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Video: Eastenders’ Sam Strike ‘helped people to come out’ through character revealing he is gay

  • Steve_R

    For the most part I have to say Eastenders though not my favorite show, has always been my show of choice for it’s gay characters. From Colin through Johnny (with one cautious question mark along the way) It’s certainly the only show I will follow only because it has a gay story line. The characters have been for the most part have been a reasonable representation of a cross section of gay people one meets in life. I am grateful for the best part it has avoided pantomime characterization.

    I really like seeing Sam playing the role of Johnny. In a short time he has brought some admirable qualities to he role (aided by some decent writing) so far what’s not to like or admire as a role model to inspire young people who identify with. Even his family dynamic with Danny Dyer as his father is a bonus. It might not be (sadly) representational of all families to come out in, but it certainly has shown a good example for real families to try and follow.

  • Jones

    Hats off to the BBC for the story line and the way that they have presented it. I do not watch Eastenders but have seen the clip of his coming out and it is done brilliantly. It will give confidence to those who feel they are wrong to accept that they are perfectly normal and to be proud of who they are.

    Credit to the BBC, Sam Strike and Danny Dyer for their performances.

  • Colin

    I’m not in the UK currently and have missed this whole story line…..Ahhhhhh. Delighted East Enders has another gay character.

    • Steve_R

      I am a little annoyed with Eastenders right now! For in as much as they have brought in Sam Striker who brilliantly so far has played Johnny, they previously brought back Danny Lucy who for the last recent while is wasted in story lines that are more like after thoughts than plots. So much so he decided to leave the show.

      Now that he’s leaving they are tempting us with the possible interesting connection between these characters, consequently these two brilliant characters with limitless potential to be liked and accepted as a couple will now be like passing ships. Shame on EE for letting this happen!

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