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‘Shocking’ homophobic children’s birthday response was completely made up

  • Kenneth White Jnr

    After the whole lesbian former Marine waitress
    fiasco this is why I did not cover the story until now, waiting for the
    baby to get thrown out with the bathwater, sadly. Thank you for finding
    the truth and maybe now we can learn to not react with outrage until
    all the details are conclusively verified.

    • Jay

      But if we did learn not to react with immediate and disproportionate outrage… these forums would be a hell of a lot quieter. Pearl clutching has, unfortunately, become our new favourite gay passtime.

      • Cal

        I think anyone reading this story would have been outraged. I found it easier to believe it was true than a hoax. There are plenty of similar situations that are genuine. Pearl clutching?. Perhaps it’s all water off a duck’s back to you.

  • Rumbelow

    Major fail, stop doing this sort of thing, it just doesn’t work and it’s so embarrassing and counter-productive.
    It’s not as if there aren’t real incidences of this type of thing but by faking it, as you have, you are just crying wolf and diminishing the victims of genuine homophobia.

    • Dame PansyB*stard™

      It gives the haters ammo, and makes the rest of us look stupid. And what happens the next time something REAL happens? We’re going to be skeptical, and it could be something more serious than comments on a party invitation. SHAME ON THEM!

      • Pseudo Hipster

        “It gives the haters ammo, and makes the rest of us look stupid.”

        Fake radio hoax=pass to hate on the gays? Man homophobia has raised the bar on stupidity hasn’t it?

  • Jones

    Well I’m glad it wasn’t real but whatever this was trying to achieve, it was not the right way to go about it.

    • It was intended to get them publicity and attention, so in a way it worked. Of course, the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity is false. This is something they are probably learning about right now.

  • frances

    Shame on you. You don’t solve problems by creating more problems. Itseems you have nothing better to do than gossip around and destroying what LGBT is fighting so hard against.
    I feel sorry for your daughter, for she has two conniving parents.

    • Mikey

      Read the article.
      There are no “conniving parents”.
      This was a hoax put on by the hosts of a radio station. There is no gay couple, there is no daughter.

  • Read

    it seems rather a lot of these “heart-warming” or “shocking” letters from kids that go viral are made-up.

    Maybe try checking them next time, eh?


    • Benjamin Cohen


    • Don’t Read Fagburn

      Or maybe try criticising other gay people like fagburn does. Why bother taking the risk of highlighting homophobia, when you can just snigger at “pearl clutchers” and snipe at whatever Peter Tatchell’s up to?

  • Steve_R

    Any radio station which participates in “Hoaxes” should without opportunity of appeal instantly be fined and loss of license.

    At a time when society has little good news around the world, perpetrators of pranks and hoaxes what have the potential to incite peoples “intolerant hate or reactionary defenses” this kind of conduct is unacceptable!

    Over the years we have seen the BBC DJ”s believe embarrassing people was supposed to be funny. Last year we heard what happened when the Australian radio station pulled the Queen and Prince Charles prank, An innocent nurse humiliated by the prank took her own life. Later we heard of the waitress who “allegedly claimed she was denied a tip because of her life style” and now this prank which inflamed the reactions of support or vitriolic dialogue toward the LGBT.

    These people should not only be fired, blacklisted and not allowed to work in media again. A simple fine, suspension or slap on the wrist is insufficient and clearly not any deterrent.

    • Pseudo Hipster

      “Any radio station which participates in “Hoaxes” should without opportunity of appeal instantly be fined and loss of license.”

      Put all radio DJ’s on a tight leash because of 2 jackasses… if radio hasn’t become bland enough……

      • The fact is people are increasing rejecting this kind of nonsense, no legal changes really need to be made because in most cases the people will vote and take action themselves.

        A TV channel, radio station, paper or magazine only exists because people participate, when people stop participating the business collapses. This is what we’ll see happen over the coming couple of decades as social attitudes change.

        It’s really quite simple; provide what the people want or become obsolete. The same applies to political parties (Republican), religious institutions (Christianity) or businesses.

        • Pseudo Hipster

          “A TV channel, radio station, paper or magazine only exists because people participate,”

          I’m totally jelly of your DAB. I’ll just leave it and that and I’m not defending the personalities for what they did. I just don’t think a station should instantly lose its licenses.

          • Steve_R

            “A TV channel, radio station, paper or magazine only exists because people participate,”

            Very true, how ever they also have predetermined conditions to operate in a professional and ethical manner, once they violate that “Code of Conduct” and if they knowingly violate that Code of Conduct they deserve (as other stations have) they deserve to lose or have that license resided.

            If you use the argument of “blandness” and “public participation” you would be by your argument be able to justify… mm! school yard bullying, religious homophobia, racism, lynch mobs, anti propaganda, public hangings in places like Iran, etc.

            Once radio/stations or broadcasters descend to selfless degenerate behavior to encourage “public participation” they no longer serve the best interest of the public, their existence can no longer be justified.

      • James Lovelace

        If the the BNP had made up this story, the “gay community” would be demanding that whoever did it be imprisoned for “hate crime”.

        These fraudsters would probably find a welcome home in the Labour Party.

        Some people think that they are beyond the law and morality.

  • Ray

    The homo-lobby are masters of falsehood and propaganda .

    • Rehan

      Tell us, Ray, o omniscient one – from your viewpoint in the truthful hetero-foyer, is it Steve or Leeana who is in the homo-lobby? Or both?

  • Pseudo Hipster

    Can somebody explain to me why a soft rock radio station has to be the bringer of dialogue like this to begin with?

