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Archbishop of Dublin: ‘Homophobia is an insult to God’

  • Rehan

    It’s great that someone as prominent as the Most Rev Dr Martin has made such a positive statement, and it is obviously well-intentioned. But (just to be Lucifer’s Advocate for a moment) didn’t God, according to his book, bring about a worldwide flood to destroy those he’d made whom he’d taken a dislike to? And, come to think of it, didn’t he create Satan?

    It’s all just too too confusing …

  • Sparkyu1

    Except he goes on to say denying our equality isn’t homophobic. PR speeches about how evil homophobia is mean nothing if you then refuse to recognise homophobia! Saying homophobia is bad and anti-god doesn’t combat homophobia if you then refuse to call blatant anti-gay bigotry homophobia. It says the WORD is bad, while completely ignoring what the word covers

  • Mark Y

    He said “Just because a person isn’t in favour of gay marriage doesn’t mean that one

    is homophobic – let’s be very clear on that.”

    No. Actually it does mean they are homophobic – lets be clear on that. Fecking imbecile.

    Would be like saying “Just because a person isn’t in favour of interracial marriage doesn’t mean that one is racist”.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    God created us, Bishop? Really? So what part did our parents play in all this then? Whatever way he spins it, homophobia is still rampant in the RCC. I don’t buy any of it.

  • David Jordan

    I’d be more impressed if he used his position to deal with the fact that most Catholic schools in Ireland (97% of all schools in Ireland) often refuse to deal with homophobic bullying citing “ethos concerns”.

    Iona Insititue has scored a major PR own goal in the last few day and now the Roman Catholic Church are desperate to preform damage control.

    • Sean

      The Iona institute is not a church organisation and are actually disliked by many within the church. They are a bunch of independent wingnuts and no one is sure where they get their funding from. Sinister too that it s impossible to find out who is a member of it – they only divulge tthe directors and patrons.

  • rumbelow

    “Just because a person isn’t in favour of gay marriage doesn’t mean that one is homophobic – let’s be very clear on that.”

    It depends whether or not you have a rational and valid reason to be against marriage equality that doesn’t rely on unrelated red herrings and/or scaremongering, so far I haven’t heard anybody come up with one so I guess that does mean that being against gay marriage boils down to homophobia in the final analysis.

  • JackAlison

    gr8 spin. the usual hypocracy
    .”some of my best friends are jewish…”
    “I don’t mind black as long as they dont live next door to me..”
    “Homophobia is godphobic , buuut at the end of the day marriage is for str8s”
    The christians are ALL at it falling all ova themselves to “love our gay brothers and sisters…..” I think public opinion has turned and theyre running scarred. I mean who else are they gonna get after gay ppl.?

  • Truth

    Are these people completely and utterly barmy? They have spent 2000 years pulling us apart. Now that the flow of history is going against them they are trying to swim in the opposite direction. Homophobia is almost completely due to religious conditioning

    • dixie

      Actually that s not true cf research of John Boswell, Alan Bray etc

  • PaulBrownsey

    Note what he does *not* go on to say: “So, gay people, pursue your relationships with my blessing and let me know of anything I can do to assist your living as fulfilled homosexual people in the rich and holy relationships that your nature opens up to you.”

  • Cal

    Come on, everyone. Credit where credit is due. He might not be completely ‘on message’ but few in the RC church are saying anything positive about us. The vast majority of them are ignorant or spiteful monsters. His statement was strong and will do good. We need more like this.

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