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Scientific research into gay brothers confirms strong genetic link to being a gay man

  • Grant Denkinson

    What about bi men? This research says nothing about bisexuality in men which is widespread.

  • Greg Duncan

    That was the first thing I noticed too Grant. Hopefully it was just a blinkered gay male journalist’s interpretation of the scientific study. If the actual researchers are going in with the idea that men fit into 1 of 2 boxes Then they are doomed to failure.

  • Roku

    Im not sure whether I want there to be a ‘gay gene’ or not. On the one hand it would debunk any idea that its a chosen ‘lifestyle’, but on the other hand I hate to imagine an in utero genetic test that would lead to parents aborting foetuses with the gay genes.

    • gingerlycolors

      I totally agree with you here. The danger is that expectant parents would abort potentially gay babies, even though they would normally totally oppose abortion on religious grounds.
      On the other hand, would pro-choice people (those who believe that abortion laws should be liberalised) approve of abortion on the grounds that a foetus will become a gay person?

      • Pierre Gardin

        You’re confusing abortion with selective abortion. It’s different just like hiring is different from hiring only Whites.

    • floridahank

      These kinds of studies are not worth much. The complexity of human sexuality is so complex that researchers have many more questions than possible answers. A study of 200+ subjects out of millions of individuals is not worth much in the scientific community.

      • Roku

        This is what the study suggests though. That the genetic componant at most would be 40% of determining sexuality. Also involved are in utero hormones & other environmental factors. So yes I agree with you.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    I think this is a promising research project that proves that we are born the way we are and it isn’t a lifestyle choice.

    I think strength of sexuality (best way I could think of putting it) is another research project that is waiting to happen.

    We label each other as gay, straight and bi, but I don’t think that it is that simple. The colour of people skin can vary but we label them into categories (white, black etc), I believe this is the same as sexuality.

    • Mark Mohlenhoff

      There is a scale. It’s called the Kinsey Scale. It rates from completely straight to completely gay.

      • Mike Dalgarno

        I knew some sort of scale existed but couldn’t remember its name.

        No way was I trying to say I was clever person who has come up with scale ;o)

      • chalie

        Equally heterosexual and homosexual

  • Antons Mozalevskis

    Any valid knowledge supported by scientific evidence is a step towards progress. The problem is that the science nowadays is going further so fast that the society with its morals and prejudices doesn’t always get along. But let’s take it as a challenge for activism and further work! :)

  • Rumbelow

    There might be an increased propensity for persons with this particular genetic arrangement to become exclusively gay but it’s unlikely be the only factor determining an exclusively gay orientation. As the article pointed out, for some people other factors like womb environment hormones might come into play more powerfully and because we are each of us different and unique individuals and because human sexual orientation does not consist neatly of the extremes of straight or gay but manifests somewhere along a spectrum for each individual, it won’t be the same cause in every case, so happily it won’t be possible to confidently select out genetically gay foetuses for a some time yet.

  • Phil H

    There’s potential dangers in research like this, I know I’m personally very uncomfortable with the idea of anyone attempting to find a “gay cure” which is the next logical route for the nutters to take this down. That said, as a gay man with a gay brother I have to say the idea of a genetic base for homosexuality doesn’t really surprise me.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    No surprise it, what most of us already know. As much as there are downsides for this, gay cures etc. as more and more evidence emerges re genetics, it will make it much harder for the right wing nutters, religious or otherwise, to claim it’s a ‘lifestyle’ or choice.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    NO surprise at all ! It is quite funny and kind of amusing that THIS fact is what all the “nelly queens” ( Not negative ! ) and most of us gay and lesbians said 50 to 60 years ago ! We are the winners. “Gay Cure” or whatever the fascists say , wont work. And will be strongly opposed by society !

