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US radio host: It was ‘selfish’ of footballer Michael Sam to come out as gay

  • Guest

    Another bible thumper.
    Guy is playing to prejudice and is fighting against the world moving forward. I see guys naked in the gym. Honestly I might think nice but that’s it. I don’t go there to pick up. These guys are at work when training or playing. Surely the last thing on their minds is whether a gay guy is looking at them. Sorry it’s kind of if I was getting changed in a room of naked women I would not be thinking about sex.
    Overblown, add nothing to the debate.

    I congratulate Michael Sam and wish him and his team mates well. It really is time that sexuality was a non issue.

  • But it wouldn’t be “selfish” to come out as straight? If Mr Sam were seen with a female hanging off his arm, it would be celebrated, yet Mr Brown has not said anything about heterosexual sports people whose sexual orientation is flashed ALL over the news.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Personally, I think it is more selfish to expect a gay person to remain in the closet because you aren’t ready to accept gay people play sports.

    It would be great if we could live in a society where we didn’t have to come out, but with people like this who are constantly discriminating, then coming out stories are going to be here for a while.

  • H. V. Tiller

    Selfish ? Never. To come out as gay in our society is positive- no matter what your social position is. Giving hope and optimism to young Girls and Boys who fight for self acceptance is more needed than we can think of. They get stronger with role models. Have you read history Mr. “radio host”.

  • Truth

    Selfish!? Surely it is an unaccepting society that is selfish. It is selfish of people who have a religious belief to think that their way is the only way and unbelievably selfish to demand others live by their rules. I suggest you go and take a long hard look in a mirror. …. and a dictionary.

  • Lew

    “What? This is something to be celebrated? Announcing you are same-sex attracted is a major media event?”

    Well if it means just one kid decides not to top himself after being told who he is, is NOT worth celebrating or worse still he should be ashamed of it the year this is the most inspiring and heroic thing to do.

    Teams are about trust and trust comes from truth…..

    Besides you are the very reason why this is big news.

  • That There Other David

    Oh FFS. Does he have any female colleagues? By his own logic I seriously hope they’re never on their own with him. After all, he’d probably rape them…

    …or maybe he wouldn’t, just like Michael Sam isn’t automatically attracted to every man he encounters, and can separate friends, team mates, and potential love interests into distinct groups just like everyone else can.

  • MJ

    Never heard of him but……..what a snotty Yid.

    • Rob

      You want to counter his homophobic blurb with a derogatory slur? Nice.

  • Jones

    Rather selfish of you to open your mouth Mr Sam.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Now let’s hear him explain O.J. Simpson.

  • Rehan

    Dr Michael Brown has devoted his life to fostering awakening in the Church

    ‘Nuff said. What a sanctimonious and unimaginative git.

  • Scousebadger

    The only selfish one is Dr Brown. I think he needs to ask himself why the thought of an openly gay sportsperson makes him so uncomfortable.

    And his arguments don’t stand up to scrutiny: if a sportsman is comfortable amongst his peers in the locker room, he’s not going to care if they are straight, gay or anything else while he’s getting changed/showered/whatever.

  • NT

    So he’d have the same criticisms of a player who publicly came out proseltysing for their Christian beliefs? He’d criticise them for being selfish and talking about their ‘non-sporting’ life, hoppes and dreams because this pulled focus from the team? I doubt it. He’d praise the person who did this.

    He should shut up about this and talk about what he knows best, which is nothing.

  • Denis

    Selfish? Yes very selfish indeed, he should have stayed in the closet and not helped his team mates by playing to his and their full potential as a football squad by coming out…..what a self obsessed, uncaring thoughtless man. Damn us gay folk, we have no thought for the oppressed bigoted straight religious right wing nutjobs…so so selfish!!

  • Tim Hanafin

    Does gay icon and silver daddy Michael Brown realise just how stupid his statement sounds, now it’s in print

  • jlvnv

    Thank god Michael Brown is a selfless human being. ….not

  • Truth

    Presumably the other 24% are displaying classic ‘projection’? WHY do some people believe every gay man ‘fancies’ them? Could it be that it’s really a case of them fancying the gay players…..?

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