    • Because they employ “personalities” so desperate for attention they resort to notoriety. Radio is a failing business, so just like every failing industry those within it resort to desperate measures to get attention. Look at Newspaper media, the tabloid trash resort to stalking, mass invasion of privacy, huge corruption and daily criminality for nothing more than a headline and some sales.

      The magazine business is the same, printing things they know will cause outrage or doing things that they know will get them headlines in other press, all in the hope that it will stave off the collapse of their business for another month.

      These businesses will eventually fail as the alternatives increase, and as social attitudes change. People are gradually rejecting this kind of tabloid activity, I think within the next 20 years or so most of the trashy papers, radio stations and magazines will probably be gone.

      • Pseudo Hipster

        “Radio is a failing business,”

        Again I don’t get why 2 idiots who didn’t think things through means an entire industry is dying? Changing? Sure but not dying.

        Also I’m jelly of your DABs. I wish we had that in the states.


          Even without factual data to back it up, it’s completely logical that the next generation wouldn’t need radio in the same way I did growing up.

          YouTube playlists, iTunes, and personal players are more frequently used by the youth to enjoy the music they actually want to listen to. In my day we had to switch off or endure something we didn’t like, we had to endure advertisements every few minutes, droning personalities talking about things we have little interest in. These days all of that is gone by using another delivery method.

          As for discussion radio, this is being replaced by social media. Why listen to someone banging on about their opinions on the radio when you can actually seek out discussions you are actually interested in and participate yourself?

          So, it’s logical that evolution in media is creating a decline in radio, just as CD ended the Tape, just as DVD’s ended the VCR, just as internet TV and on-demand services are creating a decline right now in TV viewing figures.

          In the 90’s, a show like Rosanne could get 14 million viewers. Today that’s diluted between TV viewing, national on demand services and global internet streaming.

          If the studios and stations had actually thought about the survival and evolution of their entire industry rather than their own greed and maintaining the status-quot against the tide of change, we would already be seeing massive profits for them by implementing global broadcasting simultaneously through a single site encompassing following and social media, backed by global advertisers.

          Radio is dying out, and it’s logical that it would.

          • Pseudo Hipster

            Terrestrial radio is only irrelevant when wireless internet is available to all and 100% widespread. Then it goes streaming.

            Plus I love the argument that commercials suck where there are non commercial stations. Plus I repeat your lucky with DAB. Non commercial rock station? I want D:

          • The fact is the next generation are really not listening to radio in the same numbers we did when I was a teenager. I’m not saying radio is irrelevant, I’m saying that it’s subject to social and media evolution just as everything else is.

            Non-commercial stations are paid for by someone. We have the BBC in the UK, but even they have been forced to admit that radio audiences are in decline, and they have closed down more than one station in the last ten years. They’ve done the same with TV channels.

            The people who pay in this case are the license payers. It’s irresponsible to keep an aspect of the BBC going, costing money, when the people benefiting from it decline in number to a point where it’s no longer sustainable.

            Media relies on an audience existing. When the audience is not getting what they want they find it elsewhere. This is evolution of media and it’s happening all the time. If it didn’t happen, we would all still be drawing pictures on cave walls.

  • Ian G Morton

    Oh sh*t. I was totally taken in by this story and I admit I got really pi**ed off by peoples reactions. Mainly because with very little details people made wild assumptions and there was a vile out pouring of hatered on both sides. I did get on my moral high horse with the LGTBI community and how many took a sanctimonious stance on gay parenting, wake up gay parents can be bad parents too. I even got called homophobic when I posed questions about “gay lifestyle” I know sexuality is not a choice but generally how you choose to live as an LGTBI person is a lifesyle choice. I think it was the immature reaction from the LGTBI world that really sadden and dissapointed me, so much for a structured debate on equality.

  • Although I did comment on others comments on that piece, I did believe that this was a hoax. I have reached a time in my life where I actively seek out things mentioned on Facebook and comment to out them as being nonsense. Surprisingly, people soon stop clicking “Share” on absolute rubbish quite quickly once you embarrass them with a link proving it’s all a lie.

    I think this is a social media problem these days, things go viral without anyone sharing actually considering that it MIGHT NOT BE TRUE.

    There have been some truly horrible examples of this, with peoples names and photos being associated to some really despicable things, which are then shared and repeated by complete fuc*tards on Facebook without considering the truth of the claims or the damage done to those people.

    How many here have immediately clicked like and share on something without ever considering whether it’s true?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Making up stories such as this is just another way to foment homophobia. I deplore whoever did this. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Clearly sick people.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    Nobody smelt a rat ? Phone number for all to see ? You people must be very young on this site.

    • MJ

      They quickly believe what they WANT to believe. They’re losing all their critical skills in the UK. (Too much Dappy-adoration).

  • MJ

    I knew it was a fake when the alleged gay dads stated the party was being held at Studio 54.

  • Mitch

    Here in the UK I have stopped listening to the radio altogether. I’m a trained radio presenter but I have never worked in the industry because I saw it heading downhill and wanted no part of it. A radio prank in this country caused an innocent woman to take her own life because she thought she’d made a serious mistake when she hadn’t and the prank was seen as “entertainment”. I don’t find this sort of thing funny at all and I would be ashamed to be a part of the radio industry.

  • Char

    What idiots! Why ‘joke’ about something like that. As a gay parent it was fairly upsetting actually.

  • James Lovelace

    Depressingly, I saw many comments supporting the supposed “homophobic” mother. Now that this story has come out as being a fraud, those people will feel even more justified in their homophobia. And people who tried to defend the “gay dads” will be less ready to do so in future.

    These radio presenters should be prosecuted for hate crime. They have actually increased homophobia, not reduced it.

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