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Lesbian Olympic snowboarder Belle Brockhoff targeted with onslaught of anti-gay hate tweets

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    That is how a strong and personal young lady should react ! When LGBTQ-persons in Russia read this, they feel much better and stronger. I know !

  • Truth

    Well, as the old saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a homophobic closet case”.

  • Christopher in Canada

    I wonder that in some ways we weren’t better off before all this social networking started (he thought as he typed into a comment forum). Were we happier in the world of 8 Tracks, LP’s and corded telephones? All this information at our fingertips still hasn’t stopped a Creation Museum from being built in Kentucky…

    • Cal

      I snapped these pics during a visit to the Kentucky Creation Museum in Dec. Adam is caring for creatures (including a penguin) in the Garden Of Eden. A dinosaur was grazing nearby. Hilarious and scary.

  • rapture

    youtube, twitter, facebook are all awash with vile, evil homophobia, When will social networks take responsibility ?

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    It’s funny how all these social apps make many people turn into vicious little idiots. I use Twitter & Facebook but I don’t start sending abuse to people for no reason. I often wonder if these online bullies would say what they do online to people in the flesh. I somehow think that their “bravado” would be nonexistent if they were to meet this woman in real life.

    It’s rather pathetic that, having actually reported someone for continuous homophobic posts, twitter said they were not breaking rules. They were not posts directed at me, just gay people in general. Mentioning being deviant, sick, mental, not wanting any gay people in their establishment, rights to refuse due to sexuality, the persecution of Christians etc. Now that person wasn’t contacted or told to tone it down BUT I bet if it was racism, it would be a different story. Mainly because I have seen several accounts get suspended for exactly that!

    It’s just sad that people feel that they have some sort of “right” to send abuse to people

    • It’s funny to me that people who gang up to attack people like this remarkable young woman will never achieve even 10% of what she has already achieved. Perhaps that’s what this is all about? They’re massively insecure, incapable, ineffectual – most of these people are probably fat, sweaty twenty-something virgins, fapping over pictures of their cousin and living with their mother.

      They are sad little creatures, maybe we should pity them more than feel angry at them.

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        I was thinking the same. They are so quick to attack but the reality is that they will most likely NEVER achieve anything as great as this woman. It’d definitely some sort of projection. I agree, we should pity them

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