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Turkey: Mother of gay murdered boy screams ‘I would have killed him myself’

  • Truth

    Oh yes. Religious conditioning has MUCH for which to answer ….

  • Mike Dalgarno

    This is a truly sad story. Just goes to show that there is still so much work to do in relation to homophobia throughout the world.

    I’m glad the mother has her priorities right thought. She’d rather be married to a murderer than have a gay son. I can totally see why she thinks the latter is more shameful. Can you smell the sarcasm in the room?

  • Rehan

    What a sad and horrible story. Especially as an example of the “traditional family values” we’re so often told are desirable.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    One more compelling reason why Turkey should be banned from applying for EU membership. Disgusting! Religion again at the heart of it I bet.

    • Aanna Goldstien

      Nothing worse than the same religion that operates in Africa or America. Same thing has happened in the west in recent years. Bigotted Islamaphobe .

      • Eugene

        Calling him an Islamophobe is not an insult. Read the Koran and the Hadith. If you think Islam is so peaceful, move to an Islamic country and experience it first hand full force. I have been to six (in Africa and Asia) and I am glad I do not have to live in any of these.
        If Robert had attacked communism for oppressing people, would you have also called him a name? It is not acceptable to oppress innocent human beings, whether that oppression is a result of an ideological, political, social or religious system. No religion is above criticism just as no system is above criticism.
        If Islam had a few followers confined to a compound somewhere in the United States, the compound would have been raided long ago. It is because there are so many followers of Islam that some people are too scared to criticise it when it is wrong or think anyone criticising a belief system that one chooses to believe makes one a bigot.
        In terms of comparing Islam to other religions or what happened in other places does not mean what Islam teaches is okay. It is like saying I am not a bad person if I murder someone because lots of people throughout history and in many countries have committed murder over the years. It is especially okay for me to murder someone because the man in moon, in whom I have complete faith, told me to murder people. No one dare criticise what I believe because that will prove they are bigoted.

        • kane

          typical pseudo-intellectual view based on paranoia and lack of understanding of cultural input in religious environment

        • Colin

          Eugene…nicely put.

          For me we need world leaders to talk against all religions. This needs to happen before communities can move forward.

          Any time I have come in contact with religion I always walk away feeling sad and furious at their black white, chosen people attitude.

          On this planet Religion is the Elephant in the room.

    • Eduard

      They got life. Does that not contradict you?

      • kane

        inconvenient detail

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Agreed, Robert Pierce. There is no way that Turkey should be allowed to join the EU. Turkey is responsible for two genocides: that of the Armenians and of the Greeks in lead-up to the World War One. But has Turkey acknowledged either? Of course not. But these two genocides are recognised by many nations and states. And at this very time, Turkey’s PM, Erdogan, is tightening Islamic control within Turkey. Do we want yet more mosques popping up left, right, and centre, all over Europe? Do we want yet more ridiculously macho Turkish men walking the streets of Europe? Do we want more Muslim women on our streets hiding themselves behind headscarves and sneering at Western woman for “flaunting” themselves? I don’t. And I think if others are honest, they’ll realize they don’t either.

      • JSK

        Turkey certainly is still regressive compared to Europe but not as much as you think. They’re kind of in between Europe and the more hardline muslim countries. Even though Turkish people identify as muslims, most don’t really practice it and most women don’t wear headscarves. This is why I think there is some hope for LGBT people in Turkey. They have a long way to go, but hopefully the growing progressive movement can improve things (first by toppling Turkey’s “Putin”).

        I’m not arguing in favour of Turkey joining the EU, just pointing out a few misconceptions.

        • Eddy

          I know Turkey well, and I wouldn’t say that wariness of its Islamism is a misconception.

          • JSK

            So do I. I have visited various parts of Turkey. I’ve seen first hand how they practice Islam (mostly very lightly). Your comment is exaggerated. ‘Islamism’ (Islamic fundamentalism) is certainly not mainstream.

        • prosoc3

          It can also be said that many European countries are still regressive as well.

      • kane

        ‘…Turkey is responsible for two genocides: that of the Armenians and of the Greeks in lead-up to the World War One…’

        it boglles the mind how germany, spain and italy made it to EU

        • kane

          oh and uk, global coloniser and inverter of modern concentration camps

          • speedgeek

            The British Empire no longer exists, and formerly oppressed nations are equal members of the Commonwealth. Welcome to the 21st Century!

