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Video: ‘Russia declares anti-gay violence newest Olympic sport’

  • jobi1k

    “Being gay” is not illegal in Russia. Using incorrect facts in such videos risks spoiling the message and losing support.

    • Jones

      There is a fine for $3,000 which would make it a criminal offence. Spreading gay ‘propaganda’ to minors will land you a fine or prison sentence. This is not to mention all the physical and psychological abuse gay Russians are facing on their own streets. The video is absolutely correct and highlighting a very serious message.

      • jobi1k

        The spreading of “propaganda” is illegal, but actually being gay is not (since 1993). I agree it’s a good video with an important message, but for credibility it is important to be 100% correct, and the fact is it is not illegal to be gay in Russia, and you will not get a $3k fine just for that.

        • H. V. Tiller

          True, jobi1k. It is important to underline this. I do think they could have made a better video. With more nuances. I support Russian gay organizations- so please, do not misinterpret me.

        • Guest

          But might as well be if you can’t walk down the street being yourself or expressing love. Is showing love illegal there too? I don’t think so. By the way I am not gay in the lest and have been Happily married for 24 years.

      • Guest

        Very true and very sad that they are actually targeting the youth to be raised this with this thinking.

    • Tristan

      I understood ‘the punishment for being gay’ not as the literal penalty as it says in the law, but what comes from it. Also in iran or uganda just being gay is not a crime, it is about having sex etc. To say it like this is a bit rhetoric, but not necessarily false

    • Guest

      Not ‘legally” but prejudice runs wild over there. Russia needs to wake up and come in to 2014. People should not see colour, race, religion, political preferences, social or romantic interest. Judge the people on who they are only. You will miss making many good friends if you do. Peace and concent to Russia.

  • Colin

    Great video and powerful. We need to keep this campaign up.

  • Michael Mason

    Last September, a Russian called Britain a “small little island that no-one listens to”. I’m no crazed patriot yet for some reason, that stung me into thinking about the achievements of this country and how wrong the Russian speaker was. It did the same for the British press, liberal papers and Tory ones alike.

    I fear that’s how we are provoking Russian heterosexuals to react – to leap to self-justification and to scorn critical foreigners. It’s pretty elementary psychology. The most effective criticism of Russian homophobia will come from Russian LGBT citizens themselves – gagged though they are by Putin’s new law. We would be doing them more of a service supporting them in their efforts, providing them with material support or with platforms to speak to their compatriots rather than labelling all Russians as homophobic boot boys. Abusing Russians might make us feel good liberals but it’s likelier to lead to more LGBT Russians getting their heads kicked.

  • speedgeek

    What concerns me more than the legal position is the “random” anti-gay violence from gangs of thugs, ignored by the Police, or actively supported and encouraged by them.

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