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US: College wrestler suspended indefinitely over homophobic tweets about gay footballer Michael Sam

  • John

    What an idiot. How long before the begrudging apology?

    Not the “sorry I was wrong” apology but the gritted-teeth “sorry that people were offended, can I come back now?” apology.

  • Errol Tobias must have felt something like this pressure as the first ‘person of colour’ to play in the Springboks.

  • rumbelow

    Obviously he’s got insecurities about his sexuality.
    He looks like Captain Cowardly Closet Custard in his cute little yellow wrestling vest.
    Wrestling is a good choice for a closet case, gets him the most same-sex physical contact possible while still allowing him the tenuous excuse that it’s just sport.

  • Mattress
  • Steve_R

    It’s too bad that he wasn’t on a scholarship! especially if it was for wrestling, that would make a few more people think before speaking. Imagine thinking you have a free ride though University… then getting indefinitely suspended from the sport you got the scholarship for and it gets withdrawn, now that would be a lesson learned if you couldn’t afford the fee’s to stay at your own expense.

  • Ivan

    The irony of course is that he chose a sport where he grabs and rolls around with another man while in singlets.

  • D.McCabe

    So a guy who likes rolling around the floor with another guy in a lycra onesie starts berating our community?

    Oh, the irony!

    But good on the authorities for taking swift action.

  • Cal

    Remorseful my arse! That angry little redneck is as ignorant as they come. It will take more than a suspension to change his mind. Nice lunchbox by the way.

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