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This mother’s homophobic response to a birthday party invite is horrifying

  • BJD

    I feel more sorry for Tommy, growing up with such a family.

    • Jones

      And he’s probably missed out on a great party!

    • MJ

      If Tommy even exists. This entire story is probably a fraud.

  • Ian Tom Bower

    I wonder if evangelical religion has anything to do with this?
    In all probability it will.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    What an awful mother. I do take some delight in the fact that she will probably regret allowing them to keep her number visible on the invite. Probably not the brightest idea… But then she doesn’t come across as very bright to begin with

    • Nigel

      As the saying goes, Mr. Dalgleish, she sowed the wind, so let her reap the whirlwind. My sympathy in this is with the kids of both families. As for the mother, I’d love to be a fly on her wall to hear some of what she’s going to be dealing with for the next while!

      • MJ

        DETECTIVE Dalgleish would have been suspicious of this hokey story from the start.

  • Um

    She’s clearly a total cow…but you published her phone number???

    • SlightlyTwyst

      She said it was alright.
      She wants open discussion and debate.
      I only hope that people are being respectful. I imagine they aren’t.. Which just proves to her that we are all evil, demon possessed monsters who shouldn’t be allowed around children and decent people.
      She wants to see the crazy side of gay.. I bet she’s recording the hate messages, and will share them with her son… to show him how she is protecting him from the EVIL that is all around him.
      I pray that son is straight, just so he doesn’t kill himself around age 14

      because of the messages his mother will get from this article.

    • It’s about permission.
      If someone gives permission for information to be released then it can be.

  • Bob

    Pink News!!! What are you doing???? As much as the ignorance this woman has shown is wrong you should not be publishing her phone number. How very unprofessional of you.

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      In fairness the article states that she has no issue with the number being known so why would Pink News censor it?

    • Cal

      I’m tempted to give her a call, though I’m pretty sure she will have changed her number after giving countless pious and bigoted speeches to callers. What a silly cow. I pity her son.

  • Truth

    Scary … that a child should have to grow-up with such a vile, bigoted specimen as a mother. But no doubt she’s one of those ‘loving christians …’

  • Linksy

    Small, narrow, minded, cretin. She needs urgent education on this kind of subject… but then again her mind is probably too rotten to understand. LOL I hope she gets lots of phone calls.

  • Colin Cass

    Why do you say that Bob ,I hope the whole world calls the Nasty Bigot Woman who is Scarring her Son .She deserves to be inundated with calls!

  • Rehan

    I know handwriting has deteriorated generally in the age of computers, but I’m afraid this woman’s writing looks as though it’s at the level of her son’s (poor boy). I suspect her intelligence is not much more developed than his too.

    As always, the key giveaway is the use of the word lifestyle.

    • johnb

      Rehan: I’ve seen some pretty awful handwriting in my time by supposedly intelligent people so wouldn’t want to read to much into that.

      I thought you and other PN readers who are aware of my views might be interested to know that not only would I have allowed my son when around that age to attend such a party if he had been invited but I have done so in similar circumstances. The issues for me are would he like to go, will he have a good time and will he be safe, and the answer in that similar case was yes.

      • Rehan

        I know doctors of a certain age in particular cultivate illegible handwriting, but even then it’s usually joined-up, isn’t it?

  • Rehan

    Interesting (and disappointing) that this is from Baldwin on Long Island, not even 30 miles from Manhattan – not some Bible-belt backwater.

    • Cal

      Christians are everywhere.

      • Rehan

        True. But so are idiots, regardless of religious belief.

        • It’s just undeniably obvious that ignorance and religion seem to go hand-in-hand. Yes, there are lots of idiots, but a vast majority of those idiots also happen to be religiously delusional.

  • That There Other David

    You know what? Sod her. Let her stew in her own stupid miserable juices.

    More importantly, Happy Birthday Sophia!!

  • M.Fever

    absolutely DISGUST’N!…hate breeds contempt…period! she is no mother of unconditionals…she is propagate’n her ignorance…poor son but soon enough he will be out of her clutches!

  • Mark in Halifax

    Dear Beth
    Thank you for returning the invitation to Sophia’s birthday party. I’m truly sorry that you apparently couldn’t find a fresh sheet to write your response on, but instead, decided to scrawl your response, child-like around the edges and on the back. Our local Target superstore has a FAAAABULOUS deal on notelets, just so you know for when you decline the next invitation your son was looking forward to, but is unable to attend because of your homophobic beliefs.
    Our family home is stunning, with love overflowing from every room across chic furniture and expensive carpets. In hindsight, you have almost certainly done us a favour as we wish it to remain unsullied (don’tcha just hate it when you can’t get the smell of bigotry from out of your chaise longue) We are genuinely disappointed that your innocent son will be unable to share in the celebration of Sophia’s birthday, but we will save him some cake. I’m sure he will eat this gladly at school, without you knowing, or stopping him from doing so, because at the age of 7, he will see the gesture for what it is…..the unconditional hand of friendship reaching out to him.
    I can only wish you all the very best for the future, because with that narrow mind you have, you’re gonna need it honey!
    One of Sophia’s two daddy’s

    • EqualityDiversity

      Amazing! Happy Birthday Sophia! You are such a lucky girl to have two amazing fathers who love you so very much! <3

  • Erin

    Apparently, a tie-dye party means “We will turn your kids gay!”

    • Christopher in Canada

      A generation ago it meant “We will turn your kids into hippies!”

  • Christopher in Canada

    Sad that any idiot can conceive a child…

  • terafied

    Join us on Facebook for a “Tie Dye for Sophia” Day! On March 1 we’ll have virtual tie dye parties in honor of poor Tommy, whose mother is an abject moron.

  • mb

    maybe it has nothing to do with gender and they are actually murderers…

  • KyuC

    I hope for Tommy’s sake that he is not gay. Else with a mother like that, he’s likely to kill himself in his early teens! … while Sophia, gay or straight, gets to grow up a happy and well adjusted young lady. Happy Birthday, Sophia!!!
    I just watched a movie based on the true-to-life story of one of the founders of a homophile group. She started just like that mother – self righteous ‘devout’ christian and all… until her gay son jumped off a bridge. Only then did she see the error of her ways. Sad.

  • MJ

    A growing number of people in the U.S. believe this whole thing is another hoax.

  • maureen

    Guys give the woman a break she is probably very very old school programed and cant help her beliefs a no thank you would have been more appropriate yes I just hope for her son that if it turns out he is gay too she doesnt force him to deny who he is causing him yrs of unnecessary pain

    • These hateful, ignorant and foolish religious nutters do not deserve any breaks, unless it’s a bone.
      There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity in our modern world.

      • Jason Smith

        Now that we now that the whole story was made up by the DJs, is there an excuse for their stupidity?

  • Riondo

    Think of the horrors her poor son would be subjected to…cakes and jelly…a silly paper hat…maybe a clown doing conjuring tricks in…gasp..a pink costume!!
    Much healthier for the vulnerable little mite to remain exclusively in an environment of unsullied irrationality and hatred.

  • David

    Just imagine if her son turned out to be gay. Now that would be awful, poor lad growing up with that around him.

  • Lew

    If I were them I’d send a big slice of Birthday cake in to School for Tommy (an innocent party in all this- God help the poor little guy) with a note for his mum saying, ” I am sorry you find tie-dying so offensive. xxx” – Kill them with kindness as the saying goes…

  • Dex Bracewell

    She left her number – I think Prankdial will be very useful.

  • Noah Bender

    Tommy your parents obviously love you. You have every chance of growing up to be normal

  • Lord_Mithras

    Yup, this is how stupid christians are, folks.

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