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Telegraph columnist Cristina Odone: ‘Putin has made it impossible for me to be against gay marriage’

  • Rehan

    One of my friends said on Facebook yesterday that this puts him in a difficult position, since by inclination he’s against everything Odone is in favour of.

    Still, her about-face is bound to come as an even more unwelcome surprise to a lot of ghastly people, so that’s all to the good.

    • mgw

      Indeed. That’s exactly what I was trying to find the words to say.

    • VP

      He can always switch to Melanie Phillips or Richard Littlejohn – they can be relied upon to spout unthinking bigoted tripe indefinitely!

      • Rehan


  • Robert W. Pierce

    I’m glad she’s evolved. To think it took the Russian regime to convince her. Let’s hope more of the naysayers against equal marriage follow suit.

  • Truth

    I’m glad Ms Odone has seen sense … but what the good lady seems singularly to have failed to grasp is that the vast majority of people don’t give a flying f**k for her opinions. Hers are the views of someone religious. Religion does not own ‘marriage’. Marriage is a CIVIL contract, high-jacked by religion. If she and her fellow believers want a religious marriage, let them have it. But who on earth do these people think they are that they feel they can dictate who can and who cannot love each other? To do that is indeed no better than vile dictators like Putin. Ms Odone should accept that the civilised world is rapidly moving towards atheism and agnosticism …. and happier we all appear to be for it.

  • Jay

    I see that this silly woman has two stepsons; I suppose they are “pantomimes” of the real thing.

    • Truth

      Isn’t there some biblical rule that ban’s that sort of thing ….?

      • Rehan

        Bans step-parents/stepchildren? Good grief, no – the delightfully polygamous families of the OT would have been impossible if that were so!

  • Jock S.Trap

    Better late than never I suppose but it’s a shame that such religious beliefs mean to discriminate in the first place!

  • Oh great, now PN is moderating comments as though we’re children? That doesn’t look good for impartiality and freedom of opinion/expression.

  • Cal

    She is a silly woman but this is an encouraging development. One has to ask how deep her faith is if she can go against it because she dislikes someone who shares its doctrine. But one mustn’t be churlish.

  • Riondo

    I suppose being associated with Putin, however tenuously, Cristina, does look a bit bad for someone who is effectively a Vatican press agent. But do tell – have you suddenly decided that your homophobic religious friends won’t be forced after all to marry gay and lesbian couples banging on the church door for people who despise them to give them their blessing? After all, you clung to this paranoid nonsense even after all the legal protections against having to perform same-sex weddings were put in place and the government went so far as to forbid the Established Church to conduct them whether its clergy wanted to or not.
    Maybe what happens to your mates is less important than not being in bad company?
    Or have you had a memo from the Holy See we’re not privy to? Now that would be Earth-shattering!
    Welcome aboard anyway. Conversion is, after all, usually more important than the motives for it.

  • One can’t help but feel that this is rather self-serving. Far worse happens in other parts of the world, or failing that she could just read some of the odious comments on her own article, none of which ever perturbed her before. I suspect that this has been prompted more by finding herself on the wrong side of a sustained media outcry than by an actual ideological change, but time will tell.

    Still, be glad. If Cristina Odone can be made to waver in her prejudice then there’s hope for us all.

  • Aurvara

    This struck me like a Southern racist complaining about how the Ku Klux Klan has ruined it for all conscientious segregationists. But that would be wrong, because her anti-gay animus is based in religion, and so gets a pass. Oh wait, wasn’t segregation supported with arguments from the Bible? Now I’ve gone and confused myself.

  • JackAlison

    celebrity deprivation loss
    yes briar rose …..marriage equality has happened. were you asleep?!
    Did you not know that like Tsar Putin you and your child abusing catholic organization made every effort to suffocate gay equality
    and dont think 4 one minute any1 should be taken in by your CONFESSIO FIDEI.

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