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Yoweri Museveni defends anti-gay bill with scientific report describing homosexuality as ‘abnormal’

  • Carl

    I wonder where all these “doctors” and “professors” that wrote this “scientific study” got their titles from?
    I would expect all decent and ethical worldwide scientists to write to Uganda’s president – not expecting he will change his mind because is clear he won’t but just to show him how wrong he is.

  • GulliverUK

    Uganda has never invented anything, it has never discovered any scientific breakthroughs, it can’t even provide basic medical care across the country, it has ongoing terrorism, dozens die every day through explosions, it’s oil-rich but massively poor, and their President is in terrible trouble – the economy is continuing to fail, despite his promises he would fix it. They may be able to claim to be in the top 5 for government corruption, with billions missing.

    From Ekklesia; “A letter from doctors, researchers and academics, backed by 14 organizations and 77 individuals internationally, stated that “Homosexuality is not a pathology, an abnormality, a mental disorder, or an illness — it is a variant of sexual behavior found in people around the world.” They warned that the bill would damage public health. “
    but he’s going to ignore evidence from the rest of the world’s leading academic and health experts and go with his backward, religiously-biased local witch-doctors. When he does that aid must be cut off by world leaders without any further discussion, and no further delay. Aid must be for ALL, or for NONE. All must be treated with dignity and provided with freedom, or none must have it.

    • Rumbelow

      Uganda has proven a great success as a testing ground for extremist Christian Dominionism though.
      After a couple decades of relentlessly radicalising poor simple people, planting evangelical churches by the thousands all over Uganda and by training up radicalised Christians to infiltrate government and positions of power, they’ve stitched the whole country up well and good.
      Otherwise good people now totally willing to dob-in neighbours, friends and family members and have them arrested and incarcerated for being gay, Christian fascism.
      There will always be evil & wicked people in the world but it takes corrupt religion to manipulate otherwise good people into doing evil and wicked things … in the name of God of course.

  • Rumbelow

    That was quick, it was only back on January 28th when Museveni was refusing to sign the anti-gay bill until he had proof gays were “made and not born that way like albino’s” Before the changeover when I was still Pavlos I wrote:

    “It shouldn’t take the Family Research Council long to commission Marc Regnerus to come up with some junk science study showing gay people are made, considering the low standards of proof these dangerously homophobic evangelical lunatics are happy to accept.
    I doubt there is any one way that makes people straight or gay or bisexual, I imagine for every individual there is a multitude of unique factors that are responsible for each persons make-up and sexuality”

  • David Greensmith

    In 2013 the Queen signed the Commonwealth Charter. Uganda is a member of the Commonwealth. How does that worK?

    • Jones

      Because Britain used to rule Uganda (or the British Protectorate of Uganda) until 1962.

    • Craig NZ

      Well, it is for now, anyway. That can be fixed.

  • Truth

    But … if we’re all made in ‘god’s image ..’ erm … doesn’t that mean that being gay is PERFECTLY normal …? Ah but wait. Are we gay because of the devil ..? Then why doesn’t the ALL powerful god just kill the devil? These were questions I asked as a kid. I’m still trying to get a ‘believer’ to give me an answer. Until they do, I think I’ll just stick to my OWN beliefs; that ‘believers’ are power-crazed, self-delusional loons.

    • Mark Y

      I know you hate ‘believers’. I’m no great fan either. But you go on about it incessantly, like a fundamentalist. I hope you realise that you are falling into their hands by hating them so much – your reaction is what they want. They want you to hate them so they can play the victim card and say we’re as bad as they are, which unfortunately – you probably are – as you hate all ‘believers’ because of the homophobic ‘believers’ as much as they hate you – you stereotype every ‘believer’ when not every ‘believer’ is an idiot, there are some incredibly brilliant and talented people who are ‘believers’ and who do not hate LGBT people. (and btw, there are some really stupid gay people too, and atheists – power crazed, and loons)

      I reckon if you had the power the ‘believers’ have at the moment – you’d be a power crazed loon who would try to kill them all. Peace is about co-existence, and I can assure you, in your lifetime, you’ll never see a day when the ‘non-believers’ have the power of the majority, so why not live your life with a little more understanding and try to reconcile some kind of relationship with those who hate you, without demonising and sterotyping a whole group.

