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Eight US states still have ‘gay propaganda’ laws in schools

  • Mark Y

    How exactly do you promote being gay?

    Do they think teachers would stand at the front of the class saying things like – “Lads, getting fuked by another fella feels really good, better than having sex with a woman.” or “Lads, when you’ve had another guy suck you off you’ll never want a woman again.” or “Women and Men are not supposed to be together, if you’re straight, you’re not normal, Man on Man love is the way to go.”

    And if they did say those things, do they seriously think it would make people be gay? These bigots must think that there are so many closets in the world, who given half a chance would ditch their wives for a Man. Maybe they’re right, maybe if everyone was cool about being gay, maybe half the planet would be?

  • Truth

    Who would ever have thought that Russia and the Good Ole’ USA have so much in common? But then, religiously-inspired homophobia does seem to bind even mortal enemies together in bigotry.

  • Read

    Golly, anyone might think all this recent anti-Russian hysteria is a load of hypocritical nonsense that serves another political agenda?

    We’ll now get endless Pink News stories complaining about this now too, I’m sure…

    • mgw

      I’m sorry . . . . . . . and the problem with that would be . . . . .?

      • Read

        I literally have no idea what you’re trying to say.

        Care to try again?

        • mgw

          I think most people would understand my point. However I shall spell it out. If there are eight US States with ‘gay propaganda laws’ . . . . I would wish everything possible to be done to bring this to public awareness and possibly help bring pressure to bear to make these states think again. If part of that means “endless Pink News stories complaining . . . .” then that, in my mind, is a good thing. The tone of your comment implied that you would find this a bit of a bore.

          • Read

            I was being ironic.
            Seeing as they’ve only just noticed I think we can be sure they won’t.
            Hope you start a Boycott America! campaign, though, I’ll sign up.

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