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Ellen Page’s incredible coming out speech: I am gay and I am tired of lying by omission

  • Ty

    A superb example of the strength of the human spirit.

    • Eddy

      Yes, indeed. And I think that person gave possibly the most authentic or honest speech I have ever seen or heard.

  • Glenn

    Good on her!

  • REALrenovato

    Wow this is the best comming out speech I’ve heard. The video had me with tears running down my face as to the emotion and the authentic views expressed. Well done, welcome to the out club.

  • Ivan

    Good for you Ellen – in the words of Motormouth Maybelle: “… brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin’ at you from a never ending parade of stupid.”

  • Richard

    I thought the article was referring to Elaine Paige. I feel disappointed.

  • Jerry

    It is a long time since a speak made this cynical guy cry but cry I did. Thank you.

    • Jerry

      speach not speak!!!

  • Pinkie

    Congratulations, Ellen, and thank you. May love brighten your life and bring you all the happiness you deserve. I hope all gay people derive comfort from your words.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    LOVE and HUMANITY ! Support for young people, and for old persons like me, who feel younger when listening to this darling-

  • Jan Bridget

    Excellent speech and, by the look of it, excellent conference. Here is another speech by the CEO of the Trevor Project: What I want to know is when are we going to have the equivalent of a Trevor Project in the UK? When are we going to have a dynamic conference like Time to Change in the UK? When are we all going to come together to work for the benefit of young LGBTQ people?

  • Lord Haw Haw

    Call me cynical, but I thought this was that girl on Radio 2 trying to boost her audience figures. Some people will do anything for that.

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