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Photos: Soggy Valentines Day ‘Homophobes United’ protest outside the Russian Embassy in London

  • Arawra

    Its sad because people don’t realize a big propaganda tool used in Russia, in that they don’t differentiate between gay people and pedophiles. There is no strong notion to separate the two different categories.

    • Rumbelow

      My Father was abused over a couple of years as a child by a male guest who stayed at his Father’s boarding house, so in his teens he joined a gang who used to go out to seek out and beat up gay men as some kind of retribution.

      Sadly Pop was deeply troubled throughout his life by the abuse he’d experienced and was always very homophobic, he never was able to distinguish between gays and paedophile’s despite my efforts to inform him.

      The gagging laws on information about homosexuality in Russia means that the mistaken notion that paedophiles and gays are the same cannot be addressed and corrected through education of any sort, this seems to be a deliberate ploy by those who are targeting and vilifying gays as a convenient scapegoat to distract attention from government corruption and their failures to run the economy.

  • Rumbelow

    Time for homophobic PUTIN to be PUT-OUT

  • Lord Haw Haw

    Dressing up to look like oddballs only reinforces the idea that LGBT are somehow freaks.

    • Rumbelow

      Says you flaunting your 19th Century style toffs avatar from your council estate flat. Who’s dressing up like oddballs anyway?
      Have you seen Putin’s freakish array of topless and uniform getups in his photo shoots?

      • Lord Haw Haw

        You don’t see it do you. It’s an embassy isn’t it ? A bit of dignity would have gone a long way, As it was, a complete waste of time, and just yet another Tatchell showing – as if he doesn’t have enough of those.

        • Rumbelow

          An embassy for a corrupt regime, where’s the dignity there?
          There are some ladies in floral head gear not entirely dissimilar to the ones Mexican artist Frida Kahlo wore or even the hats actress Avril Angers and many ordinary ladies wore in the 1960’s, there is a gorgeous pink punkish lady and her friend wearing make-up and an ad-hoc Russian soldiers uniform, obviously very deliberate and carefully thought out.
          Maybe if they all acted as if they had sticks up their asses, top hats , silk scarves , gators and carried silver topped canes they would have passed muster for you.
          When you protest you want to draw people’s attention or be ignored and these people know exactly what they are doing because they obviously aroused you.
          Have a cigar.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            The lad (?) in the peaked cap. Talk about unacceptable stereotype. Well, things have certainly moved on from my time if that’s how it’s done today.

          • Rumbelow

            When was your time …1880?

  • Rhisify

    how do people hear about these events/protests?

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