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England football captain: I won’t go to the Qatar World Cup, where gays are not accepted

  • Steve

    No ! No ! No ! We shouldn’t interfere with the middle east since it can make things way worse than they already are. Please read the article the kingdom in the closet. The more the west intervenes the more hostile they will become to homosexuality.

    • Mark Y

      Are you insane? Or is that a joke?

    • Colin

      I understand what you are saying but shine a light on it or leave people to live in fear for yet another generation?

  • Mark Y

    Good on her. At least someone has a brain and some dignity.

  • SMA

    Can I ask Karen if she went to the World Cups Italia 90, France 94, USA 98, Korea 2002 or Germany 2006 or South Africa 2010 ? As a spectator? She might well have done. If not though, its hardly a story. “person who has not been to World Cup in Korea now wont go to one in Qatar”

    • sma

      And sorry, got her name wrong.

    • Colin

      To me I respect her stance. We all evolve and make our stance in different ways.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      I like your lazy defiance!

  • Colin

    Great news. Boy do I respect her in many ways. This needs aired world wide. This planet has to modernise. People should be able to live openly and not hide, be targets for blackmail or worse…feel like a second class citizen.
    Go Girl Go……my respects

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I’m not going either. It’s the flies, and the toilets will be a hole in the ground. Who’d want to be gay there?

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