Brighton and Hove has announced one of the first gay couples who will be allowed to marry.

According to the Argus, Andrew Wale and Neil Allard were selected by a panel, and will be married at 00:01 on the first day of same-sex marriage, Saturday March 29.

The pair, a dramatist and a guesthouse owner, will marry at the first moment after the law is enacted, in the Music Room of the Brighton Royal Pavilion.

In London, television producer John Coffey and brand stylist Benardo Marti will be the first couple to marry, at also 00:01.

The couples may not be the first in the country, however, as marriages are allowed to start sooner for the terminally ill.

Gay couples in civil partnerships and in overseas territories will have to wait longer to convert them to marriages.

Although gay couples in England and Wales can marry on March 29, couples in Scotland will likely have to wait until the Autumn.