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How to tell if someone is gay? By looking at their earwax, these scientists claim

  • Dave Morris

    Have I been asleep??? Is it April fools day already???

  • Truth

    Are these the same so-called ‘scientists’ who produced Uganda’s anti-gay report?

  • AdrianT

    Who peer-reviewed this?

  • Tracy

    makes you wonder what they will think of next to determine a persons sexuality or orientation… does it matter?

  • Jones

    “Earwax tests could be developed in order to identify people and ascertain information about them.”

    No, that should be illegal.

  • Mark Y

    Do they get paid to come up with this?????

  • GulliverUK

    I feel like I’ve entered the Twilight Zone ! Normally I’m full-on science, and whilst I accept and like some theists (the good ones), I’m utterly against belief in any gods (there is mention of multiple gods in the bible). But this seems a bit incredulous. I guess anything with DNA could, eventually, give some idea about a persons sexuality, once they’ve done a bit more research. The complication comes with epigenetics where identical twins are genetically identical, but …. “functionally relevant changes to the genome that do not involve a change in the nucleotide sequence” (from wiki). So people with the same gene sequences can be gay or straight … or bisexual.. depending upon the influence of outside chemical influences. If you thought DNA was complicated, epigenetics just may it mega-complicated. There’s enough evidence to show that sexual orientation is biological, but they seem to be some way off identifying the exact mechanism. They can breed gay mice, and can turn fruit-flies sexual orientation from gay to straight and back at will.

    It’s probably worth remembering that although this information is nice to know, in scientific terms, we don’t particularly care. The only main reason for proving that sexual orientation, notably being gay, is biological, is to shut down the Catholic church and other religious nutters who have declared being gay a “choice” and “chosen lifestyle” in order to justify their horrendous abuse of us over the years. It will probably be another 20-30 years before they even accept the evidence and then another 60 before they apologise.

  • Alan O’Flynn

    Well that was a bit of a non-article then!

  • Colin

    Wait on the peer review. I’ll wax lyrical over this one if it’s proven.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Please PinkNews- not more nonsense like this ! Why not use our eyes and tell a person that he / she is nice, and at the very same moment give attention to this stranger with a beautiful smile. Loves own truth-

  • Magoo

    Horse manure.

  • floridahank

    These guys have way, way, way much free time on their hands. Why don’t they study something that will diagnose and help cure one of the major illnesses? Where do they get their $$$ to waste their time on these kinds of studies? Next thing you know somebody will do research to see if homosexuality exists with butterflies.

  • GulliverUK

    I was skeptical, ok, because … it’s EAR-WAX !!! But, thinking back to other studies, about how the pill may actually change a heterosexual women’s interpretation of her parners smell (pheromones). When a women stops taking the pill later in life her interpretation of those pheromones can change, and she might go off her husband.

    Now, this institute does have a study from 2005, which include gay men and lesbians, and the results are interesting;

    Underarm scents / odors are understandable, we’ve all come across them, but ear-wax is tiny, it’s difficult to perceive it would even have a smell.

    • TiggyTiger

      It does have a smell if you put a piece up close to your nose, but I doubt otehr people near you can smell it unless they sniff your ear. But the article doesn’t say that people may go off you or be turned on to you because your ear wax smells gay! As someone with a higher than usual amount of circulating testosterone for a woman, I do worry that my pheromones may be confusing men. Well that’s my latest explanation for me still being single.

  • James Campbell

    Ear wax, as with any bodily secretion can provide details which are individual to the donor. A buccal smear (of mouth secretions) can be used to collect DNA for instance. I just wish that researchers would sort out their semantics before publication. No body secretion or odour can detect ‘gender’, the best ‘test’ is to ask the person involved. An individual’s SEX however can be ascertained from a sample of DNA or a karyotype test to identify the sex chromosomes. Chemical analysis of secretions (such as perspiration) can reveal data such as diet, hormone levels, exposure to chemical contaminants etc. The claim that earwax can also be susceptible to hereditary influence and it is possible to identify ethnicity from a sample is correct. However, sexuality is far more complex and bodily secretion analysis is really not sophisticated enough to be exact (as yet). Despite this caution however, research into body odour is valuable in predictive medicine since certain body odours can give an early warning of cancer.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I’m very sceptical about this “discovery”. If whether gayness can be detected genetically is still a matter of debate, it seems unlikely to me that this bunch can claim they can tell if you’re gay by just yanking out a bit of your ear wax!

    A list of the staff at the Monell Chemical Senses Centre can be found at the following links. A cursory look at Gary Beauchamp, who runs the place, shows only that he’s a heterosexual and his favourite food is a kind of soy bean. But he may not have done this piece of research. Somebody else may like to look more closely at other members of staff and see if there’s any affiliation with deluded loons, religions, and such like.

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