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Blondie icon Debbie Harry snubs offer to play at Sochi because of anti-gay laws

  • Lee

    Good on her -always been a great friend of the lgbt community -Thanks Debbie

  • Dr. Rob

    Thanks, Debbie! I don’t understand those sleazy politicians who still went there, people who watch it on TV and support the abuse in any possible way. I do understand that every country can have their own laws and rules but no one from outside is obliged to participate in abuse of their people by supporting the “reality” in Russia. We all need to clearly state – and stick to that opinion – that what’s wrong is just wrong and there’s no excuse: no one cares if there’s a history and tradition of abuse of people anywhere, it is 21st century and its time to end discrimination!

  • Christopher in Canada

    One way or another, she’s ripped Putin’s heart of glass to shreds. The tide against him is high. Rapture! Now let’s hope things don’t get atomic.

  • stepol

    thats Debbie and Madge , i just need Kate Bush and Siouxsie to speak out and i will be happy , All my icons on our side

  • stefan

    I know why I always loved you, Debbie !!! <3

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