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Boy Scouts of America: Fall in membership cannot be blamed on allowing gay scouts

  • Truth

    Surely, membership has been steadily declining for the past few decades with the advent of computers and gaming consoles. The whole notion of ‘scouting’ is of generations past … isn’t it?

    • Gerry

      Absolutely not !

      There’s even more need for something that gets people out in to the real world with real people.

      Cyberspace is fine but life can’t be entirely virtual 24/7: once in a while you need to get some fresh air, get some exercise, see the constellations, get muddy and/ or wet, and just get real…

  • Blame the gays, go on!

  • Jones

    Numbers in UK Scouting are rising now with a long waiting list for most groups. We include anyone in our troops with no discrimination on any grounds. Boy Scouts of America have taken a great institution and abused it, turning it against what Lord Baden Powell created it for.

  • Steve_R

    Year on year declines! I honestly think this presents too superficial an over view of the situation, especially of they fight they had last year to uphold the ban.

    Unless they are hiding facts, they need analysis of the situation. How if they don’t do this can they reverse the trend and remain relevant.

    Has the decline been because parents who weren’t prejudiced against lgbt withdrew their children because bigotry was not a value they wanted instilled in their kids.
    Has the decline been because parents in regionally homophobic parts of the US again didn’t want their kids exposed to the continued bigotry of certain troops and leaders?

    Whilst it is good they don’t dig themselves into any more holes by blaming declines on by continuing to be “all inclusive” by allowing gay scout, perhaps they need to reflect on how much of the decline was because they originally didn’t want to be “inclusive” and fought, and justified their original discrimination. Perhaps this is the reason for the decline this year and it came back to bite them!

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