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US: Olympian attacks Canadian ‘gay luge’ advert

  • gdh

    Okay honey get over it – besides Canada know more of freedom and winter than those south of the 49th parrell are likely to!!!!

  • Deborah Bee

    I think it’s safe to say that Niccum is a Republican.

    • Jones

      Or UKIP.

  • Mark Y

    Olympian completely misses the point of advert that attempts to stop bigotry in russia. And says nothing about the bigoted laws in russia.

    I think we all know where he is coming from.

  • Ad Lib

    I knew the moment the ad came out not everyone would “get” it. But suffice to say, I found it rather obvious: Men participating in sports and games are often in close contact and touching each other beyond the bounds of social comfort zone. It makes no sense that it’s okay THERE, but not in the private relations of consenting adults. It’s a mildly cerebral way of demonstrating, “get over it”. Maybe too cerebral for some it seems.

  • mEis

    Niccum is a mormon. Of course he is anti-gay.

    • Mikey

      I think you put in an unnecessary “R” there…

      • Allan Marsh

        ‘M’ :)

      • You confused me for a moment, then I realized. Oh the irony!

  • Colin

    I can see both sides here and definitely thought the advert would raise awareness but that straight people may object. I sort of agree…When did everything become sexualised? However I have a sense of humor and it was Canada way of getting people to think which I applaud.

    You know if I as a gay man was doing something with a woman in very close proximity say a photo shoot, (in my dreams) which was being reported as so very straight I’d be mildly annoyed as well.

    Human rights for gay people in Russia is the issue here. I hope we can all see that and the rest we can compromise on.

  • rumbelow

    ““I don’t think it’s fair for people that do have same sex attraction that they are using sport to promote their lifestyle.”

    It’s the use of the term lifestyle that gives it away. Peeved and shameless homophobe lacking the humour gene.

    • Rehan

      Absolutely – the moment you see the word “lifestyle” in the context of sexuality you can confidently dismiss the speaker’s intelligence.

  • Truth

    Now you know how it feels to be the butt of jokes, honey .You’ll just have to put up with it like we’ve had to do for centuries ….

    • Hue-Man

      The difference here is that these lugers are being presented in exactly the way they compete – there is no disrespect, no over-the-top gesticulations, no stereotypes being exploited.

      Now if I were doing the spoof ad, I’d follow the team-mates back to their room with their medals around their necks as they climb into a single bed in the same luge configuration and with their uniforms and helmets on! I know, Canadian humour.

      I must admit that these Olympics have been the gayest ever particularly in mainstream media. Toronto’s Crack Mayor Rob Ford has kept up the gay coverage by trying unsuccessfully to remove the rainbow flag from a flagpole in front of City Hall. Meanwhile, with no publicity, almost every city in the country has a rainbow flag flying at City Hall throughout the Games not because it’s politically correct but as a reminder that the Vancouver Olympics started the Pride House and approached LGBT civil rights very differently from Putin.

  • Steve_R

    I can see both perspectives on this! In the last few days on this web site alone we have seen examples where there are quoted contrast.

    On one hand we heard “Gay men can’t play Football because it is a mans sport” and we have the Luge’ advert saying “Some sports are a little bit gay”

    A sport is a sport, it’s not about sexual persuasion! It’s about liking, enjoying, participating competing and athletic ability. It seems only logical that an athlete would be upset if their sport is branded “Gay/Straight” when most would prefer to see a non issue of discrimination.

    I am Canadian, and yes I laughed at the luge ad! some sports are perhaps a little erotic in their sports wear or lack of. But to say skating is gay is about as illogical as saying hockey is straight! So why do we keep creating perceptions?

  • allancsn

    me thinks this is one serious messed up hater. Go away and leave other people alone.

  • Cal

    Well I hated this ad too. Though for different reasons than this silly bigot. Despite its obviously good intentions I thought the ad was horribly tacky. Do we really have to be represented – and defined – by a sexual act? I have had a sense of humour failure on this one.

  • Ivan

    Thus highlighting one of the many differences between the US and Canada. We have no problem with using humour (note our spelling), to make a point.

  • harry

    i sure miss those ddr women!

  • Snarkles

    Oh honey. I do think you doth protest too much.

  • Curt Pangracs

    If you like Pina Colada’s
    Sliding fast down a hill
    Wearing Spandex in Winter
    Boy have I got a thrill…

  • Curt Pangracs

    Lot’s of intolerance for the views of others. All I ever see is the unwillingness to acknowledge the right of other people to have opinions, to worship as they see fit, and to disagree with something they don’t feel is “normal”. All this tells me is that people, no matter their sexual orientation, are just intolerant of others at their core. We all really are the same, don’tcha know…whom we choose to love doesn’t even enter into it.

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