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Russia bans foreign gay couples from adopting children

  • Cal

    Of course the children will be much better off rotting in a Russian orphanage than with two loving parents.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    It just seems to be getting worse and worse in that hell hole of a country. Western governments and UN need to take this far more seriously.

  • VP

    It’s actually “large numbers of orphans”, not “large quantities”. The rule is that if the multitude in question consists of discrete, individual, countable items then you use number, if it is an undifferentiated, uncountable mass then you use quantity or amount. The same rule applies to fewer and less.

  • FMLuder

    So the UK, too, will be excluded? … and soon, most of the civilised world? Being a Russian orphan just got a whole lot worse!

  • rumbelow

    This new law is clearly not in the best interests of the children but it is an irrational, prejudiced, religious-based protest against gay people and same sex marriage using orphans as ammunition. It is a cynical sop to religious homophobic bigots, such a shame the law is so much more concerned about protecting discriminatory religious prejudices than it is concerned about the happiness and welfare of the children languishing in such great numbers in Russian care homes when they could otherwise be found supportive and loving homes where they could thrive.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    I would like to say that I am surprised, but I am not. If they are so against promoting “non-traditional” relationships to children, then why would they allow adoption to a same-sex couple. That is the biggest form of propoganda…showing a child how a loving family works.

    I was a little surprised, that they are going to refuse adoption to countries that offer same-sex marriages. Cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  • Truth

    So, let me get this right. They would rather kids remain in what are often squalid orphanages than go to a loving family in a prosperous country which embraces equality? WTF? These moronic imbeciles get scarier by the day. The West ignores Putin and his dictatorship at its peril …..

  • Brett Gibson

    I think the bigger question should be why are there so many children (dumped by STRAIGHT parents) in Russian orphanages. So many children will go without a loving stable home. Such a shame, cheated by the people who are supposed to be looking out for them

  • Darijen Zornaen

    ..Oh crikey, what a surprise……Russian twats. They obviously must keep ignoring true life….

  • There is NO democracy here, just the action of KGB thugs, led willingly by Putin, He seems to be another Stalinist, they will be repopulating the Siberian Workcamps soon with our LGBT friends and anyone who comments against the thugs rule.

    We should ‘not buy or support any Russian business’, seems to be the only options for us, as protesting is an alien and threatening form for these people. But unfortunately many of our countries trade in a big way with Russia… draw your own conclusions.

    Unfortunately orphans in the former Soviet and Eastern Block, have NEVER been a priority for life and this will turn the clocks back even more to their detriment.

    So sad. xx

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