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Russia blocked an Olympian’s website for ‘gay propaganda’ after seeing this picture

  • They may as well block the whole olympics as “gay propaganda”.

    • Rumbelow

      Putin must have found this image of beardy, masculine togetherness a bit too arousing and had a big meltdown.
      Are they all gay men in the bobsled team? I really don’t know, but if not how can it in any way be gay propaganda?

      Edit: Oh, okay, I missed the final footnote.

  • That There Other David

    I’d two-man luge with any of them given the chance :D

  • shane


  • L Thomas

    Where is the reference to “gay propaganda”, other than in the title of this article?

    • Can you suggest what other laws Russia has passed that would require this site to be blocked there? I’ll wait.

      • L Thomas

        I really don’t think I need to. We have no idea why is was blocked. The title of the article has “gay propaganda” in quotation marks. Who, or what, is it quoting?

        • The explanation as given by those who have blocked this site is as follows –

          “Access is forbidden because of a law or decision by the lawmakers of the Russian federation.”

          What other laws or decisions by the Russian federation could explain the blocking of this content? Is their sport now considered a threat to Soviet ideals in some way other than their ridiculous religious notions about Gay people?

  • JD

    Pathetic – unevolved – ignorant Russia!! – and excuse my passion but phworrrrr! gorgeous masculine Canadians x

  • Cal

    Those are CLASSIC Canadians. LOL

    • Steve_R

      I see a classic headline in the making “Man hyperventilates after he uses passport to go and meet real Canadians”

      CLASSIC my A**!

  • Read

    Err, no they did not block The Gays.
    Why would they?
    I know the gay media can write any old rubbish about Russia at the moment, but please…

    • Truth

      … so if, in your opinion, it wasn’t blocked under the anti-gay law … what WAS the reason? The Russian Government is offended by beards …. or lycra Speedos? What ….?

      • Read

        Blue sky thinking here.

        Maybe some gay people just make stuff up to try and get publicity cause they know the gay media will publish any old rubbish…

        • JD

          Well they published you redundant comments – and I suppose the Main New papers only publish fact and genuine news worthy report? – DH

          • Read

            Good point. x

  • Truth

    I think it’s more likely that it was blocked for fear of inflaming the passions of Russia’s closet gays. You know what they say … “The bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case” And you can’t get more homophobic than Russia.

    • Rehan

      Erm – things are pretty awful in Russia, but Uganda, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi?

  • Jones

    It has now been moved to Putin’s private collection.

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    Putin wants to be the only homoerotic situation in Russia.

  • masteradrian

    Well, that IS russia, and that is how russia always remain being…. oppressing, degrading, discriminating, suppressing freedom of people, banning those who speak out and up! The moment anyone opens his or her mouth against the opinion of the rulers, the rulers closes the mouth, if not by convincing then by force……..
    And there is no difference to the times the Czar was ruling, nor when Stalin was ruling or in 2014 when Putin is ruling….. Russia is and remains a autocracy with no freedoms and or rights!

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