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UK: Over 100 MPs and peers write to Uganda’s President urging him to amend anti-gay bill

  • David Greensmith

    We should cut aid to Uganda and offer asylum to refugees who would be persecuted if they stayed there.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      We cut off aid in October 2013.

      • David Greensmith

        Robert – thank you for that information. I wasn’t aware of it. The next step is to make sure that anyone fleeing Uganda isn’t subjected to the disgustingly invasive and homophobic questioning we’ve been hearing about over the past couple of weeks.

  • Colin

    I applaud the MP’s for their letter and putting pressure on Uganda. I hope that President Yoweri Museveni will look at research from around the world and not just that provided by local scientists who have a hate agenda.

    It is clearly religious driven and I condemn coe christian, catholics and muslims leaders for not speaking out about this. Their leaders small minded bigots, who cannot even condemn prison sentences, beatings etc.

    This planet needs a debate on religion to see it as it is. It has no place in a modern world. It is personal and should have no links to governments, schools, business, television, radio. No child should be introduced to religion until they are 16.

  • A charity owner in St Neots, Cambridgeshire spoke in favour of the bill…

    Protest of Cornerstone Cafe and Paul Shinners on Saturday 15th February. All are welcome! invite your friends and spread the message…

  • Cal

    A fine effort. The point about it being a colonial hangover is well made. However, Museveni is unlikely to be seen to be giving in to pressure from outside.

  • Mark

    Though those that signed this are to be applauded, aren’t there 650 MPs?….’Over 100′ doesn’t sound that impressive, frankly….

  • Truth

    I hope they told him that every single penny in aid will cease until they do. A threat to someone’s pocket always produces miraculous results ……

  • rumbelow

    It is a very welcome effort.

    Meanwhile Uganda’s first lady Janet Museveni and her pastor daughter continue to be love-bombed, praised and encouraged by anti-gay evangelicals to demonise and stamp out gays, and to oppose the use of condoms with ineffective abstinence programs which have resulted in doubling the numbers of those with HIV and AIDS contrary to the government propaganda.

    President Museveni needs to be given more praise himself for refusing to sign the anti-gay bill and he should be heavily encouraged to restore equal human rights to gay Ugandan’s, this letter may play an important part in that process, let’s hope so.

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