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The Mail and a Tory MP blame gay pride and Stonewall mugs for poor flood preparations

  • Jones

    Daily Mail. That explains it then.

  • Ben

    Ian Liddell-Grainger is still fiddling his expenses.

  • David Greensmith

    The £30k could have bought 250 sandbags? Firstly – that’s £120 per sand bag. Where are they getting the sand for these – from the Moon? Second, there is an implication in the statement that had the £30k not been spent on equality materials, it would have been spent on sandbags. How about the amount of money spent on the failed initiative to slaughter badgers? Of the money spent on portraits. Or MPs taxi fares? The list is endless in what money “could” have been spent on sandbags – or spent on anything else you want to pick at random such as hospitals, or schools, or potholes in my road. Third – an additional 250 sandbags would have prevented the flooding? I am somewhat sceptical. The Mail, of course, is no stranger to making bizarre arguments that seem ridiculous to anyone applying a smidgen of thought. But their readership laps it up and is always happy to believe anything that rails against the lefty, gay Mafioso, feminist, anti-religious hordes who are hell bent on destroying everything that makes England, sorry Britain, great. The only surprise about this is that the Mail didn’t find some way of blaming Eastern European and African immigrants and single mothers.

    • Truth

      When has The Fail ever let the facts get in the way of a good homophobic story? It is a VILE rag … not even good enough for cutting into squares and using to wipe your a*se.

    • Tom

      The article clearly states: ” the Environment Agency spent £639 on Stonewall mugs. The mugs to promote gay equality cost the same as 250 sandbags.” I agree with your other points regarding the ‘could have’ argument.

      • David Greensmith

        Ah – I see now. Not clearly enough to someone who wants to read what they want to read, eh? Hoisted on my own petard. I was all set to start up my own business selling sandbags to the government. :-)

        • Benjamin Cohen


        • Julian Thurbin

          If you can get £250 per bag then I will invest in your company. The government would probably pay that amount for them though, that is the point. Maybe you should stamp the bags with the slogan “SOME PEOPLE GET WET….GET OVER IT” and His Lordship Smith is bound to snap them up

    • speedgeek

      Anyone know how much they spend on tea & biscuits, not to mention “entertaining” visiting dignitaries and clients?

  • daveG

    A few hundred years ago these idiots would have blamed it on witchcraft and made sure some innocent women were murdered in public. The Mail is a national disgrace, always looking for a homophobic story, and the bonkers rightwinger Liddell Grainger is doing nothing to promote sympathy for his flood-afflicted constituents. If they are stupid enough to elect someone like that…

    • speedgeek

      Think he is a bit concerned that he will be out of a job next May, and thinks lashing out will impress his constituents, and show he is “working for them”

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    We’d save far more money if we stopped paying mugs like Liddlle-Grainger.

  • Truth

    The Fail just cannot help itself, can it? Hahah. Whenever there’s an opportunity to be homophobic, The Fail grasps at it. Amazing to compare how similar is it’s disgusting outlook on us to that of Putin. It’ll be heaping praise on him next …. just like it did on that nice Mr. Hitler ….

    • speedgeek

      The exact word they used to describe Adolph was “charming”!

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    I’m glad that so many nice and wonderful LGBTQ persons live in The UK. So they can refuse nonsense and attack idiots like this. Thank you, brothers and sisters !

  • Evan

    New Year Fireworks. ‘Nuff said.

  • Hannah Buchanan

    I say this without being partisan. I think Ian Liddell-Grainger should be going. I’d say that for any Labour MP who said the same, or Lib Dem. P45 David Cameron?

  • Mark Y

    Whereas spending £11.3 billion ( 10,833,333 sandbags) on international aid and £46.5 billion (387,500,000 sandbags) on the military is money well spent. Not to mention MP’s expenses.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    It’s disgraceful that anyone is making capital out of this wretched time. It’s just not on!

  • Paul

    The article is questioning spending priorities, and they do have a point.

    • Peter

      Yep, while the daily mail is a vile rag and the article is bigoted and homophobic it is not acceptable for a quango like this to be spending public money on gay pride mugs and t-shirts.

  • jazatw

    I realise this isn’t going to make me any friends here, but why is a publicly-funded body (EA) giving your and my money to support Gay Pride? This isn’t what our taxes should be spent on.

