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Video: Jimmy Kimmel hits back at Olympic lugers who complained about ‘gay’ ad

  • Alcam

    LMAO so hard I started crying!

  • Matthew

    Yes, it’s been well documented how the Lunge has long been the source of discrimination. Since the dawn of time! Lungephobia is something that isn’t going away. Kids on the playground are still using the terms Lungos and Lungebians as a way of bullying. #EndLungephobia

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk/ BlokeToys.co.uk

    Come on, it’s all funny. People need to lighten up. The guy whining about this is clearly a bit of a bigot himself.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Heavens forbid the day we have to deal with a gay luger coming out publicly.

    Can you imagine the out roar?

  • Truth

    Hahaha. Well, now they know how it feels to be the butt of jokes .. (pun intended) .. This is exactly the sort of insult we’ve had to endure for centuries.

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