  • kane

    other then finding actual cause of particular sexual orientation i don’t see how will this make any difference to gay people. just because there is a ‘gay gene’ it wont make any difference to homophobes and it definitely won’t stop them calling homosexuality a disease or gay people genetic defects. then there is a danger, as science progresses, of having genetic tests that would detect ‘gay gene’ and for many they wouldn’t have to be even 50% accurate to abort the pregnancy

  • Remember, this has nothing to do with the genders, such as Agender, Androgyne, Androgynous, Bigender, Cis, Cis male, Cis female, Cis man, Cis woman, Cisgender, Cisgender female, Cisgender man, Cisgender male, Cisgender woman, FTM, Female to male, Gender fluid, Gender nonconforming, Gender questioning, Gender variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, Male to female, MTF, Non binary, Neither, Neutrosis, Other, Pangender, Trans, Trans*, Trans* female, Trans* male, Trans* man, Trans* Person, Trans* woman, Trans person, Trans female, Trans male, Trans man, Trans woman, Transgender, Transgender female, Transgender male, Transgender man, Transgender person, Transgender woman, Transfeminine, Transmasculine, Transsexual, Transsexual female, Transsexual male, Transsexual man, Transsexual person, Transsexual woman, Two spirit.
    [reference Pink News, “Guide: Facebook’s new gender options”]

    Gender and sexuality are two different things. Gender = who you are. Sexuality = who you love in relation to your gender.

  • spiritbody

    Interesting though it is, it doesn’t actually change a thing. If they prove that sexuality is pre-determined (which every human being can already verify against their own experience anyway- why we need more proof than that is a bit baffling), thats not gonna change the mind of any ardent homophobe. Theyre just gonna come back with “Ok, so youre born with it. But it IS your choice to engage with it. To choose to act upon it”. Any real progression in attitudes is actually gonna rely on proving that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, regardless of whether its some sort of choice or not.

    • True, although easy to refute.

      “A choice? Ok, what if Parliament found itself to contain 80% Gays, and they passed a law stating married Gays only need pay 1% in taxes? Would heterosexuals suddenly get divorced and start marrying people of the same sex because it is merely a choice? Why get married at all? Such laws discriminate against single people. Marriage of any kind is a choice, an inconsequential church ceremony and should have no greater impact or weight on the legal system as would adopting a puppy.”

  • Cal

    If these findings bring us closer to the truth I am happy. Though I agree with spiritbody below who says proof will not stop homophobes. They will still want to discourage same-sex sexual contact. But it will stop the many ignorant mouths who claim we are insulting their God or making an obtuse lifestyle choice. Any decisive evidence that suggests homosexuality is genetic will massively reduce the hatred we face.

  • Emmy

    I don’t want to know why I am gay, how it happened or anything about why queer people are born because knowing why will lead to people trying to cure us or eugenics involving potentially queer children. People just need to accept that homosexuality/transexuality/other queer things happen and even if it were a choice which it is not who cares?

  • floridahank

    I think that there is a bit of Dr. Frankenstein madness in science today. Will they next be researching to see if there is a “murder” gene? Is there a propensity for violent acts that can be predicted in our genes? With all the murders taking place, I would think that would be a more valuable potential behavior to study — murder has more “long-term” consequences than homosexuality.

  • Jones

    Very good to have this scientifically proven but also very scary too. There would always be the possibility to terminate foetuses because they show a ‘gay gene’ which could mean that we almost become extinct. But I doubt highly that any Western country would introduce any such legislation.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    One important matter , People have same- sex experiences with eachother without feeling very much attraction. That is common, also amongst heterosexual men and women when they discard a little of their preference. If you are gay, you have the ability to really fall in LOVE with a person of your own sex. If sex were fully accepted !!!, we would not have all these discriminative “rules” in society.

  • Steve_R

    I have always found the gene link an interesting subject, and with twins in my family I have a fascination with twins I have known or research findings. If a gay gene exist I have always thought that the starting point uncovered by twin identities will become more of a building block for what we learn in the future.

    If as we already know identical twins share the same genes because the egg split. it seems perfectly logical for them to be more likely share the same sexuality… gay/gay or straight/straight. Fraternal twins on the other hand are more likely gay/straight. Yet this does not explain why cases 1 twin in each of multiple twin births is gay whilst their twin is straight, as maybe their single birth siblings. or why twins will be straight and their single siblings gay.

    Now research finds Hormone influences during pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies are increasingly more likely to produce gay siblings in younger children, I look forward to seeing how the gene/hormonal combination will unfold in this current development.

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