  • JD

    Flood defenses were lacking because this damn awful and incompetent government – cut budgets for enviromental defenses – So the Fascist Mail and Over paid Tories Blame US??

    Time to Vote these Arseholes out! and Campaign to have the Daily Male (mispelling intended) shut down….

  • Ray

    Hmm. Banks ‘bailed out from ‘drowning’ (us all) in 2007/8= £107billion) Bankers bonuses SINCE the bail-out £80 billion… £22 billion lost due to cuts in Customs activities and staff. and min £40 billion lost to tax dodges or ‘legals’ tax havens’ (£21 Tillion worldwide stashed & stagnating with their ‘dragon smaug’ stashers in these) Meanwhile for everyone else… Wages stagnated, jobs lost or renegociated to lower pay & conditions, benefits slashed (40% below Euro averages) people now flooded etc out due to dithering & denial by climate change deniers … and all by ‘cutter/wreckit’ Bullers… Just who are the real ‘mugs’ then???

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    To us Liddell-Grainger looks a fool, a petulant child, a silly juvenile. But to most readers of the Mail, he’ll seem like a politician talking very good sense.

    That someone in a position of responsibility should stoop so low as to use the pain people are feeling as a result of the floods in order to have a go at homosexual citizens is simply pathetic and appalling.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Seems like the UKIP disease is catching.

  • GulliverUK

    Half the Tory MPs are vicious scum who odious stench degrades human dignity by their presence in parliament. I mean, f**k, is this the best we can get ????!! We’ve got those on low incomes and benefits being crushed by never ending poverty and under attack by these Tory toffs for daring to exist. Bring on 2015, I want them out. OUT, Out, out. Now, let’s just turn to religious, I want them OUT as well. In the US it costs them $71,000,000,000 per year in tax exemptions for religious organisations. How much is it in the UK? Nobody appears to know. Why should my taxes being used to fund organisations that are constantly trying to damage my self-esteem and take away my fundamental and civil rights? If you want to look for savings, it’s pointless looking at the hundreds, or few tens of thousands, but to look at why we continue to provide any tax except status for churches and other religious groups. That could save …. who knows? Hundreds of millions? Billions?

    As for proper use of public money, have we forgotten the scandal of pigs [MPs] with their snouts in the trough? No, we have not. There are so many MPs who should have been culled by the expenses scandal but somehow got off, and we hear they are still trying it on, and think they are worth a very large pay increase. MPs are already overpaid for what they do, I am particularly sick of Tory MPs, they make me puke.

    • speedgeek

      If Dave were sincere about the Big Society, tax exemption would apply to clubs run by volunteers, e.g. social (formerly Working Mens) clubs, not to cash-rich, land-owning religious institutions

  • GulliverUK

    Also, PN, can we please have accurate pictures. The one you have must have been taken 10 years ago, he looks much older now.

    You didn’t mention he has a long-running dispute with the Environment Agency, going back years. He claims about £150,000 pa in expenses and for his office costs. He employs his wife as a parliamentary assistant, and has two of his children also listed on his staff. Clearly doesn’t know what the word “nepotism” means.

    • Benjamin Cohen

      The photo is to mock his food consumption. He is holding a piece of meat

      • speedgeek

        I read yesterday that the design on an ancient Greek urn (of a man offering a youth a leg of mutton) was the symbolic depiction of a man bidding for the “favours” of a youth. Wonder what the public school educated bigot would make of that association?

  • cw

    The Environment Agency also supports a christian fellowship network. Why didn’t the DM focus on that?

  • Jock S.Trap

    Just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower….

    What idiots… no surprises though.

  • Truth

    An angel came to me in a dream and told me that god had brought about the flooding because so many people voted Tory at the last election.
    Sorry – I have to go now. The authorities are here brandishing a straight-jacket.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Sitting here in Canada with the nation of religikooks on my southern border, I start assuming that in places like Britain and Europe, people have progressed socially beyond what I’m used to here in North America.
    Another myth shattered…

    • Ivan

      Unfortunately, these fools are everywhere, even here. Or have you been missing Mayor Ford’s latest anti-LGBT statements?