          • kane

            ‘…The British Empire no longer exists…….’

            we talk about history here, right? did uk fully acknowledged and repudiated the shameful episodes in their colonial past?
            did italy fully acknowledge and repudiate the shameful episodes in their colonial and fascist past? and how good is italy’s record on human rights of asylum seekers? what about facist franco era in spain? did spanish political right associated with franco regime has fully acknowledge and repudiate the shameful episodes of that regime? but hey, guess what its ok ‘coz they not muslims, init? f

        • speedgeek

          They have acknowledged and repudiated the shameful episodes in their past. Germany, in particular, has draconian anti-fascism laws. No Nazis uniforms, no display of the swastika, changed the words of the anthem, etc. Turkey not only denies its past crimes, but continues to have a poor HR record.

    • kane

      talking about exaggeration and irrationality

    • prosoc3

      Totally disagree with you. Your view is based on a false negative. The three men are convicted and got life in prison. Not corrupted and they got off free as happens many times in many other countries.

      Secondly, Turkey no longer wants to be in the EU. While still an applicant, the will of the people and government no longer is pushing for it. The economy of Turkey is so insulated that it economically no longer makes sense.

    • Anil

      But Serbia should be welcomed despite the police’s raiding gay pride. Wait, they are not Muslim, are they?

  • Rovex

    Yet another example of murder being less shameful than being a gay person. The people who think like that are just beyond reason and beyond help.

  • Cal

    Just sickening and really shocking. What do these people think love is? They obviously have no experience of it.

    • Denboy

      I can’t believe any father could do this to his own flesh and blood,and any mother that thinks like she does should not be allowed to have children.Uneducated and brain washed people like these make me sick to my stomach ..

  • 토트

    poor people.. they believe going to jail for murder own family is more honorble than being gay.

    • rumbelow

      Yes, how’s that for a totally f*cked-up notion of morality and honor, poor religious dupes.

  • Paul – Canada

    It’s not Islam. I have strict muslim friends, who wouldn’t kill their child if they realised they were gay. Some parts of Turkey (and much of the east) are still wondering around in the dark… slowly but surely catching up – in part thanks to the internet.

    • Eugene

      It is Islam. If someone is a strict Muslim, they will believe in killing gay people. I have a Muslim friend too and she admits Islam preaches this hatred against gay people but she rejects that part of the religion. Many of her Muslim family and friends believe in killing gay people.
      If your Muslim friends are that strict they should not be your friends. The Koran warns Muslims that non-Muslims only pretend to be their friends and they should steer clear of infidels like us.

      • kane

        another so called ‘expert’ that cannt tell the differance between strict and extreme

        • @Mike-uk2011

          A recent poll taken on British Muslims attitudes towards homosexuality, could not find one…NOT ONE Muslim who was tolerant of homosexuality.
          Please don’t tell me it would be much of a stretch from intolerance to murder.
          Islam is notorious for being extremely conservative members.

          • kane

            you mean the one from 2009? well there is another one, from 2011, where almost 50% is proud of how uk treats gay people

          • Cal

            Ambiguous question, though. “If you perceive that gay people are being persecuted in Britain and you approve, then you will be “proud of how Britain treats gay people”. If you think that they are being treated well, then you will be “proud of how Britain treats gay people”. You made the wrong assumption that everyone would interpret that ambiguous statement as an affirmation of gay people.”

          • kane

            ‘…If you perceive that gay people are being persecuted in Britain and you approve, then you will be “proud of how Britain treats gay people…’

            well, let me think: uk in 2011, equal age of consent, adoption rights, discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation illegal, gays allowed in army, civil partnerships in place for years, equality act 2010 allowing gays equal accesses to goods and services etc.

            you still think that i ‘…made the wrong assumption that everyone would interpret that ambiguous statement as an affirmation of gay people…’

          • Cal

            The 2009 poll was pretty unambiguous. “None of the 500 British Muslims interviewed believed that homosexual acts were morally acceptable.” The Guardian

          • @Mike-uk2011

            So one poll says none are in favour of it, and another poll, you claim says that just LESS than half are in favour of it?
            And what was your point again? That Muslims are supportive on issues of sexuality? That it’s just an extremist minority who’re against homosexuality?
            Maybe a small minority are in favour of it, but both our polls show that the majority are clearly not.

  • Jones

    These pair do not deserve to have children.

  • MJ

    We might think her attitude is sick and screwed up, but…..maybe…who am I to criticize the culture in foreign lands ? As long as these people stay out of the UK, the U.S., Europe, etc……

    • Q

      Are you gay MJ?
      ‘Who am I to criticise the culture of other lands…?’
      Er…well, as gay people we empathise with the plight of our LGBT brothers and sisters in ‘foreign lands’ when faced with this barbaric behaviour – surely you can understand this?

      • kane

        he is PN’s resident bigot, dont pay attention to his monosyllabic edl/bnp rhetoric

        • MJ

          “Kane”, you believe the Koran is a lot of nonsense, right ?

