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UK: National Crime Agency launches internet safety site for gay teens

  • Paula Thomas

    For England and Wales they consulted Stonewall and only Stonewall. GRRRRRRRRRR no trans organisations consulted!! Mermaids comes to mind as a group they could have usefully consulted on this!!

    • Joe McDougall

      I can honestly believe they saw Stonewall as a one-stop-shop (this is how Stonewall like to market themselves to those they advise). I wouldn’t blame the NCA for that.

      The only way forward is to let the NCA know why they needed to consult other organisations, otherwise they’ll never know.

    • I echo this sentiment. I am so fed up with Stonewall being the sole “go to” group on every LGBT issue, they have failed over and over again in so many ways I don’t know how they stay in “business”.
      Stonewall doesn’t speak for me, I’m not sure it ever has.

  • Peter

    Are the police in a position of trust on this issue? I think they have had a very poor track record for generations. I find the news that the site is created by them rather chilling, they are not an appropriate organisation to run this at all.

    • JackAlison

      Well said!
      its like giving jewish welfare to the Nazis
      And we all know their penchant 4 collecting data.
      CHILL…. if the tide eva turned against us we’d be rounded up NO PROBLEM

    • I agree, Police forces across the UK have a track record of institutional racism and homophobia, they have a lot more work to do before they are in a position of trust.
      When you add to that the cases of cover-up, corruption, on the job violence and poor judgment, they should not be touching anything like this at all.

  • Gerry

    PN’s link is broken.

    It should be

  • That looks like the beginnings of a positive resource. Much more constructive than NCA’s panic about Grindr the other day.

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