    • Ra

      The UK still has a royal family living of the state and queen who is also the head of an inane religious institution, this is not a sign of any major progress. I am in the UK and an unfortunate witness to this state of dysfunctional misfits, social inept and mindless chavs. The UK is a mess.

      • speedgeek

        I disagree. The mindless religious bigots who refuse to serve, or provide accommodation to, gay folk will find themselves in court under the Equality Act 2010. That the ConDems have not “promised” to repeal this legislation shows that they believe the majority of British people support equality.
        The Act has been tested in the Supreme Court, which ruled in favour of a gay couple.

  • Dave Morris

    The reason there are massive floods everywhere is because this and previous governments have failed to mantain the outdated victorian drainage systems in this country. I cannot remember the last time I saw a Gulley cleaning lorry at work in this country. When I was a kid we saw them everyday, cleaning all the debris out of the roadside drains etc, I think that local councils did away with them many years ago as a needless expense, well now we are paying for it. They need to repair the drainage system and divert the water properly it cannot be that hard to do for goodness sake!

    • speedgeek

      I never saw a drain clearing unit in my own town (Con. council). When I was driving around the neighbouring (Labour run) town, I saw them all year round. My town had frequent floods in various locations. The next town had none. QED.

  • But exactly what connection does LGBT equality have with the Environment Agency? How can this expenditure be explained in terms of its mandate?

    • speedgeek

      I agree, but the cost is a tiny fraction of the total budget. More is spent on tea & biscuits than on the mugs. Sponsorship of Birmingham Pride is “justified” as PR. Though why PR is required by a vital Government agency baffles me.

  • Steve_R

    View this current flood situation any way you wish… “Every one” from politicians, the public and media, every on is looking for some one to blame.

    Any government of recent decades, not just the current government, is accountable in some way for the failed infrastructure. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” doesn’t justify the lack of investment in preventative maintenance, or in new and preventative measures.

    One could also argue the government has been negligent and irresponsible for not having a “Crystal Ball” for if they had, surely they would have foreseen (not) the unnatural, unpredictable and unpreventable winds, rain and unprecedented and relentless duration.Not to mention the distress and desperation of the millions of people affected.

    Floods, Tsunami’s, and other natural disasters happen without warning. “Maybe” The Wail should be held accountable for this, after all they as a “Socially responsible media outlet” had a duty to forewarn people this would happen. they didn’t and are “instead” (jest) looking for revenue by trying to incite public outrage by blaming the Tories and the Gays.

  • misfit44

    it beyond the realms of fantasy that when the first gay marriages
    are celebrated on March 29th of this year that we as a nation
    could be asked to show solidarity with the LGBTs by organising gay
    Pride Regattas down the whole length of the Thames with the rainbow
    flag flying from every mast head, flag pole, steeple and building?

  • misfit44

    Archbishop Canterbury, Justin Welby, could lead the water born Gay
    parade, arm in arm with Ben Summerskill, by announcing that there
    will be even more rejoicing in Heaven over one homophobe who repents
    of his homophobia than ninety nine just persons who think that they
    have no need to repent of being a narrow- minded homophobic bigot.

    Stonewall, Terrance Higgins Trust and gay rights champions like Peter
    Tatchell, not forgetting our old friend, Sir Ian McKellen, founder
    member of Stonewall, lover of children, ripper- upper of Bibles
    and reciter of the obscene and blasphemous poem, ‘The Love that Dares
    to Speak its Name’ would all be there, collecting even more money
    (from those clinging to trees and watching from the roofs of their
    flooded houses) in aid of HIV victims, like homosexual Lord Chris
    Smith, chair of the Environment Agency and the Advertising Standards
    Agency, with a chorus of “We’re here. We’re Queer. Get Over it!”

  • misfit44

    since it is you and me my dears who would be paying, Mr Cameron will
    put no limit put on the amount of money to stage this and further
    spectacles, likely to hit this island nation, this precious stone set
    in the silver sea.

    as the LGBTs say, “ It only gets better.” Gay Muslims, like Lord
    Waheed Alli, whose partner, Charlie Parson, owns the gay dating site,
    Gaydar, where you can get ‘bare- backing’ and a take- away menu of
    ‘water sports,’ will now be able replace the crescent on top of
    his Mosque with a pink one, the upturned rainbow. and Pav Akhtar
    will be able introduce a typically Islamic flavour into gay marriage
    by recruiting children, identified as gay and transgender from a very
    early age, into arranged gay marriages.

