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UK Government’s chief lawyer: I’ve enjoyed being a gay role model who isn’t just another celebrity

  • Rehan

    it is hugely important for people across the Civil Service to see role models, gay people who have achieved senior positions and are not Elton John or Ian McKellen but ordinary people.”

    Absolutely right. Good for him.

  • Steve_R

    The key here is the word “Celebrity” the average every day we’re every where gay, is not represented by Celebrity!! At their best, or worst, they don’t represent or paint the picture of average people who have no fame can identify with or want to aspire to. Whilst it’s true they couldn’t be role models if they weren’t known. I would much rather identify with some one who has understated admirable qualities, one who has accomplished some thing good in society deserving of some accolade.

    There are some wonderful celebrities out there, but there are few who media have not sensationalized or tainted or painted as undesirable role models.

  • Colin

    Great article and I did not know he was gay. A Long happy fruitful retirement Sir. And Thanks.

  • Paul Jenkins

    Great article and congratulations, Paul, on your retirement (from your namesake, fellow ex-Civil Servant who, once or twice, was sent your emails in error!!)

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