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BBC jokes about whether UK flooding caused by gays

  • Steve

    Flood PLAIN. Have you still not got any proof readers at PN?

    • Rumbelow

      I think it can be either “floodplain” or “flood plain”, both are correct it is just a matter of choice.

  • CRW

    These are jokes at the expense of the UKIP guy, not of gay people.

    • Lorna McArdle

      here here, lets not make everything an attack when in this case it was a way of supporting with humour.

  • Mark Y

    Why did Andrew Neil focus on Chris Smith’s sexuality? Some people don’t even know they’re being homophobic I guess.

    Would he have mentioned the colour of Diane Abbots skin for a cheap joke? Me thinks not, because he would know that was being racist.

    One rule for racism, another for homophobia.

    • Cal

      I don’t mind that reference. It was quite a good joke. That’s what satirists do.

  • Jones

    You’ve got to laugh because the idea that gays have caused flooding is frankly hilarious.

    • Rumbelow

      Maybe it’s the floods that cause gays!!!

  • Colin

    I giggled at the headline…….

  • Rovex

    This article reads as snark against the BBC. Frankly this site needs to get a sense of humour and stop being offended every single time a non-gay person mentions the word gay.

    Boring, easily offended ultra lefties hurt our cause as much as the right wing bigots do.

    • JohnEPatrick

      Totally agree I think someone is practising to be a Daily Mail journalist with this anti BBC nonsense.

  • knorked

    Pink News get a sense of humour, they are mocking UKIP, not gay people.Stop making mountains out of mole hills!

  • Mihangel apYrs

    there’s such a thing as being too precious!

  • JohnEPatrick

    Really this is a sad piece of PinkNews ‘journalism’. It would be more at home in the Daily Mail with its attempt to besmirch the BBC. Get real it was a satire aimed quite squarely at UKIP. Grow up get a sense of humour and stop thinking everything is an attack on the gay community.

  • Angela_K

    Who would have thought a minority such as us could cause so much havoc! ;-)

  • white squirrel

    so assuming this is true and gays really have this enormous power over the weather
    it is clear what gays must do next time the uk has a drought

  • doug

    Not sure why Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee feature in all this; they never said anything silly or horrid in their interview about gays.

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