      • MJ

        Yes, I am, and I’m not 100 percent sure how I feel about my statement. That’s why I said “maybe.” I know it’s very open for debate. It’s just that I’m so adamant that immigrants to the west learn OUR values and abide by them, that…..maybe it’s only (grudgingly) fair..?

    • Cal

      MJ, Using your argument you would have been content to watch the Nazis exterminate millions of people. As long as it’s not in your back yard. Thank God everyone isn’t like you.

      • MJ

        Then, Cal, the UK better start changing its laws to suit other countries that call the UK immoral.

  • JSK

    As a person born in the UK with Turkish ethnic origins, these stories are the reason I try to dissociate myself from my background. Frankly I’m incredibly lucky to be British.

    Every time I think Turkey might be progressing a tiny bit on LGBT issues (with gay pride getting bigger), I hear a story like this. They have a long way to go; I wish LGBT people in Turkey well.

    • Colin

      Please always be proud of your heritage. I’m British and we have had our fair share of raping and pillaging this planet. Time moves on and we learn and relearn. I’m proud to be British today and yet Britain is far from perfect. Different countries are at different speeds when change is required. This sad story could be in many countries at the moment. I live beside the Turkish community in London and I’m always made welcome and laugh with the owners of local restaurants. They know I’m gay.

      • MJ

        Both Turks and the British have had high points and low (barbaric) points throughout history, yes. And a lot of that will depend on who you ask (Irish….Greeks…) Anyway, I’m glad your experiences with Turks have gone well. I haven’t known enough to fairly make a conclusion.

    • Anil

      In other words, either you are a hypocrite or an ignorant.

  • Darijen Zornaen

    …Turkey is just one of those fascist countries, the men are constantly sticking their dicks in other men but homosexuality remains illegal. This incident doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • kane

      errr, homosexual relations are legal in turkey since 1858

    • speedgeek

      Smearing oil over each other and wrestling, sometimes with their hands down their opponent’s trousers “for purchase”…….if that’s not homoerotic, I don’t know what is!

  • kane

    i hope the life sentence will discourage others

  • janissary1453

    I have never heard a turkish family killed their sons for being homosexual..Roşin is a kurdish name..Honor Killing has a long history in the Kurdish society..Not only homosexuals also straight kurdish girls and women are victims of honour killing in southeastern Turkey..

  • M.Fever

    start digg’n yer hole lady…yer sicken’n thought process will end soon!

  • Christopher in Canada

    You can’t go back to Constantinople…

    • Anil

      You would need to invent the time machine first.;)

    • Darren O’Treasaigh

      Been a long time gone, Constantinople

  • John

    This has broke my heart…i cant stop thinking about this young man…RIP

  • prosoc3

    Many comments degrading Turkey and Islam. Most of you say the exact same thing about that you are supposedly against – discrimination, harassment of people who are different. You then go on to say or imply that the West is so good towards alternative lifestyles, completely ignoring the horrid history of both the Christian religion and of the west towards LGBT community.

    Did anyone not see that all three men got life in prison. Not off under the ‘accident’ defense. All convicted. In a country that most of you are ridiculing.

  • Anil

    Apparently Pink News, or the author of this article did want to miss the most important parts of the story at the expense of degrading a country as well as creating a sensational article. I wonder whether Mr. Roberts aim for working at The Daily Mail in the next couple of years. He can add this article to his portfolio he will present to the interviewers. The interviewers will certainly be delighted.

    First of all, all the criminals have been severely punished, which did not use to be the case. All will serve life-time imprisonment. That means they will stay in the prison for longer than 25 years.

    Secondly, the notions of hate crime and LGBT were mentioned in the judicial system for the very first time. Since it is the first example of its kind, any crime committed in similar ways will be punished severely.

    Do we read these in the article? No, we don’t. That is really a good example how to be a bad journalist.

    You may not like a country for certain reasons, but at least try to write an unbiased article.

  • rapture

    Stupid woman is on a par with baby p’s mom for scummy mummy award . All those ranting about turkey joining the EU, the way things look at present the Turkish government is becoming more islamist and seems to be looking more to other hardline Islamic states than to the west. The more liberated minority tend to live in large cities, but their secular constitution is now under threat with new regulations being imposed as can be seen with recent protests on taxim square.

  • Johnny

    It’s disgusting that parents can be so cruel and heartless about their own child. That poor young man. What’s so awful about same-sex attraction that people have been abused and killed over it? It’s not like humans are the only creatures where homosexuality/bisexuality have been observed.

  • belo

    I would’t call them Muslims. I’m muslim,too. Because of these disgusting,violent people, Islam is misunderstood by many people it drives me crazy! Being a Muslim and Turkish, I support gay people !!! Respect them so much.

    • maroon1

      Islam is clearly against homosexuals. If you are muslim and support gays, then you are just not following islamic teachings.

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