look away from their prejudice

  • lawrence

    hahahahaha, let me remain a catholic. Am so happy for being a catholic rather than being with hypocrites.A church that has got leaders who cant be decided by the individuals.

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