  • misfit44

    there is so much more to do. Our Home Secretary, Teresa May said at a
    Stonewall conference,“ I said at the start of my speech that as a
    nation we have come a long way, and we have…….We are committed to
    taking action to tear down these barriers ……” Yes
    Teresa, barriers or laws written since the Magna Carta, protecting
    our nation from returning to barbarism, but which you are working
    night and day to dismantle, resulting in a flood of moral filth on
    our nation.

  • Sheelagh Stewart

    This assumes that tere were no gay people affected in the floods…

    • Of course we’re immune to floods, we can walk on water. Unfortunately, we still need sandbags to protect the house. But, ever since I moved from my house to my computer’s iCloud, I sold the house. The view is great, but squeezing through those wires is a bit tight; the morning broadband commute is becoming quite crowded with all of the users.

      This isn’t any more absurd than the conclusions of most science-ignorant politicians.

      “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.” ~ Maurice Switzer ~ [not Lincoln or Twain ref: QI]

  • Colin

    These guys really are mugs!

  • Julian Thurbin

    Another twisted article by you Pinkalists, come one, boys and girls, you can do better than that, your reporting is usually a bit better quality than this.

    The Mail stated that since Chris Smith became the leader of EA all of a sudden huge swathes of public money have been spent on things that just by strange coincidence Chris Smith campaigns for / supports.

    Let us think here for a minute: in an age where the government in all its fangled and web like agencies and departments has overspent by £1.5 trillion, (and is still overspending by £100 billion every year, under so-called austerity) is it really so evil to ask why an agency which is supposed to be managing and protecting the environment is spending on Gay Pride marches and the arts? Let’s remember it was Chris Smith who started going on about “cuts” and how he has no money, the Mail is asking – in it’s usual Victor Meldrew way, but that is the way it writes – whether a taxpayer funded organisation should be spending money on Chris Smith’s pet projects when is supposedly so hard up it cannot, according to Smith, spend money on it’s most basic duties. is this really so bad a thing to ask?

    The gay lobby risks becoming so intolerant of anything anyone says about gay issues it will become the totalitarian body it is supposed to be fighting. Why are people too scared to question anything the gay lobby says in case they are branded “bigots”? Whatever happened to free speech and accounting for public money – it’s our money at the end of the day, if any one of us decided not to pay our taxes we would be locked up in jail, so why can we not question the motives and competence of people who are supposed to be working for us?

    This is what happens when you stuff public bodies full of ex Labour politicians, who see these quangos as a tool to extend their own personal political agendas with public money. It is shameful.

    The laughable spectacle of left wing journalists on TV on Sunday trying to squash the story by saying that £30,000 buys 250 sandbags, only left wingers could think that reasonable – the article pointed to the teacups costing £600. The same economic which put us £1.5 trillion in debt thinks £30,000 on 250 sandbags is good value for money.

  • John

    Ridiculous. “There might be a natural disaster in the future, let’s not spend money on things the Daily Mail doesn’t like”

  • Mike Dalgarno

    As I have said previously elsewhere, this is such an idiotic article. They’ve made a mountain out of a molehill to create evidence towards their bigotry.

    It could be argued that millions of pounds was wasted by the political parties in policing party conferences. Instead, the parties should be expected to pay for policing themselves (like prides and other events do) and this money could be invested into other areas…such as the Environment Agency.

  • misfit44

    It costs the Environment Agency £2500 per annum to
    be registered on Stonewall’s top 100 employers’ work equality index. It has been
    named top Welsh employer for the fifth year running. Does that mean that it has
    spent £12500 of tax payers money. But perhaps gays are a part of the environment
    under threat from extinction?

    • speedgeek

      I imagine that equates to the monthly budget for soap and loo rolls……

      • misfit44

        The monthly budget for soap and loo rolls for whom? Certainly not for the poor blighters stuck in the floods. The total amount paid out to promote the gay agenda by Chris Smith who is already having his HIV paid for by the tax payer, including those in the floods , is probably the tip of an iceberg, to use a bad pun. It would not matter if it was tuppence ha’ penny paid by the EA, it was a misuse of funds and he should go.

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