      Basically, you’re as bad as they are.

      • Truth

        “There are some incredibly brilliant and talented people who are ‘believers’ and who do not hate LGBT people. (and btw, there are some really stupid gay people too, and atheists – power crazed, and loons)”
        Thanks for the lecture and personal insults. I do not hate anyone. By definition, ‘belief’ is based on ‘faith’ …. or, as I prefer to call it, self-delusion. It’s my mission to ridicule ‘belief’ in the same way in which ‘believers’ have, for centuries, tried to alienate me and my fellow homosexuals simply for being who we are. It’s only because of people answering back that belief is now increasingly regarded as the preserve of weird cranks. Almost totally empty churches would seem to confirm this. And, contrary to your suggestion, there are no degrees of ‘belief’. You either do – or don’t. Thd bible is either a rule book or it isn’t. I’m sorry if my mission offends but Im not going to stop trying to make others see what I ‘believe’ is a childish and destructive force for evil. ‘Belief’ has been responsible for more death and misery than any other source. I would suggest you simply skip to the next contributor if you see my name. That way I can get on with my mission and you can get on with defending delusional hate-mongers.

        • Mark Y

          Like I said, you’re a fundamentalist – everything is black or white. Thankfully you’re not a ‘believer’ because if you were, you’d be scary. And thankfully, you have no power, because if you did, you’d be scary.

          You get on with your ‘mission’ to convert the masses from a mono god to an atheist non-god. I’ll get on with respecting those who respect me, regardless of their faith. But please don’t say I am doing something I am not……

          I am not defending hate-mongerers (which you are one of when you continue to sow seeds of hate for all ‘believers’). I am pointing out that stereotyping everyone who is a ‘believer’ as a loon or delusional or hateful is ridiculous and fundamental. I’ll say it again, there are some incredible people who have faith who are brilliant wonderful people and who do not hate or judge you. Unfortunately you judge them with the same brush as the crazy hateful religious people.

          Stereotyping like you do is at the centre of all fundamentalists.

  • Mark Y

    I think this might be the trusted Ugandan doctor who supplied the scientific study…..

  • Lord Haw Haw

    Why does anyone listen to what the black men have to say. Just squeeze their aid if they get out of line. Talking to them is a waste of time.

    • Rumbelow

      Probably in this case because they are parroting the anti-gay poison that the white US fundamentalist’s have been relentlessly feeding them for a couple decades already.
      These dupes don’t seem to be amenable to reason but to egregious and insincere praise and the promise that God loves them for terrorising gay people.
      When their “scientists” invent their own “facts” to cover the black arse of their President while embarking on a pogrom of gay people then they really do seem to be a lost cause.

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Oh come on. Give the African black some credit! They’ve come up with their disgraceful attitude to LGBT all by themselves.

    • Réal Fortin
      • Lord Haw Haw

        I see, my French sounding friend. You don’t like the message, so must be from a troll.

        • Nike

          And you sound like a racist

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Try realist. Used to think the best of all. We all did in the 1970s. Then we were informed better of what really was going on. Live in a cocoon if you must, I prefer to know the truth.

  • skep

    “We need to … contain the present explosion of overt and coercive homosexual activity with the exploitation of our young children.”

    This last sentence of the “scientific report” is not referenced to any evidence or scientific research findings but appears to be the main rationale for the report. The “scientists” appear not to have considered at all the health implications of the current punitive Ugandan laws on consenting, adult same-sex relations let alone the further criminalisation now of anyone who fails to report LGB people to the authorities, which one would assume would include health professionals.

    Truly shocking…

  • Billie Marie

    While this is all distressing, don’t let the actions of ignorant backward savages in Africa take away from the gains experienced in a truly civilized world. Seriously, who cares about Uganda?? Best you can do now is to fight that not a dime of American money flows into Uganda.

  • Jones

    Partly we British are to blame for some of the attitudes which reside in African countries today, as we used to rule them and set down their laws – which included criminalisation of homosexuality. So it must be us that makes the change and we need to do it sooner rather than later.

  • Garry

    It’s not that “scientific study” that said homosexuality is unnatural BECAUSE MAGNETS, is it?

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