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UK: Brighton gay couple to marry one minute after law takes effect

  • Jones

    Congratulations and I wish a happy marriage to them both. It must be amazing to feel that you just the start of something which will be enjoyed by millions of couples, even after you have gone.

  • mandybrigwell

    Massive congratulations to all of them. This is important stuff.

  • RaunchHox

    Oh dear, what a surprise. What is it about these Brighton gays? I give the relationship 6 months before divorce.

  • kenthomes

    Dear Raunch…..go take your pessimistic attitude to the dumpster. We have been waiting our whole lives for equality and we will not allow people like you to rain on it.

    • RaunchHox

      It’s certainly not pessimistic. It remind me of the idiots who queue up all night for a computer game. What sane person get’s married at one minute past twelve? One’s who wants to publicity. The whole thin is a farce. “We did it first, nah nah, pathetic’ Get a life.

      • James Campbell

        I wonder if the same comments were made about the first black Americans who queued for a bus after Rosa Parks’ laid a path for them to follow.

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