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Alex Salmond: The legalisation of same-sex marriage was one of the proudest days in Scotland’s history

  • Jones

    You still won’t get independence Salmond.

    • Oliver

      Sorry, Alex, but I’ll be voting to keep the Union. I’m afraid you people just don’t have a coherent plan. And you’re not even proper nationalists.

      • Jones

        I’m glad to see that you have seen past the mist that Salmond is trying to spray into your eyes. He accuses the British government of bullying over the currency union, where he is the person doing the bullying. He needs to stop whining and just face the fact things can’t go his way.

        The United Kingdom is better united – with you Oliver!

  • James Sutherland-Harper

    Nice try Alec, but the people of Scotland aren’t going to be fooled by your sheer opportunism.

    I met Mr. Salmond 4 years ago in Aberdeen and I asked him at a public meeting “Wouldn’t you agree it’s time that the Scottish Parliament legislates for the right of same-sex couples to get married?”. His response was pathetic – he swerved the question completely and his answer was short and he didn’t even endorse the concept on a personal level. Instead he babbled on for a minute or two about how civil partnerships had been great for the country.

    So, he wasn’t willing to stand up for full equality for LGBT couples under the law several years ago and now, not only is he more than happy to do so but he talks about it with such great endorsement (almost as if he’s suggesting it should’ve been done long before now… hmm)? Why? Because he’s selfishly using LGBT couples as a tool – part of his promotion of the idea that Scotland is a beacon of perfection above the rest of the United Kingdom – so that he can deceitfully push people to voting YES. He must think very little of the Scottish people if he honestly believes his propaganda and u-turns in policy whenever it suits his own party’s convenience will win him the referendum this year.

    • BennieM

      While I’m glad that the SNP Scottish government legislated for equal marriage, they weren’t exactly enthuiastic about it. They took almost a year to decide whether to legislste or not after launching the first consultation, and simply wouldn’t commit to it until they’d heard all views. Also, their government minister responsible, Roseanna Cunningham, was allowed to refuse to handle it – the civil servants in her department still did the work on it even though it was fronted by successive health secretaries; the official report on the first consultation states this.

      Also, the SNP refused 6 times to deal with the issue when it raised via a public petition during their first term 2007 – 2011. Roseanna Cunningham’s predecessor, Fergus Ewing, handled it then. Incidentally, both are government ministers and both voted against equal marriage.

      I used to vote for the SNP but stopped in 2007 when they accepted half a million quid from Souter. As a gay man, I lost all respect for the SNP and couldn’t bring myself to support them after that. Same sex marriage is a big step in the right direction, but they’ve still got some way to go to convince me they are serious about tackling homophobia within their ranks.

      • sJames6621

        pls be positive not negative SSM is the big big deal. Now that thats in place, it wont be long before many more people who rather then publicly supporting it closeted themselves in fear.,, will come out to fill in the missing pieces eg ending homophobia.

        • BennieM

          We should certainly always strive to be positive, but not to the extent that we just ignore other inequalities, no matter how small they may seem compared to equal marriage.

          The point I was making that even though the SNP Scottish government brought in equal marriage, which was fantastic, their attitude from the beginning was muted to say the least, and they constantly make concessions for people who want to opt out – Rosanna Cunningham, for example. They didn’t support it unconditionally from the beginning and took nearly a year to decide whether to even go ahead with it.

          And while we now have equal marriage in Scotland, there are still other issues of inequality such as St. Margaret’s catholic adoption agency. The SNP Scottish government fully support St. Margaret’s, so on that issue they put religion above gay equality.

          I’m just saying we can’t be complacent and think the Scottish government are always going to stand up for gay equality just because they legislated for equal marriage.

  • Harry Underwood

    Interesting to note: If Scotland votes Yes to independence, it will be the first time that a country ensures civil rights for LGBT citizens from the moment of formal independence onward. For LGBT rights to not be a reality decades or centuries after independence (just as women’s suffrage was an afterthought long after the French Revolution had ended, as Olympe de Gouge so illustrated), that would be quite a development.

  • Cal

    Our nation is, and always has been, one that promotes and protects freedom of expression. That is why our bill protects those who do not wish to take part in mixed race marriage ceremonies.

    And it puts in place an opt-in system. That means there are absolutely no circumstances where religious bodies will be forced to conduct mixed race marriage ceremonies against their will.

    Doesn’t sound so liberal now, does it?

    • Harry Underwood

      I would think that the sort of religious assemblies that would abstain from performance of interracial weddings would substantiate that abstinence with numerous odious displays of hostility against the “bothersome” ethnicities beyond just weddings, wouldn’t they?

      And I honestly don’t think those who press for the extension of civil marriage to same-sex and interracial couples, including a non-Abrahamic person like myself, would have the slightest idea on how to compel a religious assembly to conform to laws which compel them to act in certain inclusive ways toward their congregants. Those adherents would simply dissolve or leave their assembly and form new ones, giving a two- or middle-finger salute and a childish shout of “you can’t make me!” to the state. Herding them back into the abandoned pews would be likelike herding cats.

      So it doesn’t really sound liberal, except that its the only option feasible.

  • Colin

    Awesome Mr Salmond and thank you for the support and recognising human rights for minorities. I left Scotland due to the attitude towards gay people 18 years ago. When the marriage vote came through my sister texted to me “see we are not backward”
    Ive never seen Scotland as backward and I hope Scotland do the right thing long term for it’s people with the upcomming vote in September.

    Thank you to everyone who worked so hard against much vile statements and delivered Marriage for Gay Scotland. My two young gay nieces lives just got easier.

  • sJames6621

    lets be positive – scotland legalized gays into the insttituion of marriage by a 6 to one majority in parlament . this will help move the only other part of great Britain to gain the same rights – No. Ireland

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