A website has been set to repurpose Soviet propaganda posters in order to show support for Russian LGBT people during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

A selection of our favourites from PridePropaganda is available to view below.

PrideProp1 - Copy

tumblr_n0njynnvBt1tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0nk2ya8W41tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0p1e9E2fZ1tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0p2ouzz811tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0pqye47WY1tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0sn2oPHJV1tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0spkzkFXm1tsushpo1_500 - Copy

tumblr_n0wemmYJt81tsushpo1_500 - Copy